Dressing room from storage room: how to make and equip the room?

    Have your own dressing room – the dream of many people. Ability to beautifully and gently place numerous dresses, blouses, skirts, shirts, trousers, jeans, arrange boxes with shoes, decompose accessories and decorations today are quite real even in a small apartment.

    Storeroom – a place where the necessary and not very necessary things are stored for years that thoroughly throw. Wardrobe from storage room – a great way to get rid of unnecessary rubbish and get a compact, well-organized separate room under clothes and shoes.

    Features and advantages

    The main task of the perfect dressing room is the maximum possible use of the useful area. Wardrobe is a special type of functional premises. Miscellaneous garments, shoes, accessories are placed and stored here. Everything should be in perfect order and always be at hand, the rest of the functions are secondary.

    The advantages of such a room include the following points:

    • Saving a family budget (a separate room eliminates the need to acquire a bulky cabinet, rack, bedside tables);
    • Ergonomic solution even the smallest space of the storage room. In addition, it is largely to expand the area of ​​residential space, getting rid of clothes of cabinets and dresser;
    • The possibility of arrangement of the storage room on its own taste (such an opportunity does not give a standard cabinet);
    • The ability to accommodate the necessary things in one place (often clothing, shoes and accessories for all family members are stored in different rooms, wardrobes, racks).

    In addition, the private wardrobe room is fashionable, modern, convenient and comfortable.

    Requirements for the wardrobe in the apartment

    To the dressing room, as well as to any other functionally significant room, certain requirements are presented. Among them:

    1. Ergonomic organization of space (use of shelves, racks, crossbars for hangers) to accommodate all the necessary things in free access;
    2. The presence of a mirror;
    3. A qualitatively organized ventilation system and lighting (things should not be filled, the air exchange must be permanent);
    4. Even a very small space can be competently used. When developing a design, it is necessary to consider the number of things that must be placed in the room. Interior space, including door, you can use under the shelves for storing boxes, hooks under the clothes, basket under the linen.
    5. If the room is too small, then as storage of things is best to use open racks and shelves.

    A roomy wardrobe room can easily work out even from the most small storage room in a brick, panel or wooden house. The main thing is to show your fantasy, take into account the features of the room and most effectively organize the useful area.

    We select configuration and storage system

    The design and organization of the internal space directly depend not only on the size of the room, but also from its configuration. Among the most common options:

    Corner dressing room

    This option is universally suitable for any room.

    You can arrange the rooms as follows:

    • Put a metal frame with numerous shelves and meshes for linen, shoes and clothes;
    • Create a cozy corner, decorated with natural wood with a sliding door-coupe (this option looks very expensive and stylish).


    Wardrobe parallel one of the walls of the room. Can have a door or be open. Great for storing two people (a whole wall can be highlighted). Design options may be set. Open shelves, drawers, racks, hangers are used to accommodate clothing and linen.


    One of the most common and spacious options. Thanks to such a geometrical form, a large number of boxes, shelves, baskets can be placed in the room.

    In order to turn the storage room into a spacious and roomy wardrobe, you can use one of the proposed storage systems of things:

    • Cabinet model. This option is manufactured by individual order. Its benefits can be attributed to the capacity and possibility of placing large and small things, accessories. Cons: cumbersome shelves and the inability to change their location.

    • Cell or Mesh Design. More elegant, light and compact option. Mesh baskets and shelves are attached with metal guides and brackets. Due to the mesh base indoors, the feeling of lightness and openness. The interior does not seem heavy and overloaded. Low cost of such a storage system – also plus. However, the minus model is the impossibility of storing too heavy things.

    • Frame system. The basis for such a model is metal supports from the floor to the ceiling, which are then attached crossbars, rods, shelves, drawers and baskets. The advantages of the system include its small weight, ease of assembly and use, strength and aesthetic appearance.

    Principles of zoning

    So that the wardrobe room has not turned into a chaotic clothing and shoes and shoe storage warehouse, even at the design development stage, it is necessary to use the premises zoning principle. This will help as efficiently and optimally place everything you need, while not upgrading the room and leaving for things free access.

    For this, the space is divided into 3 zones:

    • Nizhny. This zone occupies a space with a height of no more than 80 cm from the floor level and is intended for storing shoes, umbrellas and other accessories. Depending on the type of shoes (summer, winter), this zone can be divided into several parts of different sizes. For example, for storing sandals, sandals and shoes, the height of the shelf is approximately 25 – 30 cm, boots and other demi-season and winter shoes – 45 cm.

    • Average. Main part of Gardeck. Pantograph, crossbars, hangers, shelves, retractable drawers are placed here. The height of the middle zone is approximately 1.5 – 1.7 m. Compartment intended for placing shirts, jackets, trousers, dresses, skirts, takes a height of about a meter. Underwear is best stored in boxes with delimiters.

    • Upper. Here are stored hats, seasonal clothes, bedding. For storage of bags and suitcases, it is also worth providing a separate niche of about 20 * 25 cm in size (height / depth). Usually they are laid under the ceiling and to access them it is necessary to provide a staircase (if the ceiling in the pantry is high).

    We plan internal content

    After the planning scheme is selected and the storage system, it remains to properly organize the inner space. Of course, each interior is in its own way, but there are several general rules for arranging the wardrobe:

    • Shoe drawers, boxes, shelves and stand are stored in the lower zone;
    • The upper shelves are discharged under storage of large-sized (pillows, blankets, bags) and seasonal things;
    • The middle part is ideal for everyday clothes;
    • Side shelves will be useful for useful trifles that are often used;
    • Under accessories (gloves, umbrellas, belts) is highlighted separate zone.

    Today special accessories are offered for accurate storage of things, such as a skirt or trousers. They are equipped with special rubberized clips to prevent the appearance of elevations on clothing.

    Crossbar under the hangers – a classic organizer for placing shirts, skirts, trousers, dresses, outerwear. The crossbar may be somewhat – at one or different levels.

    Pantograph externally represents a crossbar, which can be lowered at any time to the desired height or raise back.

    To storing a large number of handbags, backpacks, Ridiculi can use a light textile holder. It will not take a lot of space and allow you to keep your favorite accessories at hand.

    Dressing room furniture can be made from a variety of materials. It may be natural wood, and practical plastic, and inexpensive plasterboard, and durable steel or other metal. If the storage room is placed in a small apartment (“Khrushchev”), then it is better to give preference to stationary or modular furniture.

    Finishing and lighting

    The next no less important and responsible point in the arrangement of the storage room – finishing work and lighting.

    • Material for wall decoration, ceiling and floor should be as practical as possible not to make repair too often. It should be smooth so as not to “eat” without a big space and should not leave traces on clothes. With these functions, the washable wallpapers, paint, textiles, mirror. So that the room does not look even less and harder, it is better if the decoration will be selected in light, inappropriate tones.

    • As for the lighting, then massive chandeliers and bulky lamps are not recommended – they will lose room. It is best to choose spot or small ceiling lamps, swivel lamps.

    • Interesting and practical option – a ruler of LED lamps that are automatically ignited at the entrance to the room. If the dressing room consists of a large number of closed boxes, then it is worth thinking about local lighting. So it will be easier and faster find the right thing.

    • Studying finishing work, do not forget about ventilation. In the wardrobe, things and clothes remain closed for a long time, which means that the influx of fresh air is simply needed to prevent the appearance of dampness, mold and unpleasant odor. Wardrobe can be equipped with an exhaust fan or a small air conditioning.

    Options for closing door opening

    Depending on the configuration, location and design of the dressing room, you can consider several types of doorway design. Room can be open or closed. Doors can be swirling, sliding, instead of them can be used by Shirm.

    To decorate the door design, a matte or glossy glass, mirror, sandblast drawing, wood, insertion from different materials, textiles can be used.

    The last option looks very original and costs quite inexpensively. For hanging the curtains, the cornice is installed, and the beauty itself is selected to the interior design. Sliding doors and doors on the type “Harmoshka” help significantly save and without that small space. Swing doors appropriately look only in the spacious room.

    Remove with your own hands

    Turn a small storage room into a cozy, compact wardrobe with your own hands will help several simple recommendations:

    • Development of the plan-scheme of the future dressing room. At the first stage of work, it is necessary to carefully consider the configuration of the room. Typical storage rooms in “Khrushchev” usually occupy space no more than 3 kV.M Square. Partial demolition partition and installation of plasterboard construction will help slightly expand it. True, the expansion of the wardrobe is directly related to the decrease in the living area.

    • The following item is the choice of clothing storage system and things. It is necessary to carefully perform the measurements of the future room and schematically apply all structural elements on the plan.

    Step-by-step instruction:

    1. Choice, calculation of the required number and purchase of finishing materials.
    2. Cleaning the room and preparation for finishing. Storeroom cleaned from all things, the old coating is dismantled, uneven walls, the floor and the ceiling are aligned, plastering, cleaned.
    3. Finishing work. The floor is closed with a linoleum or laminate, the ceiling is painted or running, the walls are covered with wallpaper, painted or separated by other materials.
    4. Local ventilation device (fan, air conditioning) and light sources (dot lamps).
    5. Production and installation of racks. For self-making, metal pipes, chipboard sheets with plastic coating, guides, fasteners, edge, corners, plugs, furniture fittings.
    6. Installation of an internal lighting system for drawers, installation of doors.
    7. Final stage: hangers, baskets, hinged pockets.

    It will only be left to decompose things, rave clothes and a dressing room ready for use.

    Examples of ideas in the interior of the hallway

    Outdoor wardrobe in the hallway – one of the most popular options for transformation of the old storage room. To do this, it will be necessary to demolish partitions to expand the space. Do not clutch the area will help a practical and convenient shoe rack and several crossbars at different levels to accommodate clothing.

    A more practical option – the storage room occupy open racks with compartments and shelves of different widths. Several drawers are provided for storing linen or useful trifles. Such a wardrobe can be equipped with sliding doors or drill a dense textile curtain.

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