Corner dressing room

Furniture plays an important role in the design of the interior of residential space. Small size of the room do not always allow you to place the necessary furniture for a comfortable stay. For small spaces, the perfect choice is the angular dressing room.

Features and advantages

Corner wardrobe can only take part of the room or all its space. Wardrobe room – room that contains all the necessary devices for convenient location of things.

Create a wardrobe room will not be difficult, since the walls are used as the inner surfaces of the dressing room. It is necessary to put the facade for its completion. Usually the center of such a room is used as a space for dressing, and all the walls are laid by cabinets and racks.

Corner wardrobe is designed to save space in the house, because it allows you to compact all things. She helps save space. Such a dressing room can be put in any room because it is universal.

Wardrobe in the corner between the two doors to allow creating the illusion of the lack of furniture because it perfectly fit into the corner. It is interesting and unusually looking at models with an open storage system.

If you decide to install an angular model, then it is worth knowing its flaws. The angular construction is rarely on sale, so it costs weekly. Dowels are used when attaching a design. If you go to transfer the dressing room to another angle, then there will remain holes in the wall under the dowel.


Today, designers offer a wide range of stylish, unusual and original corner dressing models. They differ in design, design, functionality and are made from various materials.

Wardrobe systems can have a variety of filling, may differ in planning. The selection of the model often depends on the area of ​​the room where it will be located.

Wardrobe frame type, located in the corner, usually possesses a metal frame that is attached to the walls. It does not require much consumption of materials, so attracts attention to the available cost. Usually such models are distinguished by an open storage system. They are characterized by versatility, since the filling of the dressing room can be made to their taste after the construction itself.

Penal type variant has a huge amount of compartments, so it looks big and bulky. But it is perfect for making an interior in the style of Hi-Tech. Such a model includes a wide variety of shelves, boxes, as well as doors that provide convenience when used. Tightness is one of the advantages of this design.

If you like the Loft style, then you should look at the mesh wardrobe. They can also be used to embody luxurious interiors in modern style directions. Such models have a lot in common with frame, but only instead of boxes and shelves apply mesh surfaces. The spaciousness and ease are indisputable advantages of such options. They are often decorated with glass doors, and also occurs internal lighting of combination type.

The wardrobe coupe is an excellent choice for saving space. It is characterized by the capacity, and at the same time the doors are conveniently opened even in small rooms. Facades of models are often decorated with attractive and charming prints.

Corner wardrobe can be different in shape. It is worth remembering that the cabinet should be exactly the corner. P-shaped or linear form takes a lot of space. Differences between models are noticeable, if an open storage system is applied.

Semicircular angular dressing room today in fashion. It attracts attention to originality and unusual. Almost everyone uses furniture square or rectangular shape, so even semicircle can be called a bold choice. If you want to increase the interior of the dressing room, then you need to use a round-shaped round form.

Built-in wardrobe perfectly fit into the interior of the room, as it does not take up much space and complemented by stylish facades. They can be decorate with attractive drawings or mirrors.

Many buyers prefer the radius model. The absence of sharp corners is ideal for the children’s room or hallway. Radius facades will help to give the charm of the living room. Besides a beautiful appearance, they save space.


The manufacturer of cabinet furniture offer different dimensions of corner wardrobe to pick up the best option even for small rooms. Compactness refers to the main advantages of this furniture.

The standard choice is considered a triangular angular dressing room. If the space allows you to use a rectangular shape, since it provides the ability to create separately organized spaces.

To create a small dressing room, you can use open shelves, as well as racks. They are characterized by convenience and practicality. They can be used for various purposes. Compact wardrobe allows you to correctly organize space without occupying a lot of space.

Interior filling

Corner wardrobe have significant differences in storage systems.

  • The wardrobe system of the case type is represented by classic filling, which is used very often. This option is affordable and distinguished by the strength of the structure. It consists of body modules that are connected to each other using screeds.

  • You can use individual sections for storing or specifically built-in modules. Shelves differ in the capacity – the clothes will not fall out of them on the sides. The disadvantage of this system is the fact that each shelf acts as a carrier, so it is impossible to reorganize.

  • Mesh system is ideal for clothing storage. It consists of frames and various hangers and rods, shelves and hooks. If you wish, you can easily change the location of the shelves or other elements of its filling. This feature allows when changing seasons it is convenient to change the location of the clothes.

  • A corner wardrobe frame type has similarities with mesh due to the presence of metal planks that perform the role of carriers. This system allows you to use retractable boxes, closed cabinets and wood elements. This option is ideal for an open clothing storage system. Functionality and lightness – these are the strengths of frame models.

  • Among the expensive options, you can call a panel dressing room, including decorative panels that are attached to the walls. Shelves, rods, retractable drawers and hangers are mounted on the panel.

Usually angular dressing rooms are divided into three zones: lower, middle and upper. Under the ceiling it is worth keeping only those things that are used very rarely. She should not be deep.

Shelves, pull-out drawers and rods are installed in the middle zone where all the necessary, used clothing is located. Specially reserved space under the upper clothes should be high enough to fit a long fur coat or coat.

Shoes are usually stored in the lower zone. Very often, the lower branches are applied under the bed linen, plaid or blankets.

Many manufacturers are engaged in the manufacture of stylish and high-quality corner dressing rooms. Among the proposed range, each buyer will be able to pick up the perfect option.

Famous manufacturer Furniture ICAA offers roomy and compact models for small rooms. They can be used for convenient location of things.

Attractive and demanded model is “Todal”. This variant of the corner dressing room is in great demand, because it is characterized by compactness and capacity, and also costs cheap. The manufacturer offers several color solutions – white, gray brown, brown and black and brown option. Wardrobe has a height of 202 cm, so it is better to use it for premises with low ceilings. Inside the cabinet includes four side, removable shelves and the upper beam rod. This filling allows you to conveniently arrange a lot of things.

The “Todal” model is characterized by a simple design, so it can be collected independently without special skills and skills. All fasteners and details are already included.

Where to post?

Corner wardrobe can be put in any room, the main thing is to make it possible to make it. It can be put in the hallway, living room, children’s or bedroom.

To install an angular model in a residential room, its area should not be less than three square. In such a small room, such a dressing room will be more appropriate than an ordinary cabinet. When determining the sizes, it is necessary to take into account that the open cabinet must have the depth of the shelf at least 55 cm, and closed – 60 cm.

Wardrobe should be visually divided into two parts, which will allow in one to arrange drawers and shelves, and in the other – the rods for hangers. You can use sliding type doors or harmonic.

If the angular dressing room will be in the bedroom or in the living room, then you should give preference to the model with the door-coupe.

Mirrors with unusual prints will give the interior of uniqueness and stylishness. Very often, models located in the bedroom are represented by an open type or covered with an ordinary screen.

If you want to save space in the room, then you should make an angular dressing room without doors so that all the shelves and lockers remain open. Small angular are perfectly suitable in those rooms where the wardrobe does not fit.


Corner wardrobe choose usually for small rooms to conveniently place all things, and not to do a lot of space. Wardrobe options allow each buyer to choose the most optimal option.

They are represented by different costs, so you can find a decent solution and among inexpensive models. Manufacturers use high-quality materials that give models of attractive and stylish appearance.

Removable shelves allow them to adjust their height, so you can conveniently put large boxes in the dressing room. Rod is designed for comfortable location of clothes on hangers.

Even after several years of use, furniture retains its original appearance. Practicality and comfort are indisputable advantages of angular dressing rooms.

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