Winter gardens from aluminum: Advantages and design options

If you want to give a residential premises a more modern and well-groomed look, as well as to equip for your households “Corner of rest”, then be sure to organize a winter garden. You can use the loggia in the apartment for these purposes, but the perfect option will make a spacious extension to the private house, glazing it from all sides.


To build a winter garden of your dreams, consider it the location and, of course, provide high-quality glazing. It is from this that will depend on the rouse flowering of plants in cold weather conditions. Temperature and humidity should be as comfortable as possible and for the owners, because in the cozy winter garden you will probably spend most of the winter days. That is why the choice of material for building and glazing the winter garden is so important.

Metals are considered the most technological and durable finishing materials, One of the most common ones – aluminum. In the designs of winter gardens, an alloy containing 80-90% aluminum is usually used, with additives for additional strength and improvement of mechanical properties. Aluminum is able to maintain its structural properties under any climatic conditions – neither 50-degree frosts are not terrible, nor 50-degree heat.

In addition, this “winged metal” resists intensive ultraviolet radiation and high humidity, which is particularly relevant in the seaside districts. The only drawback of aluminum is high thermal conductivity, and, it means, temperature fluctuations will affect the parameters of the elements of the structure. The combination of aluminum and glass in the design of the winter garden will provide it with special strength and durability.

Aluminum frame is able to withstand weight even very large-scale glazing. The glass roof should be safe so as not to crack under the onsmospheric precipitation, which is why the shelter is usually made from plexiglas or polycarbonate. At the same time, by strength, the second option is many times greater than the usual glass.

The angle of inclination of the bed can be up to 60 degrees, while the cooler of the roof, the easier it will be to care for it: the precipitate will fall down, and the condensate from the inside of the glass will be drained. In addition, the sunlight penetrates the inclined roof, serving the natural source of heating the room of the winter garden in autumn and winter.

As for the location of the aluminum design, the best option will be the southern or eastern side of the house. In the winter garden on the east side, the sun falls in the morning – it is not so intensely shines and will not harm the colors as direct sunlight after 12 hours. Therefore, many types of plants will feel here most comfortable.

On the south side in the summer, the room may overheat, in this case will have to highlight additional means on the dimming of the room and a decrease in temperature. Air conditioning and well-thought-out ventilation, of course, will help, but it will have to wipe the plants more often. But in the fall or in winter, the design on the south side will serve you a good service.

Advantages of aluminum profile

More than half of our compatriots choose an aluminum profile for glazing in winter gardens, because This material has many advantages and advantages:

  • a light weight;
  • fire safety;
  • ease of installation;
  • Mechanical strength;
  • durability (aluminum profile will last 70 years without overhaul);

  • resistance to temperature differences;
  • Fortress and rigidity of the frame;
  • impotence of moisture;
  • affordable price;
  • simplicity;
  • anti-corrosion protection (aluminum does not rust);
  • resistance to atmospheric precipitation and wind;

  • Health safety, as it does not contain harmful substances;
  • the ability to withstand glazing weight;
  • Aluminum will organically fit into any interior;
  • It has a good light transmission ability;
  • racks to chemical impacts;
  • The effects of ultraviolet are not afraid;
  • Plasticity, so you can give the structures any form.

Variety of shapes

The simplest design that can be erected independently – an extension of a winter garden with a single-sided roof to the wall of the house. At the same time, the angle of the skate should be from 30 to 60 degrees so that in winter the snow does not accumulate on a glass roof. The design option with a two-tie roof is worth using if you plan to do a long winter garden.

An extension with a three-beam roof is more complicated, but beautiful design option with a large number of corners. Such an aluminum design is recommended for a winter garden with a “round” layout. The angular extension is usually chosen based on the lighting intensity during the day. A more complex angular option – with a three-beam roof and unusual internal layout.

Extremely rare and complex aluminum design – with “inserting” to the house when the winter garden is integrated into one of the rooms in the house, for example, a living room, a dining room or a rest room. There are also options separately installed on house designs of winter gardens – with two-tie, pyramidal, rectangular with the roof. Such separate aluminum structures require internal and external warming on all sides.

Glass windows

Double-glazed windows in the winter garden are designed not only to skip the sunlight, but, if necessary, on the contrary, donate some zones. This lighting depends on the microclimate inside the greenhouse and how the flowers will grow. When using different types of glasses, you can create several climatic zones in the winter garden in the winter garden for various types of plants, which need different thermal mode and light level. Also to control the garden microclimate you can install humidity and temperature sensors.

Double-glazed windows can be transparent, reinforced, tinted, matte, hardened, mirror, fire-resistant and even with an automated self-cleaning system. The inclined part of the bed is usually glazed by a double-glazed glass of tempered glass outside and triplex inside. This is a safe view of glazing when its fragments, if they break, will not be embraced around. In some modern glass structures, innovative hatches on the control panel are also used.

Glazing of the winter garden depends solely on your preferences and financial capabilities. Classic option – single-chamber double glazing. If finances allow you to use two-chamber double-glazed windows around the perimeter of the winter garden for additional noise insulation, and they will be too heavy for the bed. For the roof, double-glazed windows with a triplex and second tempered glass are usually used.

If desired and for the additional cost, you can tonodize the roof to protect the plants from exposure to direct rays. The cost of the project on the construction of a winter garden will depend not only on the type of glazing, but also from the magnitude of the carrier aluminum structures. What they are higher and what they are more, respectively, the cost of the project will be more expensive. At the same time, additional supporting parts made of steel may be needed for some configurations of winter gardens.


Winter garden insulation allows you to significantly reduce the cost of heating and grow thermal-loving plants even in the conditions of a harsh Russian climate. One of the methods of insulation – sticking a special film on the glass. It will not only protect you from low temperatures in the winter garden, but also will increase the strength of the glass.

Additionally, it will help insulate the premises of the window and doors insulation with a double layer of the rubber seal. And if you need a very high temperature, for example, for growing tropical plant species in a greenhouse, you can use the “warm” aluminum profile with an insulator.


In the appointment and type of heating also distinguish several types of winter gardens. Unheard constructions are non-residential and are suitable exclusively for plants, but unfortunately, the microclimate is inconstant here, so only unpretentious types of flora will take place in such a garden. An ideal option that will require significant investments – constantly heated residential design, where plants can please their owners for the whole year.

As the heating systems of the winter garden from aluminum, you can use the connection to the central system, the floor heated, air conditioning with warm air or electrical appliances. It is advisable to think over the project of the heating system before the construction of the winter garden. At the same time, the outside side of the greenhouse needs both the outer side of the greenhouse needs to be on the glass. For this, glass heating is equipped with a heating cable system.

If you live in you the unfortunate desire to be closer to nature, then winter garden from aluminum – just what you need. Even in the most severe frosts, you can relax and fond of strength in the midst of flowering plants. And no matter what size winter garden and where it is located on the balcony, in an extension to the cottage or even on the roof. In addition, it is an excellent option to expand the living space, which can later be used for practical purposes.

In addition to residential and country rooms, winter gardens from aluminum can also be seen in office and administrative buildings, sports complexes, health and entertainment centers. Aluminum structures will harmoniously fit into the interior of any, even the smallest room design and make it more colorful.

Beautiful examples

Winter Garden – a link between nature and man.

Aluminum framework is very practical and durable.

Aluminum profile will organically complement the architecture of the building in any style.

Winter garden can adjoin the house or act as a separate design.

On the advantages and options for the designs of the winter garden from aluminum, see the following video.

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