Why choose a Polaris grill?

Grilled press is very convenient and useful equipment, thanks to which you can enjoy delicious dishes anywhere where there is electricity. Unlike classic grill, this device does not need a fire and coal, so you can prepare a variety of dishes at home.

Due to the fact that this device is distinguished by compact sizes, you can easily carry it with you, Take the grill to the country or in a country house. Polaris is one of the leading manufacturers of household appliances, which is characterized by the release of high-quality products using innovative technologies.


In this article we will look at the most popular grill press models from this manufacturer.

  • PGP 0903 – equipment that is often used in catering establishments, because it is characterized by convenience and high power. As advantages, it is worth highlighting the presence of interesting features, such as removable panels, the ability to cook in the open mode and the presence of a built-in timer. You can smoothly adjust the temperature, thanks to which the dishes will be uniform and qualitatively roasted.

The kit provides for three pairs of removable panels. Case consists of stainless steel. Universal appearance adapts the product to any kitchen, no matter what style it is framed.

  • PGP 0202 – A device that provides the ability to cook with an open panel. At the same time, you can establish a certain degree, thanks to which the process of making large steaks is much facilitated. This is a simple apparatus characterized by high reliability. In addition to the fact that this grill provides cooking with an open panel, there is also a thermostat and a panel height control system located on top. In this case, mechanical and electrical parts are harmoniously combined, which cause long service life and simplicity of its use.

The kit provides for the presence of two removable panels and a special brush intended for cleaning. It is a powerful technique that is enough dimensions, therefore allows you to feed the whole family. Due to the thermostat built into the device, you can count on stable maintenance of the required temperature.

It is worth noting that you can set different temperatures for each panel individually. The housing is made of stainless steel, so it looks very attractive.

  • PGP 0702 – high quality grill characterized by excellent performance. The presented model is remarkably suitable for the preparation of various dishes. Hot dogs, steaks, burgers, as well as sandwiches and toasts can be prepared here. This device is equipped with a thermostat and timer adjusted to shutting down. The height of the top panel can be adjusted.

The product has a compact size, ideal for use at home. The grill is very mobile, so it can easily fit in the trunk. Mechanism Management Very Light. A man who has not previously encountered a similar device, intuitively can figure it out.

The mechanics of this grill is characterized by reliability, it does not give failures. Heats up to the desired temperature quickly. Has a non-stick coating.

What to pay attention to when choosing?

If you plan to acquire a grill for use at home, then we do not recommend that you stop the choice on large models. As a rule, bilateral grills that are actively buying for use in catering establishments are particularly popular. Such equipment allows you to significantly speed up the cooking process. The same option will be optimal for cooking at home.

Please note that the grill of the manufacturer under consideration is characterized by the presence of a non-stick coating, which is preserved for a long period of time. Nevertheless, this coating can easily be damaged, so it is not recommended to use metal items to turn meat or remove it from the grill.

The temperature controller presence determines the fact that the device does not overheat, which extends its service life. Products of this manufacturer are characterized by high fire safety.

Large efficiency are the models that have high power. When we are dealing with a grill with a small power, we cannot count on rapid cooking meat and other products. At the same time they will not be well rooted.

Pros and cons

Buyers who have already become the happy owners of electric grills from the company Polaris revealed Certain advantages of this equipment.

  1. It is possible to prepare absolutely any products. Here you can fry different types of meat, vegetables and sandwiches. Some hostesses use the grill even for cooking scrambled eggs.
  2. The presence of legs with rubber inserts due to which the safety of the device is ensured.
  3. All models are distinguished by a small size and mobility. That is, they are very convenient to use not only at home, but also in the country either at the catering.
  4. Almost all models of the grill press provide for the possibility of removing panels, so that they can be easily cleaned after cooking. Certain advantage is that they can be placed in a dishwasher.
  5. The price set on this product is quite accessible and justifies itself.
  6. Product Design Attractive, Grills will easily fit into the interior of your kitchen.

Despite the presence of a rich list of advantages, this household appliance has some drawbacks, including:

  • Control knobs sufficiently slippery and are very rapidly contaminated;
  • The grill does not replace many kitchen appliances that, for example, can make a multicooker (the lack of a very conditional, of course).

The presence of a grill press is a necessity for those people who care about their health and try to use exclusively the right food.

    Often, people who hold proper nutrition wish to pamper themselves with fast food and are sent to special catering establishments, where they are offered very fat and harmful dishes. This equipment will help you to do the same, but the harmful dishes will be practically reduced to zero. For example, you wish to taste fried meat, however, roasting it in a frying pan requires the use of a large amount of oil. In a situation where the grill press is used, it is not necessary to use vegetable oil, because the meat can be roasted directly on the panels of the pan.

    If you cook quite often, you do not want to constantly wash the panels, and leave them dirty unhygienically, you can take advantage of a very interesting advice. When cooking meat wrap it to foil. It is very well carved, so the meat will be qualitatively treated, while the grill will remain clean.

    This electrolyril has only positive feedback and is suitable for both meat and fish. For the convenience of buyers there is a shift panel.

    About how to cook on the grill Polaris, look in the video below.

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