What is marquises on the windows and what they happen?

    Fabric canopies on buildings facades over summer cafes and shop windows – usual urban design. How to relax in the shade under the protection of a wide awning! Elegant peaks from matter are installed in private homes – this is a fast and convenient way to protect from the scorching sun. Rooms inside and outside.

    Description and appointment

    Marquis – a canopy of a fabric that is placed more often from the outside of the building to protect against the sun. These folding structures are installed above window openings, balconies, on open verandas and terraces. Some of them replace blinds – above the windows, while others perform the role of the roof above the open area, shadow and protect against rain.

    Prototypes of modern models arose in Venice in the XV century. There is a legend about Marquis Francesco Borgia, covering window openings in a hot day in his own house, to keep the snow-white face of his beloved. The invention had to do the soul of the Venetians that the linen canopies began to be used everywhere. The first products were cumbersome, unstable and fragile. Modern windows on windows are more practical than 500 years ago. Their service life is not a year and not two, but several dozen years.

    In modern times, they are also used as an element of designer design to give rise to the institution.

    Often Marquise can be seen in:

    • Cafe;
    • shop;
    • hotel;
    • restaurant;
    • Street tent.

    Mother visors not only add elegance facade, but also additionally attract visitors.

    Excess sunlight interferes with work: from bright lighting image on a monitor or tablet fad, get tired. Often the owners of houses order special sunscreen glazed windows, apply reflective and light-protective elements. Window Marquis will create a shadow outside the room and will not allow glass overheating and frame.

    For the house design use:

    • above windows;
    • above the balconies;
    • above the entrance door;
    • on the terrace or veranda;
    • in the courtyard.

    Marquises on the balcony and over the windows overlooking the south, in contrast to the dense curtains do not close the view from the room. Marquis create a shadow not only in the room, but also by the facade. It holds from 90% of light and reduces overheating by more than 10 ° C not only frame, but also walls. The fabric does not rake under the bright rays.

    On the terrace with such an awning is safe to relax and in summer rain. The rubberized awning for an hour is withstanding about 56 liters of water: it is important to set the angle of inclination at least 15 ° to the rain water flow, and did not accumulate in the folds. Withstands marquise and wind up to 14 m / s.

    After the shower, the closure dried.

    Features of species

    Distinguish mechanical and electrical varieties of street marquis. Mechanical have a small removable handle that allows you to open and turn the awning. It’s easy to manage and simple configuration model.

    Electrical work on the drive, hidden inside the canopy, they are connected to the usual network 220 V. The engine is protected from overheating and moisture from entering, controlled from the console, the sensor signals are received there. You can handcap and manually in case of turning off the energy, for this, a special handle is included.

    Sensors feed the signal when you need to deploy or fold the device. Sunny indicates when the shine is already high and you need to reveal the awning. Rain and wind – when the design may be damaged from severe gusts or rain and need to collapse. Automatic setting will allow the control system to independently open and close the device depending on weather conditions, change the angle of inclination in the direction of the sun.


    The most popular facade varieties. They are used in open summer cafes, for the design of shops and hotels, as well as in private cottages. Often they close windows and balconies in apartment buildings.

    Vertical Marquis is placed on the facades of office and residential buildings. Externally resembles a tissue chart, perfectly pushes moisture, reflects the sun’s rays, does not interfere with the circulation of air. The width of such structures is from 150 to 400 cm, the matter is fixed on an aluminum or steel frame. Suitable for huge windows and showcases. Can be installed at an angle in any position and at different heights.

    Show-windows marquises are fixed to the facade, and additionally with special brackets – along the edge of the canopy. Apply for cafes and boutiques. The showcase variety is adjustable and static. Often the logo or original drawing is applied to the cloth.

    Static options have a kind of mothers, lungs and economical, protect against sun and rain. This is a great choice for country houses. Adjustable by one side attach to the facade of the structure, and the other – to the protruding perpendicular to the facade of the bar. The angle of inclination of the bar allows you to adjust the height of the visor.

    This species is suitable for residential buildings, doorways, arbors and veranda. Easy operation and economical price – the causes of choice. Install the adjustable marquis can be in position from 0 to 160 °, which will allow not only to adjust the illumination, but also use the awning as partition.


    Placed on the wall using a single horizontal mounting. Such marquise is indispensable at narrow areas: above the windows under the roof, above the veranda.


    Retractable varieties, in turn, there are several species.


    Install the shelter from the Sun under the already existing canopy or in niche. In such sections, where additional protection for rollers and the mechanism is not required. The cloth when folding is going to a special shaft, it does not close anything.


    In the folded embodiment, the mechanism is protected from adverse weather conditions and from above, and below. In this case, the tissue base is closed only the upper part, and the lower part remains unlocked.


    The most designed and thoughtful appearance. In the closed version, the design does not miss moisture, wind, dust, tissue part, rolled by a roll, stored inside a special cassette. Retractable mechanisms are reliably hidden inside. The collected will not take an excess place, and if necessary, it can be deployed.


    They are also called dome. Unlike already listed species, marquises-baskets are made on a three-dimensional frame. The most simple dome marquises have a triangular shape and externally resemble the display-windows, but with closed sidewalls. There is an option more complex for the manufacture, consisting of several frame tiers, which are tightened by matter.

    There are semicircular and rectangular shape.

    • Semicircular Form dome canopies, resembling the quarters of Chinese lanterns. Often used for windows and openings in the form of arches.
    • Rectangular Baskets are more similar to the usual samples, which preserves the volume of the dome, but there is a traditional rectangular form for the usual model.

    These beautiful models recommend setting the roofs of high buildings. Often you can see on the first floors of restaurants, coffee shops, pastry.

    For roofs of winter gardens

    Install on glass roofs in private houses, hotels, restaurants, office and shopping centers. The option is intended for flat areas, sometimes with some slope. Functionally adapted to cover different parts and configuration of space. Light in the installation, allow you to change the level of lighting in the room. Special matter allows you to skip the ultraviolet required for the life of plants, but does not allow overheating indoors.

    Marquises will help to supplement the modern design of the room and create a shelter from the Sun. Can be both on hand and on automatic control. Mounted from the outdoor and inside of the building.


    For the manufacture of modern canopies, high quality tissue of acrylic fibers with teflon coating and a special composition from aggressive environmental impact.

    Fabric material is distinguished by the following characteristics:

    • High protection against ultraviolet (up to 80%), long retains color;
    • High moisture resistance, so it does not rot, it does not stretch, it does not sit down, it is not dirty;
    • withstands the temperature from -30 to + 70 ° C;
    • Easy to care.

    Brand Markilux Polyester threads. Exclusive SunVas SNC material is an elastic and durable fabric with a variety of textures, easy to clean.

    French company Dickson Constant produces flavored fabrics. The Cleangard branded impregnation is applied to the canvas, developed on the basis of nanotechnology that protects against water and dirt.

    The manufacturer gives 10 years warranty on the entire range of tent products.

    Economical and eco-friendly tissues Sunworker We pass natural daylight, protect against solar radiation, maintain a comfortable room in the room, filtering 94% heat.

    Covered with a layer of PVC on both sides, and the special weaving system fibers makes the awning unusually durable.

    Sattler fabric manufacturer Releases matter from acrylic and PVC. Materials do not fade into the sun, they are not afraid of moisture, temperature drops, influencing fungus, protected from contamination.

    Modern technologies allowed to obtain cloth with aluminum pigments, which reduces heat transfer to 30%, as well as the matter with fire impregnation. There is a large range of colors and textures to choose. Smooth surfaces, matte and with a pronounced texture of threads. Monophonic materials of various shades: from deep dark to soft pastel. Often used in the canvase of a combination of several tones.

    At the request of the customer, the patterns are applied by silk screen.

    Operation and care

    Choosing the Marquis, the user often wonders how to care for the purchase.

    The greatest harm is applied:

    • wind;
    • rain;
    • Sun.

    First of all, it should be proceeded from a variety of selected canopy.

    When installing an open or nonsense variety, it is recommended to place it under the roof or visor to protect against precipitation and wind.

    Folding structures are equipped with mechanisms for deployment and coagulation, so require maintenance. The device is adjusted, lubricated, remove corrosion and tinted if necessary.

    Fabric coating also need to be careported.

    • Fallen leaves, sand, dust remove with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner. Advise not allowing accumulation of garbage.
    • Matter is purified by microfiber wipes with water or soap. Aggressive cleaning products are not recommended. Unwanted spots are removed by means for sofa coatings, pre-tested them at invisible areas.
    • Dried in collected form.

    With careful care, the marquise mechanism and the fabric will last long.

    Brief instructions for mounting and tuning terraced marquise you can see in the video below.

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