What are the canopies for the mangala: execution options

Holidays in nature with kebab – Favorite national tradition. And everyone has a brazier: portable or stationary. The presence of a canopy over the brazier will protect from the scorching sun and hide from a sudden rain. If you build a canopy according to the rules, it will decorate the landscaped design and will be a cozy holiday destination for the whole family.

Features and dignity

The design of the canopy may be small, located right above the brazier, or high, on the supports covering the rest area and the cooking area.

Canopy for mangal usually build separately, but on the ground subject to frequent winds, some attach it to the house, Hozblock or other buildings, that the safety technique is prohibited. In such areas, a stove with a barbecue is better to build one or more walls, which will solve the problem with the wind and make a canopy more comfortable. The height of the roof of such a building should be at least two meters, the material for the supports is chosen fire-resistant. Wooden poles are impregnated with a special protective solution and install them at the maximum possible distance from open fire.

The roof over his head during the rest with kebabs will protect against climatic surprises. And if the canopy make the original and put it with shady trees, rest in such a place will be a pleasant and unforgettable.

Frame: Execution Options

Canopies do not necessarily build, they can be purchased for cottages and private estates already in the finished form. This option will save time and effort, but may not correspond to the design of the site, personal preferences and tastes. Those who decided to make a canopy on their own should decide what kind of design is necessary: ​​compact, which is posted over the brazier, or made in the form of a gazebo, terraces. Any of the designs need to be strengthened, otherwise the structure will see and give a bias. Usually in such cases, a column foundation is used.

Before taking a frame, you need to choose a suitable place, pay attention to the wind rose and place the structure so that the wind does not blunt the fire, and the smoke did not go to the house.

Even a compact version of the canopy must have a roof speaking half the meter from all sides of the mangala. Standard high structure size is 4×4 meters. The choice of material for the construction is affected not only the harmonious reunion with the surrounding area, but also financial capabilities.

Mix three types of frame for canopies.


For support from wood, logs, timber and direct trees are used. Well suited pine timber without black divorces. Their presence indicates the hood of the Alluetics, which makes wood hygroscopic and susceptible to rotting.

Wooden supports are easily processed, mounted, do not require special tools and greater experience. Sheds look beautiful and suitable for any terrain, especially territory with vegetation.

But the tree can not be called perfect for structures, built near open fire. In addition, it is susceptible to rotting, damage to fungus, can become food for rodents and insects. With similar troubles, you can cope with the help of modern effective impregnations, which will make wood more fire-resistant and durable.


    Metal racks for a large canopy are quite acceptable, and the roof of such a material will be heated in the sun. Iron supports can be combined with any kind of roof.

      For small structures made of metal, frame and roof over the brass. Racks are enhanced with three sides by transverse partitions that pass in the ground places.

      Metal fire-resistant and durable, quite budget, if the work is performed independently. Mangals with canopies can serve several generations. But the material has its drawbacks:

      • It is very heated in the sun, noise from rain and wind.
      • It must be processed from corrosion and apply a protective layer.
      • For installation, you will need a welding machine, special tools.


      The stone canopies include capital buildings from concrete, brick or stone. They look expensive and beautiful. In the future, in the zone of the furnace or mangal, you can build from one to three walls that protect the open fire from the wind.

      Canopy from stone reliable and durable, it is not afraid of fire, ultraviolet, precipitation, rotting, corrosion, rodents and insects. The material does not need a finish, future repair and additional care. The disadvantage of such a design is the high price and complexity.

      Coating: pros and cons

      A number of requirements are presented to the canopy above the brazier: durability, strength, refractory, protection from the sun and rain, beautiful appearance.

      The form and material of the structure must be combined with the rest of the construction buildings, and not to bring a disharmony in the landscape design.

      The roof can be chosen arched, single or double, dome, valm, most importantly, so that there is a slope, and no precipitation was delayed. The design of the roof depends on financial capabilities.

      For roofs apply different types of materials:

      • wood;
      • metal;
      • polycarbonate;
      • Professor.


      Wood – environmentally friendly material, under such a roof is nice to summer heat, it gives a stable natural shadow, which you can not say about metal or synthetic roof. Wood has an affordable price, the market is represented by a wide range, It can be purchased by the workpieces of the required size, which will facilitate the construction of a canopy. Tree is easily processing and mounted with other materials. Canopy with a wooden roof organically fits into a natural land landscape.

      The disadvantages include instability to the external environment and the fact that wood is not “friendly” with fire. To give it resistance to climatic influences and relative refractory, wood is soaked with special solutions.


      The metal roof can be welded to the brazier in the form of a small canopy directly above the working area. Very beautiful forged products in this performance. The second option is a construction made in the form of a terrace (roof on the supports). Under such a roof, you can put the table or arrange woodcut. Iron structures of heat-resistant, durable and durable.

      But the metal has its own minuses: he has a lot of weighs, too noisy during the rain and strongly rakes in the sun. In the heat to be under such a roof will not be comfortable, therefore, the metal is better to use in compact designs, install a canopy directly above the mangal. Iron canopy Mounting more complicated wood, you will need special tools: welding machine, drill, screwdriver.


      Beautiful and comfortable polymer roofing material is very popular among the population, has many positive qualities:

      • It is reliable, durable, does not rot, not rust.
      • Sustainable to any climatic conditions.
      • Its easy to mount.
      • Polycarbonate is flexible enough, plastic, from it you can create arched roofs and structures of unusual forms.

      • He is light.
      • Transparent material structure allows you to have good natural lighting under a canopy.
      • Polycarbonate is relatively expensive.
      • Has a rich color gamut.
      • Durable, with the presence of a protective layer, is able to last up to 50 years.

      When choosing a material for a canopy, the illumination of the place where the design will be. Light, transparent polycarbonate misses many ultraviolet. If you need a shadow, it is better to choose dark matte species.


      Profile flooring, or metal products use for the creation of fences, roof coverings. If he has already found his application on the plot, it is better to make a canopy from the same material. His advantages are obvious:

      • low weight;
      • resistance to atmospheric precipitation;
      • durability;
      • ease of installation and processing;
      • strength;
      • Fire resistance, toxic substances will not evaporate when heated;
      • the possibility of combining with other materials;
      • a large selection of color;
      • Special polymer coating that protects against corrosion, chemical impact, burnout.

      The disadvantages include the ability to heat up in the sun, which will not be the best option for the southern regions. In addition, he does not miss light and never bend like polycarbonate.

      Make yourself: what to take into account?

      Deciding to build a canopy with their own hands, it should be started from choosing a suitable place on the household plot. The beautiful landscape is taken into account, the successful direction of the wind, the distance from the house, the presence of a comfortable shadow and the proximity of water.

      According to the rules of fire safety, the design with open fire should be at home at a distance of six meters. If we take into account the comfortable component, the canopy is better to build in such a place where it is easy and quick to deliver products, water, dishes.

      Deciding with the place of construction, you should make drawings of the design, choose materials and make marking on the ground.

      Any canopy, even compact, requires the construction of the foundation. To create it from four sides, pits with a diameter of half meter and a depth of 50-70 cm. Then you should lay out the cavities of the pits in a half brick, reinforce and install supports. Pour poles with a prepared concrete solution. The clarity of the design is checked by a building level.

      Fill the foundation can be carried out using formwork (in the future it is removed). You can install an asbestos or metal pipe and pour with concrete to the pillow of rubble. Options for fundamental strengthening of supports depend on the racks themselves.

      Cemented design must dry. It takes a different amount of time depending on the season and weather. Minimum deadlines – three days.

      Work on the frame, depending on the material of the racks, occurs in different ways:

      1. Metal requires welding.
      2. Tree can be easily mounted independently.
      3. Brick and stone fitted with cement.

      At the next step to the top of the racks around the perimeter, the crossbars are fixed, which will become the basis for the rafter, their material is chosen in advance. The plaques are mounted, the distance between which should not be more than meter, otherwise the roof may not withstand the onset of snow in winter. The rafters are trimmed by the crate on which the selected roofing material is stacked (wood, polycarbonate, corrugated).

      Chimney can be constructed from tin, start withdrawing from a distance of a half-meter from a barbecue and end up with an elevation above the roof. On top of the pipe it is necessary to perform protection against precipitation from tin.

      Built-in canopy can be destroyed not only for a stationary oven. Portable brand, seized from a shed at a picnic time, also needs a good location. Nice if this place will be a canopy that protects against the scorching sun.

      Interesting examples

      You can use a number of ready-made examples for the construction of your own carport:

      • When a wooden canopy is located in a picturesque location of the plot, it will be a cozy seating area combined with the kitchen area.
      • Compact Worn Canopy with Mangal.

      • Mangal on the terrace under the autonomous canopy. Design made of metal.
      • Oven under a canopy with a bunk roof stylized under the pagoda.

      • Recreation area equipped under the arbor. Metal is chosen as a building material.
      • Recreation area and mangal terrace covered with metal tile.

      • Exquisite forged canopy, combined with polycarbonate, is in a fabulously beautiful place.
      • Stove with barbecue and brick wall under a metal canopy.

      • Summer kitchen area under a canopy, located near the wall of the building.
      • Portable canopy for mobile barbecue.

      • Roofing, created with your own hands, for zone kebabs with a canopy.
      • The design above the furnace is made of natural materials.

      • Recreation area and barbecue. Roofing on brick supports.
      • Large wood-based canopy covered with metal. Well combined with sandstone, which is finished with kitchen area, and wooden furniture.
      • Beautiful leisure place made of stone and brick. Roofing is above the kitchen.

      Summer holiday with a kebab is pleasant in any atmosphere, but only a canopy is able to create a homemade comfort and a special atmosphere.

      How to make a canopy above the mangal, look in the following video.

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