What are the advantages of soft windows for a gazebo?

Soft windows for a gazebo and an open terrace enjoy well-deserved with country house owners and cottages. Products are soft transparent PVC curtains, polyester or polyurethane, which reliably protect outdoor premises during weather.


Flexible windows are made of a dense polyethylene film with high quality, which is an excellent alternative glass. The material has good frost-resistant properties, which allows the use of windows in the cold season. Sometimes opaque, pre-impregnated with acrylic composition, fabric are used for soft glazing.

To increase the attractiveness of products, rolled curtains are equipped with edging of various colors.

Soft windows are installed on the moves of any forms and dimensions. Products are used to protect the veranda, open terraces and gazebo from wind and precipitation, as well as material for preservation of rooms for the winter period.

Polyvinyl chloride film from which transparent curtains are produced, has a high resistance to direct exposure to ultraviolet rays and conditions of extreme temperatures. It does not lose its elasticity throughout the term of operation determined by 7-10 years. It favorably distinguishes PVC film from other materials used to protect outdoor areas from atmospheric phenomena and insects. There are transparent windows about one and a half thousand rubles for 1 square. m material. The amount may vary depending on the manufacturer, the quality of the fastening elements, as well as the presence of edging or photo printing.

The material thickness is 500 and 700 microns, the width of the roll – 140 cm, edging – 5 cm. Windows having a width of more than 140 cm are produced by the method of thermal soldering of standard cloths, with a width of the formed seam equal to 3 cm. Kant is performed from Oxford-600 fabric, which is presented in a wide color scheme, perfectly clean and aesthetically looks. The soft glazing of door openings is equipped with a zipper lock, the thickness of which does not exceed 1 cm.

The opaque canvas that have lavsane fibers in their composition have greater durability and durability in comparison with transparent models. Combined options with transparent riding and opaque bottoms are very popular, most commonly used for door glazing.


The high customer demand for soft windows is due to the set of indisputable advantages of the material:

  • Fast and easy installation. Establish the design with your own hands will not be difficult even for people who do not have installation experience. Disassembly of the canvases will also not cause difficulties. It is convenient for a seasonal installation and in the case when during the winter period, the cottage remains unattended and there is a risk of committing theft from the plots.
  • Comfortable value. Soft windows are much cheaper than plastic structures, which is very beneficial with the glazing of country gazebo and veranda. This allows with minimal financial losses to close large numerous overwhelms.
  • Good light light. Excellent transparency of material in aggregate with the absence of window frames provides an excellent overview of the yard, a plot and garden.

PVC film passes up to 90% of sunlight, does not grind and not crack.

  • Environmental Safety. Material has all the necessary certificates of conformity, guaranteeing the full harmless of a person’s health films. Some models have high resistance to fire, which significantly improves the safe use of the room.
  • Hygienic and simplicity. The protective film is easily clean and is not inclined to the appearance of fungus and mold. Under the conditions of operation and maintenance of windows in cleanliness, it may be stopped to last 10-15 years.
  • Resistance to aggressive environmental conditions. Soft windows are not afraid of sunlight and atmospheric precipitation, and polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride models can be used in the temperature range from -40 to +80 degrees. This provides ample opportunities for their use in different climatic zones.

  • Good heat saving properties Material makes it possible to dampen the rooms with electrocamines and heaters without risk of heat losses. This makes it possible to use premises up to 8 months a year.
  • Safe operation. Such windows cannot be broken down, which eliminates the risk of injury in case of accidental damage to glazing. This allows the use of film windows for glazing open veranda and garden gazebo, intended for children’s game rooms. And a wide color scheme and a large range of print models allow you to decorate the room and place a window for any color of the facade and interior.
  • Materials are not inclined to accumulate static electricity, in view of what not electrified and does not attract hairs, pork and dust.


You can purchase and install soft windows using the services of companies, or independently. To do this, you need to buy special attachments and rolled material. Strengthen windows in the openings in three ways:

  • Turning brackets. This method is very simple and common. Often used when installing window structures in country gazebos.

The essence of the method is to install on the circular perimeter of special brackets equipped with rotary elements, which are inserted into the champs and turn, stretching and fixing the canvas.

  • Straps. The method is to wear champs for brackets and fixation of the canvas using straps that are inserted into the bracket.

  • Sliding design. This system does not provide good tightness, but it is attractive outwardly. The absence of straps and metal rotary mechanisms allow the window to look stylish and aesthetic. This method is often used in glazing outdoor cafes, restaurants and pavilions. The canvas is fixed in metal guides and slides in the desired direction using rollers.

Installation should be started with the top of the cloth to the carrier span. It is necessary to do this with a construction stapler. The distance between the fasteners should be 30 cm.

Then the brackets under the loop or swivel locks on the wall. Through each running meter, a belt braid is fixed, which will hold the cloth in the twisted state. Side fasteners should be at a distance of 40 cm from each other.

    With independent installation of soft windows, it should be borne in mind that with a sharp cooling size of the canvas varies, so when conducting a summer installation, it is not necessary to pull the film strongly, and vice versa, if the installation is performed in winter, the tension must be maximum.

    Tips for care

    For the content of soft windows clean, it is necessary to carry out regular washing films using synthetic detergents and sponges. With large bottles of glazing, it is recommended to use a hose with a scattering can. The edging tape should be washed using a soap solution and a rigid rigid. Wash windows you need as pollution and dumping and necessarily after the rain. Use a brush when washing a film is not recommended – it is better to use a soft cloth, a sponge or microfiber.

    Soft windows do not need to be dismantled at winter, but if for any reason, the film is removed, then it is pre-cloth needed thoroughly wash with a warm soap solution, after which it is thoroughly rinsed with clean water and wipe dry. Store products should be in the twisted state, not running and not migrant canvas.

    Store soft curtains Recommended in a dry heated room without sudden temperature drops, otherwise metal chammers in high humidity can begin to rust and leave rusty traces on film.


    Soft windows made of PVC films enjoy high demand among dacha owners, cottages, country houses and restaurants. They perfectly protect the premises from atmospheric precipitation, cold and wind.

    Consumers note that the installation of such windows does not require high costs and eliminates the need for complex installation with the involvement of specialists. Attention is drawn to good traffic and foulness to burn apart in print products. The advantages include a wide color range of products, which allows you to choose a model under the facade or landscape design. Open summer cafes celebrate ease of use of rolled windows that can be omitted in a matter of minutes at the beginning of the rain or wind enhancement and also quickly remove when establishing good weather.

      By cons of products include low tightness of sliding structures and risk of damage to crafts with sharp objects. This refers to the greater the products of their PVC and polyester, since polyurethane canvas due to high elasticity damage not easy. Also notes the presence of sailness of products during wind gusts, but it is likely to be the result of incorrect installation of windows and weak tension of the canvas.

      How to install soft windows with your own hands, look in the following video.

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