What are the advantages of a cedar bath?

How nice to get in the bath “in the old manner”, using the stove and firewood, and not in the “artificial” sauna. If you don’t have any bathhouse yet, but you are confident in your financial opportunities, you can hire masters and make it creating. The main thing is to choose the right wood to build.


Baths build from wood of different conifers. Each option has its advantages:

  • Cedar – the warmest log house that creates healing air around him.
  • Pine – the cheapest log.
  • Larch – the most durable, but the most expensive log.

However, the ideal decision will be the bath from cedar.

Although some include cedar to the discharge of elite wood, it is better to spend away once, but to know that you have invested money not in vain. A chopped bath from cedar when using the correct construction technology is able to serve its owners of a hundred years. You only need to take care of the additional protection of this valuable tree.


The advantages of using a cedar for the construction of high humidity facilities (for example, baths or saunas) are obvious:

  • Durability. Cedar Bath will serve not only to you, but also to your children and grandchildren, because of the construction of this coniferous tree, not one ten years retain their appearance and operational characteristics.
  • Due to the flexible structure of the wood cedar resistant to temperature drops, it does not crack and is not deformed.
  • The antiseptic properties of the cedar make it possible not to be afraid of insects, which eventually destroy the surface of the tree, because the smell of cedar scares them.
  • The presence of a resin provides excellent moisture resistance. Moisture and condensate do not penetrate inside, and therefore the appearance of mold and rot on the walls of the bath can not be afraid.

  • Low thermal conductivity (cedar this figure is lower than other coniferous trees). Inside the bath will be warm even in lung frost. And if you build a design of a log or a bar of 200 × 200 mm, then you can do without insulation.
  • Thanks to the spectacular natural texture and a shade of a cedar, you will not need an additional exterior trim of a bath, it is enough to just cross it. In addition, its eco-friendly design will harmoniously fit into any type of landscape.
  • The health benefits are due to the high concentration of phytoncides, which highlight the coniferous species of trees and the aroma of cedar oils, which will immerse you in the atmosphere of summer forest. Antibacterial properties of the cedar and the natural ionization of the surrounding air will help to make not only the process of washing, but even just finding this room with a real health session for the body. In addition, the smell of needles and cedar soothes the nervous system, contributes to the restoration of forces and is the prevention of many diseases.

Types of hand logging bath

From what type of cabbage baths from cedar you will choose, the duration and complexity of the design of the structure depends. The most popular Russian and Canadian technology building cuts from wood. Russian version of cutting is the most inexpensive, but quite reliable. Altai cedar for the bath is harvested in winter, and the log house is folded from a trenche. Canadian technology allows you to build a log house at any time of the year without special financial and temporary costs. Such a design will also be durable and reliable.

What you need to know about a shrink shrink

Wooden structure shroud shroud – this is a gradual process that occurs as a result of drying wood. The greater the humidity of the original wood, the lower over time the ceiling of the bath. If you do not use a ready-made mobile design (for example, a bath-barrel or a bath-tank), the builders advise on the first stage of construction to build a foundation and a log house, make a rough finish and cover the roof of the rubberoid. But insert windows and doors, as well as produce all finishing work with a coating bed better after a year, when the main shrinkage of the wall structures occurs.

Mobile baths

Currently, many construction firms offer very original compact baths. The manufacturer can build a building on your site and bring ready to build up, as it does not take up much space. There are several mobile varieties: tank, barrel, quad barrel, Viking and many others.

Banya-barrel from cedar does not need large financial investments, nor in a spacious land plot.

However, this does not mean that such a mini-bath will be in something “flawed”, the benefits of such a design set:

  • Option “Turnkey” will appear on your site immediately after buying without noise, inconvenience related to repair work and long expectation.
  • Before buying, you can see the bath with my own eyes, knowing exactly how it will look inside and outside.
  • You can easily change the place of mobile bath in the country area, and if you wish, you can even take it with you in a campaign or fishing.

  • The strength of the cedar structure will allow you to use the bath even in extreme climatic conditions.
  • Similar baths are characterized by high warm-up speed, which increases the convenience of the construction.
  • Low thermal conductivity of cedar and the unique design of the “barrels” create inside the “Thermos” effect. Heat for a long time remains indoors.
  • A large selection of shades of cedar (from “Pink Peach” to “Dark Chocolate”) allows you to choose any design building in accordance with personal taste.


Builders and owners of a bath from cedar note the many positive characteristics of such structures. Baths greatly warm up, as they have a dense structure. At the same time, the air in the steam room does not “burn”. And for those who have ever had problems with the lungs, the sauna from cedar becomes a real natural doctor. Many on their own experience felt the improvement of the state after regular procedures in such a fragrant room.

Many builders pay attention to the fact that cedar wood is very dense and heavy.

Therefore, when building it is important to make the most reliable foundation, In order not to redo the design over time. You can, for example, choose a tape type of foundation. Also, from “Tips” of professionals It is worth noting that the lower crown is worth making a larch.


It is no secret that many acquire the country area in order to build a bath there and enjoy a full-fledged rest before the working week. When choosing a material should not be doubted. Coniferous wood is preferable because of its pleasant odor and undoubted benefit. If you are financially stable, do not worry that the construction of the bath will require solid investments. The cedar variant justifies all costs.

It will allow you not only to enjoy the bathing process, but also will be able to significantly improve the state of your health, because such wood cleans the air, favorably affects the physical and mental state of those who are near.

Video review Baths from cedar Look in the video below.

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