Vertical MANGAL: differences and design features

Traditionally, when cooking kebabs, our compatriots use a classic horizontal manga model. Meanwhile, pickled meat is not less tasty and in the modernized barbecue model, where the skewers are vertically around the coal. The brass of an unusual form came up with Alexander Loginov – such a design is different called “Eco-Mangal”. The people’s craftsman was looking for a way to reduce the risk of impact of harmful substances on meat, because the fat dripping on the corner actually transformed into a flying mixture of carcinogens, which then absorbed meat. Consider a vertical brazier, finding out its structural differences from other analogues.


Vertical skewer has a number of indisputable advantages. It is in it that the characteristics of the ceramic tandan and standard metal mangaal are combined.

Advantages of this design a lot.

  • Ecology and safety (due to the vertical location of meat does not contact smoke, carcinogens do not stand out with such a fry).
  • More meat that can be prepared for one approach (in a small-sized mangal, it is 4 kg of products at the same time, and in large-sized – 7 kg).
  • The presence of several vertically arranged temperature zones (in such a mangal, you can make several types of kebabs in one approach – from fish, vegetables, meat, poultry, placing them with regard to the necessary temperature regime).
  • Compactness of the vertical design (at the same time, even in a small mangale, you can accommodate up to 20 skewers).
  • Ability to transport collapsible design in a small passenger car.

  • The minimum risk of burning the body or fires of nearby objects, since the coals are concluded in the metal grid.
  • Ease of maintenance of construction, as the ash through the mesh cells falls into a special excavator.
  • The presence of a pallet for fat at the bottom of the mangala, which ensures easy cleaning.
  • Original and aesthetically attractive appearance.
  • Quick preparation of products compared to the usual horizontal mangala design.
  • Functionality and thought (due to special jar, you can move meat closer to fire or further from it).
  • Reliability (vertical brand is made of steel not less than 2 mm thick with electroplating parts and heat-resistant paint on the surface).
  • Improved flavor quality meat, as it does not roast, but baked in its own juice.


All types of vertical mangala combines a single principle of work, when sides are fixed on the sides of the fire. Such a brazier visually has a well-shaped shape, where coal residues surrounded by steel casing. It is in this space that the kebab languishes to complete readiness. Partitions inside such a well protect meat from carcinogenic smoke. In addition, it is worth fastening an extra lattice over open fire, where you can decompose the grilled vegetables or put something to cook (for example, pilaf in the Casane).

Vertical MANGAL works as follows. In the fifth, they burn fire and put firewood. When the coals remain from them, you will feel like the walls of the case warmed, and the heat proceeds from them. Then it’s time to install skewers with meat and vegetables stronger. Shapecur is fixed in a special hole at the top of the wall and rests on the edge in the bottom. Pay attention to the fact that in the corners of the mangal temperature below, so there are placed products that are preparing faster (for example, vegetables). Vertically arranged skewers next to hot coal allow you to grab meat not only from the heat, but also with the opposite, on which the hot metal wall of the mantle is affected, as well as heated air from the inside.

It follows from time to time to turn the meat so that the ruddy crust is uniform.

Types and designs

There are 2 types of vertical mangals – stationary and portable. A more common and compact option – collapsible. It consists of side walls, lattice, closing fuel and a pallet for fat. Note that in such a design you will often turn the skewers so that meat and other products are evenly prepared from all sides.

If you plan to make an experimental brazier with your own hands – use an open-type design without an external case. Each man can try to build a functional skewer with their own hands or improve the design at its discretion. The minimum number of welded seams will make the manufacture of a manga from steel is a simple task even for inexperienced masters. The stationary version is a design, paved with a monolithic surface.

Inside the mangala there is a closing mesh for fuel, the air duct and holes for skewers are located below. The sidewalls of the stationary device are monolithic, so that hot air is delayed inside as long as possible. This contributes to a uniform and rapid preparation of products. In such large stationary mangals, you can put up to 30 skewers, which is much larger than in the classic horizontal design.

Vertical brand has an over-reliable design. The base is made of durable wrought elements, which gives the stability of the design. In the manufacture of the heating node, three-millimeter steel is used, the remaining parts have, as a rule, a thickness of 2 mm. Additional galvanic processing of mangal significantly increases its service life.

In fact, the design of the vertical manga is reminded by the principle of action of a samovar. Only instead of water exposure to high temperature here products are exposed. There are electrical analogs of such a barbecue, for example, electric array or aggregate for the preparation of shawarma. Only a spit for meat here are in the central part, and not at the edges, like a vertical mangaal.

Interestingly, many craftsmen are used as a closed housing for the manufacture of vertical mangal very unusual designs. For example, they make it from the drum of the washing machine, car disks or used gas cylinders used.

Mantle zone design

Regardless of the figurative or stationary design, you can make a comfortable barbecue area next to the country house. It is necessary in order to protect the brand from atmospheric precipitation if necessary. Since the vertical brand does not smoke and does not spread around the caustic smell, it is quite possible to establish in the ready-made gazebo. Here you can use the brazier not only for its intended purpose, but also as a full heat source in the cool time of the year. You can also build a covered terrace with a canopy where you can think through the barbecue area, lay the table and benches.

It all depends solely on your imagination and financial opportunities. For a good result, you need to clearly follow the detailed instructions for assembling such products.


If you care about health and proper nutrition, reduce the risk of consumption of harmful meat substances, using a safe innovative mangala version – vertical. Subject to the compliance with the manufacturing technology according to the verified drawings, the vertical brand will serve you with faith and true long years even with very frequent operation.

How to cook kebabs on the vertical coal mangal, see the following video.

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