Two-storey gazebo: projects and construction features

    Two-story gazebo for giving – a design that is not all choose, however, in some cases such a structure turns out to be the perfect option. Usually the appointment of the 2nd floor in such cases – a terrace that is very well suited for rest in privacy and tranquility. It is also worth noting that such a structure can be used at any time of the year: the closed floor is ideal in the cold, you can spend time in the summer.

    2-storey gazebo choose when you need to save space on the plot. This article discusses the benefits of various projects and the features of building such structures.


    There are a variety of projects of two-story arbors. There are structures that differ very unusual forms. With the construction of such structures it is impossible to cope independently, you have to contact the specialists.

    It is quite different is the case with structures that are characterized by simplicity forms (rectangular, square and so on). Such a gazebo can be built with your own hands, only you will need to understand the aza of construction business and take into account certain recommendations.

    To create a drawing, you will need to turn to professionals or draw it yourself. As a guide, you can use the design with one floor. It will only be necessary to increase it by adding the second floor.

    I should not forget about interior design: in the gazebo should be as comforted as possible, because you will spend a lot of time with family members and friends.

    The mangon can be installed in the gazebo. In some cases, a small extension is built for it. However, difficulties may arise with the smoke of the main premises, so many prefer to locate the brazier not inside the structure, and next to it. From the wood, the device for frying meat can be protected using sheets of professional flooring.


    For the construction of 2-storey gazebos you can use blocks, brick, wood, metal. Open terrace on the extra floor – an option that is the easiest. In this case, you do not have to take care of the installation of the roof, It will only be necessary to make the floor as resistant to fluid. The staircase of the 2-story gazebos – an element that is quite complicated in terms of creation, but you can easily facilitate this task, Installing the staircase outside, and not indoors. It turns out that you can enter the stairs directly from the street.

    The use of timber is the easiest and most economical option. This is not a brick for which you need to prepare a heavy foundation, and not metal, with which in principle it is rather difficult to work.

    To carry out construction work, you will need to prepare a variety of materials:

    • Foundation based. If in terms of geology, the situation on the territory is quite acceptable, you can stop the choice on the base. Different options are allowed: you can use monolithic poles, concrete blocks (pretty light), clay brick.
    • Binding and installation of vertical elements. Glued timber – very good option for mounting bearing racks. A relatively inexpensive planed beam can be chosen for inter-storey space, bottom strapping. For the top you can apply a 10×15 cm timber.
    • Beam overlap. For them, the bar is also suitable for a cross section of 10×15 cm.
    • Various parts of the roof. 5×15 cm boards are suitable (if you want to use conventional rafters). Also more fat accidental rafters can also be used (if you are going to construct a hip roof). Ondulin or metal tile will become the perfect option for the roof.
    • Fences. Fencing you need at least 2nd floor design. You can decorate the gazebo with the help of decorative gratings.

    How to build?


    Easy design with one floor you can build on a flat surface and not attach it to the base, but For a two-story arbor, you will need to build a foundation. When installing frame design, you should install vertical poles. The ideal option for such a structure will be the use of a point foundation. The cost of such work is relatively low, moreover, they will need to spend the minimum amount of time.

    The optimal cross section of the foundation supports – 0.4×0.4 m (or so). It is recommended to choose to create a base full blocks or bricks.

    Monolithic pillars

    Foundation supports can be monolithic. The design will differ in high strength, but this option is more expensive. You can fill the foundation directly in the soil (if the walls of the pits are strictly vertical, and it is characterized by proper geometry). Poles are displayed on the surface on 0.2 m, no more. However, for greater reliability, many prefer to use formwork.

    • Drop the pit depth of about 0.3m. Formwork box will need to be installed around the perimeter of the excavation. Then take polyethylene and stack them a hole and formwork. It will prevent the penetration of the soil moisture and will not give the leaving of the concrete fluid.
    • The reinforcement frame must be omitted in the post. Immediately make formworks for each support. Concrete will have to frozen until a certain extent. It is necessary to wait for frozen, and this is one of the cons of this method.
    • Usually, the formwork is removed a week after the fill. Continue installation can be approximately two weeks.

    From a strong wind 2-storey building may tip over, so you should seriously think about how it is better to fix the framework on the foundation.


    If the foundation is monolithic, then special nodes will be provided for fixing the columns. If you were deposited in the foundation of the rod, do a hole in the vertical timber and suck it on the support. After that, it will only be necessary to take care of the additional attachment.

    Additionally, fasten the frame with the help of brazers from a tree, ducts, brackets or steel corners. By installing vertical elements, you need to constantly check, are they exactly located.

    For designs with one floor, there is usually enough one post, but For two-storey buildings, it is recommended to install at the corners of 2-3 racks. So you make a gazebo as much as possible. The distance between the vertical elements depends on which sizes has a gazebo, as well as from the type of design.

    The height of the vertical pillars is different. You can install a vertical element over the entire height of the structure: it will be a solid column. This is a rather difficult option for the construction of construction works with your own hands. You can choose another way: how would build up the vertical elements of the 2nd floor on the rack 1st.

    Installing and securing the 1st floor posts, start mounting overlapping beams that must be between the floors. They hold them the transverse blockage. It will also be necessary to take care of additional attachment. Masters use a variety of methods that allow you to securely connect various elements. This is, for example, the use of hidden spikes that do not allow beams to move.

    To work with wood it was most convenient, you can use a manual milling. So you can not only do different grooves, but also additionally decorate the elements in plain form, creating a beautiful relief on their surfaces.

    Examples of design

    Very convenient option when the staircase leading to the second floor of the design is on the street.

    Log gazebo looks very beautiful, such a structure will be a unique highlight of your site.

    Some prefer space: such a gazebo will be suitable if you do not seek to save space in the territory.

    Extremely attractive for many owners of summer cottages option – 2-storey design with a furnace complex.

    Should not forget about the design. It looks like this building looks pretty simple, but a pleasant color gives him an individuality, makes it more interesting.

    Similar structures are suitable for people who seek to originality and do not think about saving space on the site.

    See below.

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