Treatment of greenhouses “Phytosporin”

Before the next seasonal works in the greenhouses it is desirable to conduct preventive measures. To avoid problematic moments with a future harvest, experienced daches in the spring necessarily disinfect the soil in the greenhouse. For this use “Phytosporin”.

There are those with alertness relate to these drugs, considering them toxic. but, It is “phytosporin” is made entirely on a natural basis, suits the cultures of all types and it can be used without harm to humans and risk for harvest.

In this article, we will tell you more about this universal medium to combat phytosaboles, pay attention to what recommendations must be adhered to when it is breeding, and also mention about safety measures when working with the drug.

Pros and cons

The greenhouse from polycarbonate is most often treated with “phytoosporin”, making it during the preparation for the new season of obtaining crop. This is a good prevention from various pests, as well as diseases: the drug produces soil disinfection, while improving its structure and enriching its composition with organic substances.

“Phytosporin” refer to active and rather aggressive biological drugs, in it high content bacteria Bacillus subtilis, which, falling into the ground, actively multiply and purify the soil from harmful microorganisms (destroy the larvae, disputes, microbes).

Do not worry about useful elements – they do not suffer from data bacteria. “Phytosporin” does not violate the structure of the soil.

Let us dwell on the pluses of the drug:

  • has a rostegulatory property;
  • Environmental, safe for man;
  • Easy to use;
  • highly efficient to combat pathogenic microorganisms;
  • helps to increase the yield on a quarter;
  • feeds the soil with useful organic substances;
  • can be used with other fungicides;
  • Acceptable value of the drug.

As deficiencies, the fact that a solution of powder is applied immediately after breeding. If it stands a little, will already be unsuitable for use. Well, that under the influence of direct sunlight bacteria dies.

“Phytosporin” and at the time of infection of the plant, that is, it is useless to “treat” them, but to treat as prevention from diseases and pests – the most.

Terms of treatment

As soon as warm days come with the arrival of spring, you can start disinfection. Terms depend on the weather and location of the greenhouses. In most regions, the disinfection of the soil can be started after the first melting of the snow, when the earth will move away a little from frosts.

Spring processing of greenhouses for the central part of Russia can begin in April, while in the south of the country – in the first numbers of March. In colder regions – during the May holidays immediately before landing.

How to dilute the drug?

“Phytosporin” is produced in powder, in the form of a liquid solution and paste. Bind the tool as follows.

  1. The pasty composition is dissolved in warm water on the basis of proportion 1 part of the paste and 2 parts of the liquid. The residues of the solution are stored at 15 degrees of heat in a dark place. Direct sunlight ingun is unacceptable.
  2. Dosage “Phytosporin” in powder on a bucket of warm water – 5 grams. The solution is treated with a carcass of the greenhouse and water soil under the landing. In this solution, bacteria die quickly, so it is used immediately, the composition is not subject to storage.
  3. Water suspension consumption (liquid form) “Phytosporin” – 50 drops on each liter of warm water. The cooked tool is also used immediately, it will not be suitable if you stand. They wash the walls and roof of greenhouses.

What form to choose – powder, paste or suspension – the dacket decides itself on the basis of what to be treated. And remember that only a solution of paste is stored, compositions of powder and liquid concentrate are used immediately after cooking.

Instructions for use

“Phitosporin” handle the greenhouse itself and the land in it. The greenhouse is disinfected twice a year: in spring and autumn. The drug is diluted only in warm water (preferably nehloricated), you can add pieces of economic soap to the solution (it is better to grasp them) or another detergent, including dishwashing composition. Experienced gardeners talk about the effectiveness in this bathing shampoo for pets.

  • To wash the greenhouses, go to the brush and thoroughly clean the whole greenhouse: except for the walls, walk on the roof, process the rails and the disinfection of the frames under the seedlings.
  • After such treatment, you do not need to wash everything with water, the greenhouse will be cleaned independently due to condensate.
  • After the disinfection of the greenhouse, the soil is processed. There will already be needed powder or pasta, divorced in warm water.

For what, after disinfection of the greenhouse frame, you need to use “phytoosporin” also for the soil? First of all, it is necessary to get rid of pathogens and pest larvae, which were overwhelmed in soil.

    In addition, “Phytosporin” is used against the appearance of fungal and other diseases to improve the structure of the Earth and as an additional organic feeding. Tillae Tool Tool Technology Next.

    1. Dilute “Phytosporin” in warm water according to the instructions (description above).
    2. If you take a concentrate, spread it at the rate of 1 tablespoon for 10 liters of water. One such portion is enough to pour 2 square meters of soil.
    3. Processed soil must be sprinkled with dry ground and cover, the film will come up or agriched.
    4. A week later “bedspread” removed, another day you can start landing.

    All manipulations should be carried out only at a temperature not higher than 35 degrees of heat, otherwise useful bacteria will die in the preparation, and there will be no benefit from such treatment. If it did not work out to carry out the soil processing before plant falling down, it can be done and after: to dissolve “phytoosporin” and make a solution, without fear that it damages.

    In this case, it will act as an organic fertilizer, and as a blocker for causative agents of Fusariosis, anthrax. Such preventive treatment will not allow to develop black rot, mildew, phytosporosis and other diseases.

    Precautionary measures

    Despite the fact that “phytoosporin” – the drug biological and contains only natural microorganisms, you need to adhere to simple rules when working with it.

    1. Strictly observe the instructions and the specified proportions during breeding.
    2. Divide the drug only in warm water, but not higher than 35 degrees.
    3. The solution from the concentrate is better to do 2 hours before use. This time needs useful microorganisms that are contained in the preparation for awakening.
    4. Do not use “phytoosporin” if the air temperature is less than 15 degrees of heat. In this case, the bacteria will not work, they simply will not come out of the hibernation.
    5. Water for breeding “Phytosporin” Do not take cold and chlorinated.
    6. Divide the tool only in clean dishes, which used to be used for the breeding of chemical preparations.

    Now as for the own security of a person: “Phytosporin” is not toxic and generally safe, but may cause itching, burning, redness, if the skin falls. Store the following rules in working with the drug:

    • Work in protective equipment: gloves, respirator or special mask;
    • Do not smoke during processing;
    • Do not take food in the processed room;
    • If “phytoosporin” hit the mucous membrane or skin, it is necessary to immediately wash these sections with warm water;
    • In case of drug intake, it will take urgent flushing of the stomach, and after it is necessary to drink activated coal;
    • “Phytosporin” is not bred in the dishes, intended for further use in nutritional purposes;
    • Upon completion of work, wash the warm water with a detergent.

    Store the drug (in undiluted form) at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees. Suspension can be stored in a room in a separate dark corner, the main thing is that the drug is not available to small children and pets. Next to this means it is not recommended to put drugs, foods, feed and so on.

    In compliance with all the rules for the use of the drug and security while working with it, Phytosporin will bring a huge benefit. Do not give pathogenic microorganisms and larvae to attack your seedlings, correctly apply “Phytosporin” with benefit for your work.

    About how to treat the greenhouse “Phytosporin”, see in the following video.

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