Thermometer for barbecue: what happens for what?

    For proper preparation of the barbecue you must always have a thermometer. In a certain sense, the barbecue is science, in European countries and the United States are constantly held competitions, various contests and festivals for the preparation of barbecue. People constantly visit them to show their skills in the preparation of grilled dishes. If you like to cook for yourself and your loved ones, that dishes are truly delicious, juicy and helpful, without a thermometer can not do.


    The importance of using the thermometer is that for each type of dishes it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature regime. In the absence of this device, dishes may not be at all as described in the recipes. It doesn’t matter whether you often prepare a barbecue or not, but it is important the quality of the dish prepared by you in compliance with all the conditions listed in the recipe – here it will not do without professional equipment for the grill.

    It is possible to determine by one touch of the palm, is it possible to start cooking on the grill or not. But the accuracy of determining the degree of roasters of one or another dish is a rather difficult task for both an amateur and experienced culinary master, the masters of his case. In this case, you have to trust intuition and hope for good luck, but best for the preparation of an ideal dish use a grill thermometer.

    Grill thermometers are divided into several types.

    1. Thermometers embedded in grill dashboard. If the grill is built in the device for measuring temperature from the moment of its purchase, this grill can be considered a sufficiently successful purchase, since using the built-in device you can always determine the temperature of the dishes prepared by you. In case of a thermometer breakdowns, the manufacturer always has a new device for your model.
    2. Implemented in the grilled instruments. If your engineering skills are sufficiently developed or the grill you purchased assumes the possibility of installing thermostators into the case or dashboard, then this option is suitable for you.
    3. Thermometers for external use. This type of thermometers is the most popular and easy to use. Most of them can be purchased in almost any store available for a wide range of consumers.

    Consider this type of thermometers Read more.

    Several varieties of external thermometers for barbecue. Consider in detail each of them.

    Bimetallic thermometer for steaks

    This thermometer externally resembles the form of watches: has a rounded case, degree rates and even “second” arrow. As a rule, in such thermometers, a rather fragile screen is installed, so when it is used, it is necessary to be more neat and not allowed. The principle of operation consists in expanding and compressing solids. The device has a plate on which there are two metal. When one of them is heated, an extension occurs, which, in turn, makes the instrument sensor move, resulting in a temperature change on the thermometer scale.


    • fairly low cost compared to other grill thermometers;
    • You can buy almost in any store.


    • The device has a property to quickly wear out, which means there is a possibility of a frequent purchase of this thermometer;
    • If the temperature permissible for heating the device is exceeded, the screen can give a crack or burst;
    • You must expect until the device is warm and showing the temperature of the grill dishes.

    Liquid thermometer

    We all know how ordinary thermometers look like, with which you can measure the body temperature. Inside the instrument data is mercury. When the thermometer heats up, mercury begins to rise and reaches a certain temperature indicator. In the liquid device everything acts in the same way, but instead of mercury, kerosene and alcohol with dyes are used.


    • Low price, as in a bimetallic option;
    • availability of purchase in most shops.


    • The imperfection of this device also lies in a rather fragile glass, which is at risk of breakage, which can lead to a spoiled desire to taste the cooked dish;
    • The thermometer is quite poorly responding to temperature changes – it is unlikely that someone wants to stand above the grill and wait until the indicators change.

    Digital grill thermometer

    One of the latest and modern gadgets for quality preparation of various dishes. It looks more like an electronic alarm. Can work from the network or with the help of batteries, which markedly simplifies its use in everyday life. The device has three thermoshoot – thin wires with tips from metal. They are placed in a dish that you cook, then the device instantly determines the temperature and gives the result.


    • The compactness of the device is its main advantage;
    • The thermometer is quite convenient for use not only in the home environment, but also in nature;
    • To insert the apparatus of the device, you do not need special efforts;
    • It is not necessary to constantly keep the device nearby – you can arrange it on the shelf;
    • When the dish completely prepared or reached a certain temperature, the device gives a beep, which is very convenient.


    • Thermosposes have a property to spoil for a fairly short time, which may result in their future breakage in the future, – it is necessary to carefully use the wires to spell your money and the forces to buy new probes for your device.

    Electronic thermometer instant temperature measurement temperature

    This device is very similar to the perico. A digital display is built into the device, which allows you to immediately find out the temperature of the ready-made dishes. This thermometer is small enough, so it will easily fit in pockets pants or bags. Manufacturers are constantly trying to add any additional features, but they are unlikely to use the device in operation – in it and so everything is quite completely.


    • The device immediately determines the readiness of the dish, which is prepared on the grill.


    • The price of this device is sufficiently high compared to the devices that were described above.

    Having considered all possible use of thermometers for the grill, each can make their own conclusions and acquire exactly the thermometer that is most suitable. It is important to approach the choice, since this will depend on the quality of the cooked dish and the mood of those who want to try it.

    The next video presents a comparative overview of some thermometer models for the barbecue, the most popular now.

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