The subtleties of the construction of a round manga

Each person who has a private house or cottage, loves to cook various dishes on the mangale. To date, there is a huge amount of varied options: stationary, portable, with roofs, steel or bricks, with built-in smokehouse, various shapes and designs – in the classic direction or in modern style. Right big bricks from brick or stone are very popular. Such products have a very beautiful and original appearance and perfectly fit into the overall design of the site.

Another plus of such mangalls is that they can be easily made independently with their own hands.

Choose a suitable place

Choosing a place on its site where the stone brand will be located, do not forget about security when used.

It is best to arrange a design in the backyard, without forgetting however, take into account the following important points:

  • The design must be located on an even plot of land;
  • For the construction of the mangala, about 2 square meters of free space will be required;
  • The brazier must be located no closer than 5 meters from any other buildings;
  • If there is such an opportunity, it is best to install a brazier in the visibility zone from the windows of the house;
  • Territory next to the brazier must be laid out paving slabs.

Tools and materials

To create a round manga you will need:

  • shovel – bayonet and soviet;
  • Construction mixer or concrete mixer;
  • measuring instruments;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Stone laying tools (bucket, spatula, kirk);
  • Stone or brick (it is best to use a refractory material, a red burned brick is perfectly suitable).

Stages of construction


All structures from stone or brick, including mangals, should be built on a solid basis.

Creating a foundation, you need to adhere to certain instructions.

  • Distributed Cotelers should not have too large. Depth should be about half a meter.
  • The bottom must be squeezed with sand and tamper, the thickness of the sandy layer should be about 10 cm. To compact the maximum well, you can water it with water.
  • Over sand pillows should be filled with a layer of large rubble or boob stone. The thickness of this layer should be about 30 cm.
  • Along the walls of the pit should be installed formwork from any boards or plywood, the height of the formwork – about 10 cm.
  • After that, it is necessary to prepare a concrete solution – mix sand and cement in proportions 3: 1, also add water and crushed stone.
  • The resulting solution can be poured into formwork. After it is frozen, the reinforcing mesh is stacked, on top of which the entire residue is poured.
  • Ready foundation is best covered with plastic film and leave to stick for a few weeks.

Ground part

In order to start eating a brick base, you should prepare a solution for masonry. It is necessary to mix the cement with sand in proportions 1: 4, after which it is mixed up to obtain a fully homogeneous structure.

  • To prevent moisture from entering, it is necessary to take care of the waterproofing – to lay a regteroid in several layers.
  • The very first row of the base must be solid.
  • If the size of the mangal does not exceed 1 meter, then the masonry can be carried out in Pollipich. If it is planned to build a large brand – the thickness of the masonry must be in a whole brick.


When the basement is created, it is necessary to put the table top – concrete slab, and after that you can make a focus.

  • Prepare a plastic solution for what you need to soak clay for a few days, then add sand to it and mix thoroughly to get a mixture, a consistency resembling thick dough.
  • Brick must be laid in such a way that the hot corners do not get to the concrete slab.
  • The front wall should be a thickness of approximately 30 cm and a height of 50 cm. To ensure air access to the brazier, you can envisage in the walls of several holes of a small size.


The final stage when creating a mangala will be the installation of chimney. This process can be proceeding after the solution used earlier for the focus, will completely freeze. Chimney should be created using the heat-resistant chamotte brick, since this design will be located in the zone of elevated temperatures.

When creating a chimney, it is necessary to take into account the following nuances:

  • It is necessary to establish a metal corner, having a cross-section of more than 5×5 cm, to compensate for the large weight of the chimney;
  • The receiving cap should have the shape of the hemisphere;
  • The height of the pipe should not exceed 3 meters – this will ensure natural traction.

You can safely conclude that it is built on the site a round brick bracket under the power of everyone who wants, and the work is quite realistic to fulfill completely independently. For construction, a few weeks will be required, however, the result of the work will delight you for many years, giving the opportunity to arrange wonderful family barbecue on the site. Buing such a brazier, you can prepare not only baked meat, fish and vegetables, but also a variety of coal dishes in Kazan under the lid.

How to make a brazier with your own hands, look in the following video.

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