The process of making a manga from the drum washing machine

Today, it is absolutely inexpensive to acquire various variations of mangals in almost any store: from disposable structures to forged products. But you can and not spend time and money, because on the balcony, in the garage or in the country you can always find suitable details for the assembly of the original manga.

What can be done?

One of the most suitable for alteration of options will be drum from the old washing machine. You can turn it into a brazier in just 2-3 hours on your own and without much effort. No special skills for this do not need to just get acquainted with the simple instruction.

To create a homemade mangala, you need to think about all the subtleties of the design of this product. The most basic is a brazier.

It should be simultaneously spacious for a large amount of coal and compact so that it does not need to equip a separate platform for its operation.

And, of course, she must be durable to do not have to do everything over the next season.

If you have an old washing machine, standing without a case, the drum from it perfectly meets all the above requirements. As a rule, the drums are made from high strength stainless steel, which perfectly copes with corrosion and high temperatures. The brazier, converted from the drum of the washing machine, can be installed in the open-air courtyard, not surviving for its safety during the weather. In addition, its operation does not require preprocessing, as due to the absence of rust, it is hygienic.

The design of the drum provides for the presence of a plurality of small holes in its walls.

They will allow air jets to circulate through the hull of the mangala, stimulating the depression of coal and reducing time for cooking vegetables or meat.

This allows you to significantly save on the material for extras.

The drum itself, in addition to its strength, is very light, What will allow you to take a mangal from him on nature or remove into the storage room until next time – it will not take a lot of space. And it will be possible to use many years.

Purchased structures of the Mangalov are usually made very treasured, the parts for the assembly of the brazier and the supports are made inactively, and often dangerous with their sharp edges. Before use, they must be processed with a file to make safer. The drum does not have sharp corners, therefore, the homemade brand will be 100% safe, and if you show a little a little, then beautiful.

What is needed for assembly?

The most amazing thing is that there are no special elements for the production of mangal. If the height of the future mangaal is not principled, except for the drum itself, you can no longer use anything. If you need to make it on the stand, then the metal tube will also need. The length and diameter should be selected depending on the magnitude of the drum and the required height of the manufactured product.

Optional to manufacture a mangala coaster to use the pipe. You can look around and show a mixture: old metal racks are quite suitable, flower stands or frame from the old chair. Main, understand: Is it possible to adjust the product found under the mangala stand.

From other consumables, you need to prepare a dozen bolts and two corners of 40 cm long. Length is indicated indicative, you can use any available trimming, configuring them in the assembly process.

Tools should be prepared in advance: drill, passatia, grinder, roulette, file, marker and metal saw. The last one can exclude if there is a good experience with the grinder. The main thing is to comply with safety, and do not cut off the washing machine deer from the drum.

Instructions for manufacture

After the end of all preparatory work, the manga assembly itself begins directly. First, with the help of a grinder in a flat wall of the drum housing, a rectangular hole is cut. It will be a hatch of the future mangala. With the help of a hacksaw, you can handle edges by making them more even. If the drum is initially too large, it can be previously divided by a grinder into two parts. Then one part should be inserted into the other and the place of connection to brew to avoid the risk of heat loss.

Then on the corners of the received rectangle drill holes under the bolts with a diameter of about 10 mm. Using the resulting holes, metal corners are attached along the edges of the hatch and fastened by bolts. This will allow evenly distributing skewers when frying kebabs.

This is the process of manufacturing a brazier in principle. Further manipulations on its decoration can be done at its discretion. The most common option: to attach three short tubes from above (about 10 cm long) to which the lattice is installed. So, the barbecue will perform the barbecue function.

After that you need to prepare a stand. If this uses the ready-made product for this (stand for flowers, rack, finished legs), it is enough to just check its stability, and install a brazier on top. If the pipe is used, it must be pre-fixed on the ground, and then fasten the drum housing. You can use a thin metal pipe, separating it into three parts by trentog. In this case, they are not necessarily welding with each other, you can tightly bolted with bolts and a corner, make them removable.

It is also recommended to attach one transverse tube to make the resulting tripod more stable.

MANGAL Case Installation will be similar to the use of the finished stand.

In some models, drums have factory holes for its fastening in the housing of the washing machine. They can be crowned under the diameter of the pipes used, and on the pipes themselves cut the thread. After that, it will be necessary to simply screw the pipes into the holes, having received the folding version of the mantal legs. It is worth paying particular attention to the fitting of the pipes under the holes so that when spinning they do not hang out, otherwise the brand will not be stable. This can be done, even if there is no experience in such work at all.

If it is possible and practicing the use of the welding machine, you can make a rotating stand.

This uses profile pipes and corners from which a tripod is going, which is attached to the drum axis. After assembling the brazier will rotate, independently inflating coals when rotating through the side openings.

Another mantal manufacturer: Make a rectangular hole in the lateral round wall of the drum. Then the brand will perform the grill function, but its operation will require a certain skill. Especially since such a brazier necessarily need doors to save the internal temperature of the camera. And also the hull of the drum can be cut across, bolted with bolts – it turns out a full-fledged portable brand for camping lovers.

Ready brand does not need to be painted, as it is initially protected from environmental impact.

You can paint the stand, if it is not made of stainless steel. As a decor, you can think over the variants of various beneficiaries: make a canopy for the mangala so that it can be used in rainy weather, make holders for inventory (forks, skewers, forceps), upgrade the stand under the grill or skewers on top of the case.

In addition to direct destinations, the MANGAL can be used as a fireplace in nature or dacha in the cool season.

Such a focus does not require constant uplinking of firewood, but functions due to the constant circulation of air inside. If you also give him an aesthetic appearance, then he will give some romanticism to rest in nature.

The homemade brazier from the drum of the old woman will serve a long service at the minimum cost of its manufacture and will help to roast the ram in the shortest possible time.

The original view will have to my shower close and familiar people, And the awareness of what he is made with his own hands will attach a special taste cooked kebabs. Skolna from the tank machine – the original idea that many.

About how to make a brand from the drum washing machine, look in the video below.

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