Rules for the installation and operation of the smoke generator for smoking

The smoke generator is a favorite thing of those who love smoked food, because he gives a large spectrum of tastes of the same smoked product. You can find quite a lot of different flavors of one, for example, meat, using different marinades and, most importantly – use different wood species.

What consists of?

The basis for the smoke generator is a cylinder or a box, the thickness of their walls may vary. There are two main requirements for the building: tightness and sufficient volume. As fuel, a pear, apple tree, alder. These breeds give a pretty good smoke for smoking. To obtain the highest amount of fuel, it should be sealing and light through the hole at the bottom of the housing itself. After a few minutes the device will be ready to work.

Air supply is carried out with a fan or compressor, which you need to connect correctly. Often you can see in the construct the usual pump for pumping an inflatable boat or a mattress, which also will fit well in this situation. Smoke penetrates faster with this flow into the camera with the product, since this flow literally pushes the smoke into the chamber.

Most often automatics. It is possible to make a homemade steam generator with your own hands. To do this, it is necessary to make drawings, buy all the necessary materials and follow the recommendations of specialists.

How does it work?

Work scheme is pretty simple. Smoke literally pushes into the smoke under the head of the air. The pressure is created by a pump or fan depending on the device connected. This stream of smoke and air is displaced from the generator directly to the closet. You can embed a thermometer in the closet that will allow you to follow the process.

About the types of smoked

To date, there are two types of smoked, the difference between which is very significant.

  • Hot smoking with a smoke generator. The key difference, of course, is the temperature at which the process takes place (from +45 to +100 degrees). In addition to temperature, the product smokes less time in comparison with another type (from 40 minutes to 2 hours, sometimes the procedure can delay up to day). The finished product has a pleasant golden shade. No less important difference is the product itself. With hot smoked, it turns out soft and juicy. After the meat or fish prepare, it is not subject to any procedures after, you can use immediately from smoking.

  • Cold smoking. It is carried out at a lower temperature (+30 degrees). The process can take a long time, in some cases – up to month. Most often the product goes from three to five days. Meat or fish should be prepared in advance, for example, salting. The key difference is that with this method, the meat will be dried more, because of which it does not deteriorate. Smoke perfectly complements products with their smell and gives some fraction of piquancy. At the outlet of meat or fish has a shade from light beige to brown. Food is not recommended to use immediately after smoking.

Speaking about the technical part of the process, an unequivocal advantage has hot smoking, as it takes several times less and effort to prepare raw materials, and the product can be used immediately after cooking. Despite this, an important disadvantage of such a method is a smaller shelf life in comparison with another type (no more than a week at a temperature of 0 to +5 degrees).

Of course, the advantages of hot smoked more than the cold, But there are still more pluses of the latter. Cold smoking retains all vitamins and trace elements, which is associated with low smoking temperature, and also provides twice as long as storage. A separate advantage can be considered the fact that over the course of two weeks the usefulness of the product does not dispute anywhere. Store is also recommended in the refrigerator at a temperature of 0 to +5 degrees.

It is impossible to allocate the best way to smoke, because each of them is in something better, but in something worse. It is impossible to cook with cold smoke meat also quickly, like cold, but it will not be possible to make the same useful fish as hot.


The generator has the following technical characteristics:

  • It works from a 220V network;
  • Do not make the sawdust compartment too large, it is necessary to calculate its size by 2 kilograms of fuel;
  • The power of the heating element is 1 kW. On a day, the generator usually uses up to 4 kW, heats up and automatically turns off;
  • The volume of the combustion chamber is approximately equal to one cubic meter.

How to collect yourself?

The preparation process can be divided into several stages: camera preparation, generator preparation, construction and its testing.

Camera preparation

In fact, on the Internet you can find quite a few camera options, so it is important to pay attention to key features.

  • The camera should be sealed so that the smoke remains inside, it is necessary for smoking the product.
  • There should be a place for the product in the chamber. The key will be its presence, and how it will be implemented, depends on imagination.
  • It should also contain a hole for the flow of smoke from the generator.
  • It is necessary to retreat from 6 to 10 centimeters from the lid and welcome the smoke tube.

Preparation of generator

The generator preparation includes the following actions:

  • For the housing it is necessary to take about 70 centimeters of a pipe with a diameter of 10 cm;
  • On a new metal sheet, you need to apply labels for cuts under the cover and the bottom, you should remember the allowances for the manufacture of side sides;
  • Above the board it is necessary to make several holes with a diameter of less than 10 mm, through which oxygen flows and the fuel is lit;
  • For the stability of the structure, it is strongly recommended to spend the legs with a height of 15 centimeters;
  • It is not recommended to do on the top lid hole for ventilation. You should fight the sides so that it sat reliably, and for the convenience of the operation of the instrument should be cut into a bracket;
  • It is necessary to attach the chimney due to welding. Before welding the fitting, you need to do on its outdoor end of the thread for a tee;
  • It remains to connect the fitting with a tee.

Installation design

You must perform the following steps to set the design of the smoke generator:

  • Install a wardrobe and generator is recommended for a non-splashable flat surface. It is necessary to check the injector, as well as or a suitable size;
  • Tightly score fuel furnace using sawdust only hardwood, no needles. It is necessary to prepare approximately 1 kilograms of sawdust, chips or chips. After the entire space is clogged, it is necessary to close the device tightly;
  • You need to connect the smoke cabinet to the chimney, and the pump – the pump;
  • set fire to fuel;
  • turn on the pump.


Initially, everything should be prepared for work. Conditionally this moment can be divided into several stages.

  • Fuel preparation. It lies in choosing sawdust or pinch. It is extremely recommended to use sawdust of pine tree wood, since with smoke, the product will acquire a bitter taste. It is worth paying attention to options such as Alder, pear, apple tree, which can be found on sale. From the choice of fuel may differ color and smell of products. Often, rosemary sprigs, almond shell and other herbs with a pleasant smell add a spicy fragrance. During smoking, you can use both wet and dry sins, the first give more smoke when the second is a classic option. The disadvantage of wet chips is a large number of Gary, which is compensated by installing a special lattice or a damp cloth. It is strictly not recommended to use painted material or material coated with varnishes or other chemicals.

  • Preparation of equipment. It is necessary to carefully clean the camera, chimney and the smoke generator from the traces of the previous use. Always need to keep equipment clean. After cleaning, itch your empty design to a temperature of +200 degrees, after which it is cool to the desired temperature. Now you can fall asleep products of burning. Experts recommend first to pour from 2 to 6 tablespoons, after which it is necessary to follow the exaggeration and add as needed.
  • Product Preparation. Usually, meat or fish are used for smoking, but you can also smoke fat, cheeses, sneakers, vegetables and fruits. Before starting smoking meat still need to sleep. If with hot smoked it is only a recommendation, then with a cold – mandatory item. Usually solid from a few hours to several days. Variations as much as recipes.


The preparation follows no less important part of the process, smoking. The main thing is to try to prevent the smoke to be oversaturated, do not use too much pinch, because excess smoke should be output through a special chimney. You should think about how products will be placed. Smoke should evenly envelop the whole game. It is necessary to decompose meat evenly on the grille or hang. Need to be installed under the product with a pallet for fat in which he will accumulate. In the future, you can occasionally open a cabinet for grease meat or fish marinade.

When using the steam generator, it is worth considering the following points:

  • When building a homemade smoke generator, it is recommended that it does not violate the fire safety fault;
  • It should be provided with an automatic shutdown of the device in the event of any problems;
  • All elements capable of self-ignition, and various wires need to be placed as far as possible from the points with high temperatures;
  • Priority should be made on a metal material with heat-resistant coating;
  • it is possible to install the design only on the surface-resistant surface, for example, on a metal plate, but in no case on a wooden floor.


The main wish is to cook with pleasure.

So that the process brings pleasure, you should adhere to several recommendations from specialists.

  • Maximum effectively integrate yourself from the occurrence of problems associated with the design. First of all, you need to think well about fire safety: the device must confidently stand on the fire-resistant surface. If the design has electrical elements, then their security is the highest possible.
  • It is recommended only high-quality fuel, which will allow to protect yourself and your loved ones.
  • Constantly need to follow the purity of all components.
  • During cooking, the product must be enveloped smoke evenly from all sides. If there is no confidence in the reliability of the system, you can always buy a ready-made version of a democratic price, because now a large number of diverse smoke generators are represented on the market: from country options to home, from large to small, from electrical to gas.
  • Use only fresh products for marinovka and not forget about the expiration date of finished products.

About how to make a smoke generator for smoke items, look in the video below.

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