Registration of the arbor in various styles

    In the summer, in the country or in the garden, the country estate so you want to spend as much time in the fresh air. This is facilitated by the refined area and organized recreation facilities.

    The best option for recreation outside is a comfortable, beautiful gazebo.


    Architectural construction “Arbor” has two functions – utilitarian and decorative. To utilitarian characteristics can be attributed primarily to protect against the rain and the scorching sun.

    But the gazebo is also a place where all the households and guests are going to eat a delicious kebab, and just sit, relax, admire the landscape design, take a break or read the book.

    In decorative purposes, the gazebo is performed in various styles, decorated with elements of decor (thread or curtains), are separated by a stone, select certain materials that are harmonized with each other.

    To correctly pick up the design, it is better to rely on the design of already existing buildings and landscape. Thus, the gazebo-timme will be strange to look next door to the residential house in the German style “Fakhverk”.

    Choosing a place for the gazebo, you should try Make so that from the inside the good view of the household territory. If the site is only at the beginning of the transformation path, you should draw up a diagram of the entire site, and it is displayed on it flower beds, mountaineering, artificial pond, fountain or other landscaped object next to the future gazebo.

    It is necessary to ensure the way to the object of a beautiful garden track. Firstly, thanks to this, the landscape will have a finished look, and secondly, during the rain it will be able to avoid dirt inside the construction. Glance floor can be a continuation of this track, and can be made of any other material.

    There are various types of arbors that are combined into one object with other architectural forms:

    • Gazon-kitchen. Very convenient to have a small kitchen on the street under a canopy. It can be equipped with a small cutting board, washing, mini refrigerator and even an electric stub. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the fresh air is now possible! And you do not need to stand at the slab in a stuffy house.

    • Barbecue with a shed. Increasingly, on country areas, you can find a street fireplace on which barbecue or pilaf prepare, smooth meat and fish. Combining a gazebo and such a focus, you can take ready-made food “With heat from the heat” in the company of friends and relatives. It is possible to dilute the fire and just in order to warm up cool in the evening, look into the flames and take a break from the working day.

    • Gazebo Lounge. Such an architectural object can be made independent, but you can beat the terrace at the house by placing the Relax and Leisure zone in it. It is important that the interior of the building is relaxing – soft sofas, armchairs, the effect of half-tree and a light breeze. A transparent white curtains are suitable as decor, a portable street fireplace, pots in pots, muted lighting in the dark.

    • Easy canopy. Thanks to this solution, the plot will not seem cluttered, especially if you choose the materials from the same group as the finish of other buildings and fences. Under the canopy, you can cover the table and take a nap in the hammock.

    • Winter gazebo. Arbor for the cold season of the year, as well as summer buildings, must have a good review. This is achieved by large panoramic windows. For heating, you can use the street fireplace. Popular conversations in the form of a circle are popular, in the center of which there is a barbecue area, and around the perimeter – shops for guests and owners. In summer, you can open the windows and enjoy the fresh air.

    Styles and characteristics

    The variety of styles allows you to make the courtyard and the garden unique, interesting and harmonious. Thanks to breedingers, even southern plants, so buildings, characteristic of hot countries, will be involved in the territory of the country manor, will acquire a decent background in the middle lane.

    It is best to find the right combination of climate, relief, flora and architecture and embody the exterior of your dreams. Summer gazebo can be performed in a number of styles.


    Such arbors are usually built on wood framework. It is important that the roof frame can be sewn with finishing materials. Supports and beams paint into a rich brown color, they make them the main advantage and a distinctive feature of such buildings.

    Natural coarse stone is welcome in the decoration. They can lay out vertical supports, one or more walls of the arbor, fireplace. Tree is also an integral part of the style. The interior is filled with massive furniture: a large table with a heavy countertop, rude chairs and chairs. Pastel colors, natural – nothing screaming and bright.

    East style

    The culture and life of the East for Europeans are always a bit fabulous, leisurely, incomprehensible, which is why it is so attractive. Registration of the European Garden in Chinese or Japanese style – no longer such a big rarity.

    Middle-style buildings are distinguished by the grace of lines and forms, as well as the presence of traditional wood thread, but the main feature is a four-tight or pyramidal roof with raised up the corners by type of pagoda. Such a building requires skill.

    The finished option is not cheap, so to maintain style on the site you can quickly and inexpensively build pergola to chinese manner.

    Another embodiment of the East on the site may be gazebo on the type of Asian tent. Again such The object follows a large number of textiles: curtains, pillows, carpets. In such space, it is suited for hookah, Turkish coffee and tea.

    To create a really hot landscape, you can inspire even more southerly motives. Equatorial Style dictates your material selection rules: it should be bamboo. You can not worry about the durability of such a design. Bamboo stems – very durable, they are not afraid of excessive moisture and temperature drops. The roof is traditionally constructed from a palm sheet, but in the conditions of our climate you can replace it with conventional hay.

    High tech

    Modern styles High-tech and minimalism dictate their rules of architecture, decoration and landscape design. Main feature – Strict geometric shapes. The roof is mainly flat, straight or single, however, there are projects of unusual forms – a ball, oval, polygon. Futuristic gazebos, of course, surprise guests, will become pride of the owners, but it is not easy to translate such an idea.

    In the decoration used steel, cold colors, a large amount of metal and glass is used. Even wooden structures seem artificial. Minimum amount of textiles – an important difference in high-tech style. To create a cozy, you can use portable street fireplaces. They are wood-haired, coal, electric.


    The style corresponds to objects with a large number of curved lines, convex and concave forms resembling stalks of plants. Pastel tones and natural materials in the design emphasize the connection of modernity with nature. The style is complicated in performance and quite massive, despite the smoothness of the lines, so it is not widely popular in modern architecture.


    For this style is characterized by large spaces. The gazebo should be high and spacious. Tight metal structures, concrete floor, roof made of professional flooring, decor full of steel attributes – in this whole loft.

    Loft style was born when abandoned production buildings began to prevent people. Direct The construction of arbors in such a style has not yet been widely popular, But if you set a goal, you can build an interesting object that meets all trends.


    Authentic Country emphasizes the traditional architecture of a single country and terrain. It is considered that this is a rustic style, but the classic English houses can be attributed to the Country style, alpine chalets, German graded buildings and so on.

    Our Russian Country is a rustic hut with a recognizable carving on a tree, therefore a gazebo – either by Terem, or a rough chopped building. Such an object can perfectly supplement a large brick outdoor furnace or plastered and whitewashed, made under ancient. Table and chairs – also wooden, can be decorated with carvings. The decor mainly consists of objects of peasant life. You can make a big samovar to the feast and enjoy the fresh air drink.


    A gazebo in this style is a sophisticated construction without unnecessary decor. Everything is very simple, concise. Thanks to the natural colors used in the design, the gazebo seems to be dissolved in the natural landscape. Very often it is this style prevailing for the design of winter options.


    Was invented in the south of France in order to create passes in gardens under the shadow of grape vines. Therefore, this type of arbor can be attributed to the style of Provence. Choose such a design can other curly plants – roses, glasses, wild grapes and others.

    Rustic style Rustic

    This is the embodiment of rural simplicity in the interior and exterior of suburban estates. Materials for creating rustic arbors should only be natural, deliberately rude and untreated. Natural Stone and Tree – Basic Finishing Options. The form of construction should also be simple, even elementary. The interior of the building can be equipped with a stone-laid stone – the fire will give comfort to the decoration.

    Beautiful examples

    • Unusual decisions for shape and decoration of the arbors can be taken from any sphere of life. Extravagant options can be made in the form of a kettle, ship, carriages, and so on.
    • Sheds-solariums thanks to the ease of conscript can also take various lines and outlines. On the one hand, the appearance of such a gazebo is suitable for the design of almost any site, on the other – it looks unusual, effectively.

    • If there is a large plot, especially if it boasts a variety of relief or sea scenery, it will be appropriate to build a gazebo – an observation platform. Gather guests to a picnic and enjoy the exceptional view – what could be better? The stylistic solution can be chosen by any.
    • Sometimes you do not need to invent an unusual design or stick to a certain style to build a truly original arbor. It is enough to create climbing plants conditions so that they can take on all the troubles on the decor. Flowering varieties fill the corner of the atmosphere of romance and indescribable aroma, deciduous binds will ensure maximum security from the sun and rain.

    How to make a gazebo with your own hands, look in the video below.

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