One-story cottage houses: projects, pros and cons

Country houses are inheritance of heat, comfort and calm. It is always nice to wake up in a quiet location in nature. One-storey buildings are ideal for people aged and families with young children. There are no steep stairs in them, which means that the risk of getting the injury is minimized. In this article, we will tell about the materials, pros and cons of such buildings and other important nuances.

Advantages and disadvantages

One-storey houses are of great popularity in European countries. In our country there is a stereotype that one-story country construction must have too much area so that you manage to place all the necessary rooms, but in the two-storey and more design with this task it is much easier to cope with this task. But it is surprising because the land in European countries is much more expensive, which means they should worry about the area of ​​the house much more than we.

Sometimes it is associated with the soil – too heavy buildings can not be erected in some regions, since the land is movable there.

Specialists argue that one-story country houses have many advantages.

  1. Logical and rational room accommodation.
  2. All rooms will be located in the same plane. This is especially valued by people aged.
  3. Such designs are easier to build and repair.
  4. Lower construction costs, since the construction of the second floor is considered high-altitude work, which significantly increases the price.
  5. Easy to warm the building.
  6. Easy to arrange water supply and heating systems.
  7. No need to purchase high-rise forests for finishing at home.
  8. No installation of a complex drainage system and roofs with swells.
  9. In single-storey houses, heat loss is significantly less compared to high-altitude buildings. This is due to the fact that only one overlap of the first floor is erected and the house will be significantly less doors and windows, which also reduces the construction price.
  10. In one-story buildings there is no need to install stairs.

As for their shortcomings, they are a bit, and mostly they are associated with the area that the house will take. But it directly depends on the project of the future building and the number of rooms.

How to save on construction?

The construction of the house is expensive pleasure, but choosing a one-story design, you will be able to save a little. A single-storey country house involves the presence of a rather long foundation and a large area of ​​the roof, but the cost will remain lower than those of some rooms with several floors.

Consider the factors that make one-story houses more affordable.

  1. Such suburban buildings have a smaller weight, and therefore you can build a lightweight foundation.
  2. The roof mounting process is easier and fast, despite the fact that the roof area is greater than that of two-storey houses.
  3. Thin walls are erected. This is due to the fact that for two-storey houses it is necessary to compact them because there is a large load.
  4. No need for the stairs, due to which the living area also saves.
  5. Significantly save the means of simplified heating and water supply systems.
  6. To increase the useful area, you can always attach the attic, or supplement the design of the ground floor.
  7. You can create an unusual house with a patio that surrongs the walls of the house. Another original solution will be the project of the house in the form of letters “G”, “P”, “C” or “T”.

Such buildings often complement the courtyard or small garden.

Materials manufacturing

For the construction of a suburban one-story house, you can use any materials. The most popular is the following:

  1. Bar and logboat;
  2. brick;
  3. Foam blocks and fuel blocks.

No less popular solution is the use of mixed building materials.

Consider the characteristics of popular materials Read more.

Foam blocks and gasoblocks

Such material is often chosen with a small budget. Blocks are characterized by economy, because they are much more than ordinary bricks from clay or silicate. And also for their laying, less binder mixture is consumed. Moreover, the process of their installation takes less time, which positively affects the cost of the house.

As for the properties of this material, it has excellent heat and sound insulation, which is achieved due to the porosity of blocks. They are resistant to fire and have a long service life. And also foam blocks and gas blocks have a low shrinkage percentage.

Houses from blocks give a wide selection of finishing options and design designs. Of these, you can build the design of any shape and size. They can be separated by any decorative material. Depending on your personal preferences, you can use plaster, paint, siding, natural stone or panel.


Brous houses build on single or double technology. The second are warmer and finely suitable for living in a cold period. The natural tree is heated long and slowly cools, which allows you to maintain an optimal microclimate indoor. Moreover, such buildings are durable and always look original and stylish. Ready houses from the bar can be collected in 2-3 days.

It is no less important that Buildings from a natural bar look spectacularly and do not require additional finishes both outside and inside. The only minus of brusade buildings – the long shrinkage process, in connection with which the need for a special device of all communications arises. Otherwise, after shrinkage, serious problems may occur during the operation of housing.


This is a reliable and durable material, at home from which there is not one decade. It is fastened with the help of a cement mortar, which ensures the warmth of the structure.

There are several brick species, which is important to consider when it is selected.

Frame houses

For suburban buildings of this type, it is not necessary to build a full-fledged foundation, a fairly lightweight option will be. Moreover, such a construction technology allows you to save a significant share of funds, since the consumption of building materials will be minimal. Natural wood, timber or edged board are used for frame buildings. Such houses are erected in a short time.

Examples of projects

Consider some successful options for planning single-storey country houses.

6 to 6 m

Small house has a cute and romantic appearance. Such buildings are made from various materials, but special charm have wooden. Laying small houses, as a rule, includes a small kitchen, living room and bedroom. The rest of the rooms are selected individually. Little house can be supplemented by an open veranda or attic. So you will be able to create a quiet and cozy place to relax the whole family.

6 to 8 m

Often, at home size 6 on 8 m is made of bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room. They can be supplemented by an attic that will create an additional useful area. Another option is an extension in the form of a garage, which is the ideal option for small sites. So you do not have to build a separate garage and you will save the country.

7 on 8 m

Such a house is suitable for living 4 people. You will be able to place rooms for all family members, which will make the life of everyone in the country house as comfortable as possible. For a family with two children, the construction plan with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and two children’s rooms will fit perfectly.

There are many options for placing rooms in a house of 7 for 8 m, consider one of them. A small hallway leads to the kitchen-living room, which is a breakfast and connects two spacious bedrooms and a small bathroom. An interesting layout has a kitchen-living room: in the center there were a large dining table, on the right side there is a work zone, and on the left – the recreation area is.

Such a house will be a real decoration of your site.

8 to 8 m

These are more spacious buildings of square shapes that are most often built of bricks or blocks. The number of rooms is selected depending on personal preferences, the project can be supplemented with a garage or an open veranda.

In such a house can accommodate up to 5 family members at the same time.

8 10 m

Such houses are well suited for those who like to arrange noisy parties and celebrate the holidays “on a wide leg”. Consider a beautiful example of a house of 8 to 10 m.

The entrance to the house is located on a small terrace, which can be glazed or left open. Next is a long corridor connecting the kitchen, a large room, bathroom and technical room. In the bedroom you can get from the big room, which is most often used as a living room.

10 10 m

Consider the project of the house for a large family. The entrance is located on the highway, which leads to a small tambour. On the right side of the house there are bedrooms, with left – small hall, bathroom, kitchen and living-dining room.

Beautiful facades

Square brick house, trimmed by plaster, looks cute and cozy. Sleeper-beige walls are well combined with a brown roof.

The house with a garage will be an excellent solution for a large family. Mansard will create an extra room.

A small cottage house made of red-brown bricks with a brown roof will become a real inhabitant of romance and comfort, and a small open terrace – a great place for evening holidays.

Country construction for the cottage of an unusual form will be an excellent addition to any area.

Unusually looks like a single-storey house in the form of the letter “P”. Construction in the Mediterranean style perfectly complement the large outdoor terrace and pool.

The project of one-story cottage house from the profiled bar. See next video.

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