MANGAL-SCOKLIN: varieties and features of manufacture

In our country, almost every owner of the cottage or household plot has in stock brand. In addition to physical labor on the village of Nature, I also want to rest, tasted with delicious fried meat. What else can be better? It may be! Along with the kebab, there is an opportunity to prepare excellent smoked delicacies.

Features of Mangalov

What is a mangon-smoking? In a word – this is a design that allows you to prepare a delicious kebab, a juicy steak and, besides everything, smoke fish. Due to the fact that smoke does not go easy, but heads to the smoking chamber, the operation of such a device is obtained more functional.

In view of the ordinary barbecue familiar to any person.

Option of combination with smokehouse or grill, allows you to give any product unique taste and fragrance.

Separate types of structures can provide in their functionality both cold and hot smoking. This nuance is recommended to take into account during the design of the smokehouse. In addition, braziers can be both portable and stationary.

Still smokehouses are subdivided by the type of fuel used:

  • solid combustible material – firewood, briquettes, charcoal;
  • Gas spani – most likely, this will already be a type of aerogril, not a brazier;
  • Electricity – a popular version of home mangals, but meat, cooked on such devices, for some reason, is called “artificial”.

Preference is most often given to metal structures. Make such a device much easier. In the operation of the MANGAL-SCOKLIN from metal is much more compact and cheaper. If the project assumes the presence of wheels, then with the movement of special hassle.

Types of designs

From the point of view of design, the metal mangalls are much easier at Metal Mangalov, than in capital brick samples. In addition, much place such a brand does not occupy. Even when the design is already ready, there is always the opportunity to add something or change.

The advantages of mangal-smoke metal from metal can be generalized as follows:

    • convenient operation;
    • Increased functionality;
    • The design is quite compact;
    • Ready factory options are available, as well as materials for their manufacture;
    • Easy and ease of assembly, a large number of appearance options.

    In fact, there are no deficiencies in such structures, with the exception of additional external processing, when everything is collected personally. Sometimes you can hear the replicas that the homemade mangals get a top view, but you can not talk about all models. It is also necessary to remember that the metal is quickly heated and the negligence can be obtained by negligence.

    Residents of private houses or daches who prefer to spend most of their time on their plot, eventually begin to think about the construction of a multidisciplinary design for cooking. Street furnaces performed according to the “three in one” version combining the brazier, smokehouse and barbecue in a stationary version can be a favorite site of the hosts and guests during parties.

    During the construction of such structures, it is possible to obtain invaluable experience in the construction of furnaces and the fireplace case.

    The knowledge gained in the future can be useful when equipped with a fireplace or furnace already inside the house.

    Built with your hands a brick project in a short time will be a kind of street cuisine on the household plot. Subsequently, if time and strength allow, it will be possible to jointly attach an Asian oven tandyard, a cutting table with washing, a place to store firewood and a small household stove. In order to further protect yourself from bad weather, and the stove from the destructive action of moisture is recommended to install its oven in a gazebo under the roof or under a canopy. Also should be taken into account the measures of fire safety and causing inconvenience to neighbors.

    Today there are many models of Mangalov-Koptylene Stationary Performance. But on the other hand, it will be worthwhile to show fantasy and draw up its own project that meets all requests.

    But individual factors should still be available:

    • optimal value and quality of material and works;
    • as long as possible;
    • the presence of several functions in the work;
    • competent project and location;
    • Protection against impact of atmospheric phenomena.

    Well, now a little about the advantages of a brick mangaal:

    • Brick brazier will last long, because this material is unlike the metal, it is not corrosion.
    • Brick laying perfectly retains heat, which saves on fuel and prepare well rooted dish.
    • Brick, of course, gets too for money, but it is cheaper and easier to purchase it. In addition, it is more convenient to work with it without special tools.

    Of the minuses you can highlight the impossibility of transfer to another place and large sizes.

    However, if there is no possibility to work with the metal, then the smokehouse from the brick will be one of the optimal options for arranging the household plot.

    Materials for manufacture

    Traditionally, nature lovers, preferring country rest prepare meat, and other products in the fresh air. Mangal can be bought in the store or make it yourself. In any case, the question will always be about choosing a material from which this device is made.

    Usually for the manufacture of mangals is used:

      • metal;
      • stone or brick;
      • concrete.

      For mobile struggles, a metal structure is most often used, whereas for stationary structures, the brick is most often applicable, although mixed options are allowed.

      MANGAL-SCOCILLY Metal can be pulled out of the cast iron alloy or weld from steel elements.

      There are often wrought samples that differ in rather beautiful decoration elements. Wrought mangal less exposed to high temperatures.

      However, there are some shortcomings in metal structures. If you do not consider expensive models in artistic design, the metal skewers made on their own much worse look on the overall background of the country area. In addition, metal parts are more often subject to corrosion, so in the manufacture it is recommended to use stainless steel (stainless steel) or handle all parts of the mantal fire-resistant coating.

      Mangaly smokers built from stone have a more presentable appearance and, of course, perfectly fit into the design of the country area. But it is necessary to consider that too frequent use of such a device significantly reduces the timing of its operation. Specialists are recommended at the initial stages of construction of a brick mangal. Apply special fastening solutions and metal inserts to impart structures. For masonry it is necessary to use refractory brick and in no case silicate.

      In addition, homemade craftsmen offer another interesting design.

      Since the household plots have different sizes, sometimes it is difficult to determine the size to fit into the general interior of the cottage. Therefore, along with the collapsible structures from the metal, the mangala-smokehouse from the gas cylinder appeared. This version of the Manga has simplicity and lowest costs.

      Each material used for the manufacture of mangals has its advantages:

        • Stone is distinguished by its durability;
        • Brick retains for a long time;
        • Metallic mangal smoke very quickly warms up.

        Therefore, when choosing a material is best guided by its own preferences.

        How to make a mangal smoking with your own hands?

        Principle when creating a design, competent drawings are always considered. On the unstashes of the worldwide network you can find many options. However, any drawing should be carefully checked for accuracy, otherwise then correct errors will be difficult.

        Distinctive features of various samples provide the ability to use brazier not only for frying, but also for smoking products. Multifunctional design has an advantage in saving space, time and means. However, all these factors should be taken into account at the design stage.

        In most cases, when building a roaster or smokehouse, preference is given to the metal.

        At the initial stage, the scheme must contain all sizes and tolerances so that in the future it does not arise confusion.

        Next, after the acquisition of materials, you need to determine the portable brass or collapsible. In the first case, the services of the welder will be required, in the second you can do the threaded compounds.

        In addition to standard samples of smoking, you can apply the option of structures from two metal barrels. Ideal for this two old gas cylinders. Such a version is more massive and rather will refer to the category of stationary structures, because to move such a brazier, you will need to help several people.

        The construction of a brick smokehouse begins with the fill of the base. After the foundation is gaining strength, you can start the brickwork, pre-pulled out in water. Soaking is required in order for the brick in the future does not absorb moisture from the solution. It is necessary to use the grades of a chimney brick, resistant to strong heating.

        Before starting the construction, a special laying scheme is necessarily developed – order.

        The inexperienced master is recommended to be guided by proven standard schemes that include all the features. If there is a thrust for experiments, it is better to try yourself at simpler versions.

        Be that as it may, the normal work of the smoke depends on the implementation of all necessary requirements regarding the independence on which material has been used.

        Operating tips

        So that the fierce has served as long as possible to follow some rules of operation:

        • After each cooking, cleaning the barbecue is required, otherwise it is possible to form corrosion up to holes. And this is further challenging dishes and buying a new manga.
        • Cleaning must be correct. It is not enough just to shake ash need to be sure to remove the residues of food, wash the design and rub dry.
        • Storage conditions must be respected. High humidity is not allowed.
        • Before use, brazier also needs to be cleaned.
        • Not recommended a sharp cooling of the design to avoid destruction.

        We will not be reminded of fire safety measures when using smoking.

        For example, there is an unacceptable design of the structure near the light aggregate items, the use of long-range fluttering. It is desirable for not a wooden floor, but land or tile. Installation should occur taking into account the constant direction of the wind.

        After the time of time, a skewed zone will definitely become the cozy corner at the household plot.

        About how to make a mangal-smoking hand, look in the video below.

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