Loft Garage

Loft style garage can be a beautiful and harmonious car storage location. But it is necessary to carefully think about design projects. Many types of finish can be performed with their own hands – the main thing is to know how to do it right.

Features style

The most important specificity of the garage in the style of Loft is its emphasized “industrial” appearance. In relation to the garages, this stylist also implies a clear allocation of a working part and a zone for comfortable leisure. The complex decor in such a style is not applied, it is possible to rely on an emphasized and severe entourage.

Nothing amazing – As you know, it is very difficult times that gave impetus to the development of the stylistry of the loft.

Despite all private branches, the most important emphasis of this style remained unchanged since the 1930s:

  • Maximum possible open space;
  • exclusion of partitions;
  • active use of ceiling beams;
  • preference of natural lighting and blinds;
  • the presence of open pipes, reinforced concrete assemblies;
  • active application of bricks and wood;
  • Using untreated surfaces.

    But at the same time, the leisure area is also. It can already be decorated with various decorative components. Among them can even be sculptures and paintings. Important features of the loft in the garage are:

    • the use of gray or ferrous metal;
    • the use of roughly trimmed white concrete (if necessary it is painted);
    • active application of red brick;
    • strict and clean lines;
    • the absence of every personality;
    • The use of large windows, sometimes even panoramic species, if the construction itself allows;
    • consumption of single-sided, bunk, flat or holmic roofs;
    • The predominance of dark tones.

    Design projects

    Finishing with your own garage in the Loft style is not too complicated. Primarily, We will have to get rid of old items littering space.

    The more spacious, the better it is the basic composition of the composition. As already mentioned, if possible, they refuse partitions. If they are used, it is emphasized simple and everyday.

    The basis for such partitions protrude metal, old boxes or drywall. Furniture for the recreation area should be strict, no patterns are allowed. However, the maximum convenience is important. Recreation area is often equipped with classic style sofas not containing sophisticated ornaments. The working plot is equipped with workbenches, racks with details and other necessary components.

    When thinking together, the compositions immediately allocate places where the original bright areas will be arranged. It is possible to provide a red or green sofa, a pattern of avant-garde style. It is quite authentic as part of the Loft style will be perceived by homemade lamps from cans or other technical elements emphasized.

    Such light sources put on the perimeter of the garage.

    When the project is preparing, it is necessary to comply with the balance between:

    • convenience of finished room;
    • saving money;
    • saving time.

    Insulation is done as needed. Most often, the warming of the gate is envisaged, since it is from there a cold leaks more actively. Typically, the project garage in the style of Loft implies insulation of mineral wool and foam. But it is also possible to choose foam and foam polystyrene foam polystyrene.

    The appearance of the insulation is determined by the features of the room and the personal budget.

    As for the separation of zones, it is most often practiced by division into 2 sections: in one store the car and care for him, rest in another rest and relax. Along with plasterboard structures and barriers from drawers, metal plates and grids can also be used. Registration of inner walls brick is rarely practiced. Much more often such material is used for one of the walls, and everyone else is covered with plaster to free up a bit of space.

    Registration of inner walls brick is rarely practiced. Much more often such material is used for one of the walls, and everyone else is covered with plaster to free up a bit of space.

    Stylish examples of interior

    • A very good version of the interior of Loft in the garage is the solution shown in the photo – with faded dark floors and leather furniture. Squat tables from dark wood are also perceived authentic.

    • Perhaps this solution is in the spirit of a comparatively well-kept warehouse. Walls made of dark bricks are perfectly combined with light floors. Light gray concrete columns add chic to the room.

    • But you can enter bright accents (for example, the chair of juicy tones). In this room, an inconspicuous floor of an indefinite color. Light beige and light gray walls are perfectly combined. Work workbench and table with identical aluminum surfaces of table tops look very profitable. Fully match the concepts also navy blue boxes under the table.

    How to make a garage in Loft style, look in the following video.

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