Lava grills: what it is and what they happen?

Many restaurants are dreaming of cooking vegetable, fish and meat dishes in the kitchen, which will smell with a smoke, as if they had just removed from the fire. Many residents of the private sector are cut about the same delights. And embody these desires can lava grills. But before purchasing them, you need to know what it is and what they happen.


    Lava Grill is an unit with which you can get fragrant and appetizing dishes, absolutely safe for health. The main feature of these devices is that food is prepared without using fat.

    The product consists of a lattice, a pallet where the stones of volcanic lava are stacked, and electric Tan or gas burners that provide uniform heating of stones. Lava breeds, besides what they distribute heat over the grill surface, also absorb fat, which dripping from above.

    Falling on hot stones, fat melts, smoke, at the expense of what and fumuring of products, and finished dishes are soaked with an appetizing aroma. No fat, butter is not required.


    Despite the imaginary simplicity, lava grills spread together. Depending on the power source, they are two species.

    • Electrical. Work from the power grid, and the role of heating devices is performed by Tan or quartz lamps. Controls the temperature in this case the thermostat. The maximum heating level of this type of unit is + 300c.
    • Gas. The grill is connected to the natural gas supply system or a liquefied heating source provided by Piezorozhig. Included there is a removable nozzle for liquefied gas.

    The hull of lava grills produce from high-strength stainless steel, which is not amenable to corrosion processes, reliable in work and easy to care. Of the steel grills are also made – uncomplicated, but durable.

    The cast iron lattices are much harder, but due to this, they are much longer retaining heat from hot stones. Lattices are removed, so they are easy for them to care.

    Lava grills, as a rule, have one or two working areas, but there are also combined models in which the ribbed frying surface is used, oily meat or seafood roasts on it. On the smooth surface prepare low-fat varieties of meat, fish and seafood.

    Control panel is easy to understand. It has a heating controller installed on it, has from 2 to 10 positions (the amount depends on the model), the lighting indicators and the heating indicator.

    By the presence of a pallet for collecting fat grills, lavamov are divided into those that have a pallet and on the model without pallet. The last option is bought more often, since such devices are so faster.

    Gas grills can have a function of protection against fire damage.

    In the event of an unforeseen situation, the gas supply to the burner will stop. Work with such aggregates is much safer, but they are much more expensive than the models without protection.

    Despite the variety of devices, the grill lava has undoubted dignity – dishes prepared and on gas, and electrogrile always turn out to be delicious, with a spicy aroma, which is obtained by dragging on the stones and taking under the action of high temperature juice from meat or fish.

    And in order for the finished dish even more by gourmet, cooks advise when cooking add spices not to the product itself, but directly on hot stones. Lavating smoke with hot rocks heaves meat or fish insanely appetizing aroma of herbs and spices. Additional amount of fat (vegetable and animal origin) or sprinkling semi-prepared ingredients with water during frying is not required. Thus, the dishes prepared on the Lavova Grill will retain all their vitamins and important minerals for the human body.


    As noted, during the preparation of dishes on a lava grill, ready-made products are not lost, but, on the contrary, they retain all trace elements, which it is impossible to achieve when the ingredients are frying in a pan, and the main part of the useful substances is irrevocably lost.

    Another advantage of this apparatus can be called that it is possible to prepare different food on it, but their aromas and tastes are never mixed.

    Moreover, cooking dishes do not need to saline, all the necessary seasonings and spices can be pouring directly on the stones.

    Thus, the food that has passed the process of burning grilled with coals of Lava, has such advantages:

    • It gets the taste and aroma is the same as you can catch from the parieties cooked on the fire;
    • The ingredients are roasted in their own marinade, while maintaining all useful elements;
    • The cooking process takes less time than on the traditional surface for frying (frying pan).

    Application area

    Most often, lava grills are used in restaurants, cafes, fast powders, bars. The use of such devices makes the menu of any catering establishment more refined, attracts a much larger number of guests. Alive fire not only helps for more than a few minutes to cook useful dishes, thanks to him, food becomes much more interesting, because to watch how food on the open flame is very nice. The process fascinates and increases appetite.

    Thanks to the grill, sackers are easily prepared and sausages are heated, pizza and strokes are fried. Lava Grill offers to enjoy juicy beef steaks, lamb or fish.Lava-type mini grill can be installed on the backyard of the country house.

    You can enjoy healthy food at any time of the year.

    Operating and cleaning tips

    Using the device is quite easy, as and clean it, but that a new device is uninterrupted for many years, it is necessary to comply with certain rules.

    1. The arrangement of the lava grill should be performed by a competent person, otherwise you can lose warranties for the aggregate.
    2. The room where the grill with lavva stones will be installed, there must be a spacious.
    3. Must be installed extractor.
    4. It is forbidden to pour water on the hot grill, there is a high probability of damage to the. Water can be replaced by marinade, but only in small quantities.
    5. The validity period of stones is limited, but it can be extended due to regular calcination.

    The process is as follows:

    • The grille and the burner turn on at full capacity;
    • It is necessary to wait until smoke from the stones fades;
    • The burner turns off and cools;
    • The grille is placed in place;
    • Wash stones and grille can only after their full cooling.

    Tips for choosing

    Choosing a lava grill, it is worth paying attention to important criteria that guarantee the maximum convenience in the work of the unit and its productivity.

    • Type of device. Before starting the equipment search, you need to decide which power source for it is assigned. Electric grills are more simple in installation and less dangerous, so more often choose devices with power from a conventional power out.
    • Choosing a working surface. If the device is installed in the restaurant / café / bar, the selection of the surface is more dependent on the institution menu. If you allow the means, you can install several units with a different surface. Thus, one can supplement the range of dishes provided with delicious delicacies. If the room is small, it is better to give preference to a combined device.
    • Manufacturer. Large networks of catering establishments are chosen, usually known manufacturers, fully trusting their products. Although in this case, some of the funds are spent “on the brand”, but the costs are quickly paying off by high-quality service. The domestic market of lava grills is represented in the main goods of European brands. Among them: Bertos, EWT INOX, FIMAR.

    Useful tips on the use of lava grill further.

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