How to sculpt broom from birch for a bath?

Love for the Russian bath is explained by the fact that it can be frowning and removing fatigue, stress. But what a bath can be without a broom, especially birch? Massage with it brings an invaluable benefit. And the combination of hot air, couple and flavors of the leaves, as they thought to be in ancient, can heal from any illness. The main thing is to know how to fervent it.

What is the preparation of a broom?

Hike in a pair – this is also a whole science. It is necessary to prepare thoroughly. Pick up the appropriate equipment and the main attribute for the bath – broom. Usually it is purchased in a dry form, and then wear. The purpose of such a procedure is to give branches and foliage, flexibility and fragrance.

Use of birch broom is particularly shown by the patient with bronchial asthma and avid smokers. The substances secreted by the leaves contribute to the expansion of the bronchi, as a result of which the sputum departs easier and the respiratory tract is cleaned.

And the procedure is recommended for employees of harmful industries and people with kidney disease and musculoskeletal system.

Due to its positive properties, the birch broom is an excellent tool for the prevention of a large amount of diseases. Essential oils, vitamins and tanning substances secreted by foliage and bark have the following positive qualities:

  • increase the tone and strengthen the immunity;
  • The skin after bath procedures becomes velvety and elastic;
  • remove toxins and slags from the body;
  • accelerate the healing of Absadin and the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Clean the lungs and facilitate the operation of the respiratory system;
  • Enhance metabolic processes and accelerate blood circulation;
  • help to fight cellulite;
  • Especially getting rid of pains in the joints and muscles;
  • strengthen the bulbs of hair and destroy dandruff.

    And most importantly – massage with a broom is relaxing, soothes and raises the mood. But, despite the enormous benefit for the body, there are contraindications to its use. This is:

    • heart diseases;
    • pregnancy and lactation period;
    • epilepsy;
    • respiratory diseases;
    • diabetes;
    • lesion of skin;
    • circulatory disorder;
    • Rehabilitation period after infarction and strokes.

    People with these restrictions need to be avoided not only the use of the main bath accessory, but also the hike in the pair.

    Wallowing methods

    There are several methods for preparing a broom of birch.

    • Contrast. Its essence is that at first it needs to be mashed in cold water, then in warm (40-45 s?). After 5 minutes, boiling water is added to the pelvis, and the container is closed with a lid. Thus, the broom is withstanding 10 minutes, after which it is ready to use.This temperature difference causes birch branches to look almost fresh and fragrant. Before use, experienced buyers are recommended to hold a broom over Kamenka. So he will behave steam.

    • Challenging. This process is much longer than the previous one. It takes 10-15 hours. Broom should soak in cold water and leave it there for all night. During this time, leaves and branches will absorb moisture and become fresh and fragrant. Then the bath accessory should be shake and wrap in cotton fabric, put on the bottom shelf in the steam room for another half an hour.

    • Sparing. The way is to withstand birch spots in cotton wet fabric per day in the bath. Wood and foliage will take so much moisture as they need. Before the direct application of a broom must be scolded with steep boiling water, shake and dry over a stone oven for a few seconds. Water will thus turn into steam, and the smell of fresh leaves will fill the pair.

    • Express method. Differently it is also called shock. This is the easiest and most common way. Due to speed and ease, it is used much more often than others. Need to brew boiling water, pour into the pelvis, put a broom there and close the lid or other pelvis. After the temperature of the water becomes a tolerant for the skin, the broom can be removed, shake and dry over the heater.

    • Ultrafast. The essence of the method is that birch branches must be prepared in water, and then withstand on Kamenka. Enough 30-40 seconds. Water during this time turns into hard couples, which softens twists and foliage.

      Any breeding method has its advantages. The main goal is to return the flexibility to the branches, and the birch leaves freshness and fragrance.


      Despite the large number of ways, There are certain standards for this procedure.

      • Before brewing a broom should rinse with cold water to remove dust.
      • In order for the rods to become elastic, and the leaves are fresh, blaming for the first time should be held necessarily in cool water.
      • After soaking, the bunch of branches turn over and put cuttings down. So the water penetrates into the wood itself, and it is well soaked with liquid.

        But correctly fervent birch broom – this is not the only condition. It needs to be even competent.

        Breaks are going away from the transport highways in the first half of June (preferably until June 20). It is necessary that the foliages are already blocked, and the earrings have not yet appeared. Cut branches need in a sunny dry day until noon. The ideal collection time is considered morning after dew.

        The collected ohares of branches on the horizontal surface in a well-ventilated room are unfolded. In order for them to succumb to qualitatively, they need to turn every day. So they should go to the shade about a week.

        Then the formation of a birch broom. Bars are going to a bouquet in such a way that the branches remain thoroughly. In the center, at will, you can invest several stems of wormwood, eucalyptus or currants. Next, the ohaper is tightened and binds to a rope or twine, and the place under the hand is cleared from the bitch.

        To the ligaments adopted a fan-shaped form symmetrical on both sides, they are folded on top of each other. All this goes around one and a half weeks. Ready brooms should consist of thin rods with a length of about 5 cm. The optimal base thickness is 5-6 cm. Leaves after drying should remain straightened and green, without stains and plates.

        Incorrect billet of the main bath accessory threatens his short service life. The leaves can fly, and the rods to break at the first contact with boiling water.

        Tips and recommendations

        In fact, in addition to strictly compliance with technology, There are many nuances that take into account the experienced steampers:

        • With the first application, the bath attribute is better to use only in gentle mode;
        • In order to make a broom in a steam room, it is desirable first to hold in the pre-tribades so that it is heated;
        • Cannot be watched freshly cut or recently harvested bars, The leaves in this case are welded, will become sticky and heavy, the pair will fill the non-light fragrance of foliage, but an unpleasant smell of hay;
        • Fresh broom is enough just slip in warm water;
        • Water remaining after soaking birch branches contains phytoncides and useful substances. Therefore, this fluid is recommended to rinse the hair. It tones the skin, strengthens the roots, gives the hair shine and fragrance.

          Properly prepared broom should not fall after the first use. Ideally, it should be enough for 3-4 times. To do this, even after bath procedures, he needs a certain care. Namely: it must be solid in warm water, shook the extra liquid and hang in a warm dry room, pre-placing twigs.

          Usually a bath accessory is dried in the same steam room with an open door. After drying it, it should be wrapped in fabric (cotton or linen) or paper. In the extreme case, you can use the cellophane package.

          How to properly brew a birch broom for a bath, look in the video.

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