How to make woodcut do it yourself?

Woodnitsa is a design designed to store neatly folded firewood, without which it is notated outside the city. It allows you to store fuel so as not to occupy a lot of space and give it to dry. It is more convenient to create it yourself to guess as much as possible with the size and shape, as well as get a product that meets the individual needs of the owners.

Features of homemade woodcuts

The homemade lion for firewood is formed in harmony with several mandatory conditions. Firewood must be protected from rain and snow, but at the same time be able to ventilating. In addition, it is important that the selected place was in the shade, away from open fire. Materials can not be stored directly on Earth, the floor should be made either of the brick or from the board.

However, very bad if the floor is shrinking directly from the ground, so it is important to withstand the gap.

The following condition is an attractive appearance of the design, which should be combined with the rest of the buildings on the plot and the common landscape design. It is important that the structure is convenient for use: the owner had the opportunity to approach him from the necessary part and easily get the required amount of firewood. At the same time, the fuel material must stick tightly and not fall apart.

Suitable location

It is important to say that some people in the country do not make a special lunite, but store the firewood just in the open sky, covering the material protecting water. But also with this purpose you can exploit and the usual already existing on the bar. Special outdoor design, placed near the house, will be much more convenient. By the way, if most often the firewood is used for cooking in the fresh air, then the woodcutter is logical to place near the furnace or barbecue. The optimal location is the wall of the metal garage or a special platform near the house. The main thing is that the firewood has the opportunity to support from three sides.

There are beautiful designs made of metal or wood that are installed indoors at home. For example, it can be a vertical woodwood for a room with a fireplace. In this case, decorative function is added to the wood storage feature. Portable mini-woodcutter often manufactured by personnel.

Usually there is a stock of firewood for extracts of the furnace, to replenish which has to come to the street.

What material to choose?

From the correct selection of the material in many respects will depend on how long the woodnress will be successfully served. For the street, metal is often used, allowing you to make a visually attractive design, which will serve for a long time and not spoil from atmospheric precipitation and other weather manifestations. For example, it may be a field of aluminum profiles, the independent manufacture of which takes from force for a couple of hours. It, by the way, is very convenient to use for carrying, because low weight greatly simplifies this procedure.

Reliable and resistant products are obtained from iron or steel parts, for example, rods or pipes.

The most popular are the lungs created from wood. If the aesthetic appeal of the issue is not too important, you can use the existing materials that remain from previous construction work, and do not acquire new. Alternatively, wooden design can be made of pallets, pallet, beams, bars or boards. The only important condition is to pre-treat the material to the means protecting the moisture, as well as the effects of insects. Wooden woodnote is going fast, it is exploited quite long, it weighs little and is budget.

The coverage of the linen, located on the street, be sure, and for this purpose they will fit slate, sheets of metal, polycarbonate or even polyethylene. By the way, the design can even weave from the vine if the latter grows in a large amount in the site. Separately, it is worth mentioning a field built into the fireplace or oven, that is, representing a niche next to the furnace, made, as you can guess, from brick.

Decorative linels, characterized by a small size and located in residential premises, can be forged, represent a normal bag of thick cord or rope, a sustainable material basket or even a conventional wooden box with wheels.

How to make it yourself?

On the Internet in large numbers there are projects and drawings of a variety of flights. They may vary with forms and views, possess a frame or a canopy, look like a common barn with lattice walls, or present a real work of art. For a large number of firewood used, a barn is more suitable, which can be ordinary or lattice. In the latter case, it will be possible to provide better ventilation, and therefore firewood will remain dry. In any case, first it will be necessary to prepare the basis – for soft soil digging the pita, the depth of which will vary from 20 to 25 centimeters.

In the resulting pit is laid by layers of gravel and sand. Following, you can build a support from six blocks: the pair should be in the middle, and the rest – in the corners. The parameters of the standard block are 200 per 200 and 600 millimeters. At the next stage there is a double layer of rubberoid.

To assemble the frame, you will need to use bars with parameters 100 per 100 millimeters, previously treated with special machine oil.

The formation of the lower strapping will contribute to the use of screws, nails or self-tapping screws, due to which blocks and bars will be connected. The strapping is strengthened by special corners, after which it is possible to start the installation of the racks – respectively, in the corners and in the middle part. In addition, you can add a couple of racks ahead and one rack behind. They will be responsible for the input zone and, accordingly, additional support. It is important to make the front racks slightly authentic, and the rear racks are shorter for providing the rainwater flow system.

On the side of the boards are nailed, after which rafters and roof frame are molded. Ruberoid and professional list. It is necessary to withstand the distance of the roof protrusion, equal to 35 centimeters. Paul can be put so that the slots from 2 to 3 centimeters remain. The most convenientness will collect it from 100 millimeters size boards. Walls, by the way, are installed with a gap of 100 millimeters.

Cover the barn are needed by a special solution that will be protected from beetles.

Little pioneer is most often located next to the homemade fireplace and is performed either from a tree or made of metal. In the first case, it is recommended to take the old barrel as a basis and disassembled separate planks. Since each part is usually attached to the bolts to a metal hoop, it will have to be pre-cut. The bed is easy to make a chipboard or an ordinary wide board, and the legs are from wooden stations. The resulting woodcut is important to cover varnish for better appearance, as well as long-term use.

Steel linen is also often manufactured independently. It is assembled from a steel 2 mm sheet and steel rods, the cross section of which is 8 millimeters. The leaf is bent or cut with a semicircle, which will help the Bulgarian or a gas cylinder. Following the resulting capacity, legs and handles are attributed. For beauty, woodcuts should be scratched paint black or silver shade.

The presence of a large number of vines and the ability to process it allows at home to make a wicker design.

The first thing from the REKEK is going to a rectangle forming a frame. Then several holes are made on the opposite elongated sides. In the middle holes, the wire from copper is inserted, transforming in the handle, and in the rest – vine. Covering all twigs, you can fix the finished woodcut, applying a veil or varnish.

If there is no time for creating a full-fledged design, you can make a woodcut with an emphasis from the stakes. The first thing is treated with a surface – coated with pebbles or covered with a special waterproofing material. The material should be taken rectangular so that the lunite has four pronounced corners formed. High supports are laughed in these points, for which ordinary logs are taken to create. Their thickness will depend on the amount of firewood that will be stored.

Inside the frame of fuel should be placed “by cells” for greater stability. Additional use of stakes will provide the best emphasis. From above, the flight will need to be covered with a moisture material. To form a round flight, start also with the formation of the surface. On a dry plot, which is sufficiently ventilated, a round platform is formed from pebbles or pieces of wood bark.

Based on the Cross, assembled from two identical pegs. Its presence will allow to observe the flatness of the structure of the structure. Then the first row is laid out, it is the outline of the firewood of firewood. The center part should remain empty to appear in a kind of tube responsible for ventilation. Following “Building”, and through the third or fourth row should appear a wood layer in a perpendicular direction to form a slope to the central part.

On the top there should be the so-flat firewood that will form a roof. This layer necessarily covers the crust of trees to prevent moisture impact. Such a woodnress will allow fuel material to quickly dry. In addition, it looks very unusual, it allows you to store a large number of firewood in one place, and it is extremely convenient to use it.

About how to make a woodcut with your own hands, look in the following video.

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