How to make a bath chan do it yourself?

Many owners of country sites in the construction of houses provide in their layout. The presence of a good wage equipped with a bath chhan. But if a similar idea appeared after the development and nothing in the project cannot be changed, you can install the font on the street, where firewood will be used to heal water. Such swimming in the fresh air will allow not only to overcome depression, to increase the mood, but also to strengthen the body.


Make a bath Chan with his own hands will be able to everyone who wishes, although it is not simple, as it may seem at first glance. First of all, it is all good to calculate to avoid semi-pedars. It is also important to choose the appropriate place to install the font and decide on the form and sizes of its design. A huge role is played by the choice of material for the Chan case, which must be coated with a protective layer. At the preparatory stage, the water drain scheme, water supply and internal arrangement of footrests and seats.

Tools and materials

Before proceeding with the manufacture of a bathhouse at home, you need to worry about the presence of appropriate equipment, in particular, it concerns the electric welding. In addition, you will need “Bulgarian” with a cutting circle for metal and an electrolybiz, which can be cut curved parts. As for the choice of material under the case, then make it difficult. So, The cast iron chan is heated several times longer than steel, but has a convenient rounded shape without corners and a smooth surface.

The disadvantages of cast iron include the fact that it quickly rusts and over time it rotates, therefore Chan from this material should be installed only on the podium laid out of the brick or boot (it will significantly complicate its service).

To the bath chan reliably served a long term, Experts recommend choosing a stainless steel in the form of sheet steel for its housing. This material has durability and resistance to temperature differences. The only thing that is only a professional welder will be able to assemble the Chana from a stainless steel. If there is no experience in such work, it is better to choose ordinary steel that even a novice master can cook.

Drawings and sizes

After the manufacturing material and the installation site of the bath Channa, everything decided, the following item in the preparatory stage of construction work is considered to create drawings for which the Chan will be made. First you need to sketches and pick up a more suitable form for the future design. Metal sheets make most often huge containers in the form of six or eights, that is, the font is obtained by non-circular.

Thanks to this form, the diagram of the pattern of metal blanks and the process of welding them is simplified.

As for the size, it is desirable to choose more, because miniature designs will be inconvenient in use. Experts recommend choosing standard dimensions in which the diameter is from 220 to 260 cm, the depth is from 60 to 80 cm. In addition, when choosing sizes, the capacity of the font should be taken into account (how many people can swim in it).

The final stage of preparatory work is considered to create drawings that must bear full information about the size and form of the future Chan. According to the drawings, the material consumption is calculated and its purchase is performed.

Manufacturing process

Make a bath chan on firewood with his own hands will be able to everyone, the only thing that this process is complex, and for its implementation will be needed to be stocking not only the necessary tools, material, but also by patience. Before cooking from a sheet material with a bathing capacity, you need to build a model of its housing from the fiberboard or sheets of cardboard using previously prepared schemes and drawings. The model is reduced in size several times.

Initially, the bottom of the chamber is cut in the form of a polyhedron, then square side walls. Next, the desired inclination angle is selected separately for each wall and the model is collected – If the layout is done correctly, you will get a single design without gaps and you can start performing the following steps.

  • Cutting and assembly. All sizes and diagrams with drawings are transferred to metal sheets, it is important not to forget to leave a small battery on the cut line. The cutting is best done with the help of the “Bulgarian”, the small curvilinear elements can be quickly cut by an electrolybic. This is a very responsible work that requires accuracy and does not allow any deviations from marking. So that in the future, when assembling the design, problems did not arise, it is recommended after cutting carefully check the sizes at all points and must be compared with distances on a cardboard layout.

Before welding work, you should collect a special steel rolled steel stand. The first is welded six or octagon, its inner perimeter must necessarily coincide in dimensions and form with contour edges. After the polygon is welded, it is placed on a flat solid surface and pairs of side walls are installed in pairs. Each pair of opposite walls grabs welding to the prepared bottom. As a result, it turns out a bathing container, turned upside down, after which it is being reached. The work of the joint ventilation and the installation of the support frame are completed.

  • Sustainability. Before shelter Chan board, follows the collected design to check for durability to heating and tightness. Pour water into the container using the laid water pipe from the bath through the hose. In order to then bring water from the chane, you need to pre-boil the knee from the metal pipe in the bottom. The font need to be installed on the site so that its protruding parts do not interfere and were not traumatic.

The test of the bathhouse is carried out as follows: the metal ballast and a wooden grid, whose weight should not exceed 180 kg. Then the container is filled with completely water and leave in such a state to stand for several hours. If during this time, Chang did not give leaks and cracks, then you can breed a fire. Sometimes such chains are installed with a small stove, which simplifies their maintenance.

With a strong heating, the welded design can first crack on the seams, but this is not considered a defect, the main thing is that the seams do not appear on the case.

  • Processing and decoration. After Chan has passed the test for strength and tightness, you can safely begin to reflect it. If stainless steel was chosen for the manufacture of the case, then it is enough to walk on it with polishing. Chan made of conventional steel is subject to blame or phosphating. You can simply apply a protective film – for this, the metal is covered with a mixture consisting of vegetable and machine oil, after which it burns. As for the inner part of the tank, it is desirable to cover silicone film or polish – this processing will protect the metal from the appearance of rust.

Ends all installation inside the seats and sealing upper edges. It will not hurt to position near the design of the protective railings. They can be made of wood, giving preference for lipe or oak. Seats are polished, and the material from which they are made are necessarily impregnated with moisture-resistant varnish.

  • Installation. Before mounting the Chan on the site, it is necessary to thoroughly align the territory and sprinkle its smooth layer of gravel. It is best to place a font under a canopy, which would be protected from water flowing from the roof, and wind. Since the manufactured chan has a lot of weight and sizes, it can be unstable. So it is recommended to additionally install on a metal cruciform design.


Despite the fact that the manufacture of a bath can be considered a difficult thing, every wisp can cope with him. For this it is important to have some experience with the metal and be patient. Beginner masters in the manufacture of such a font, the following recommendations of specialists should also be taken into account.

  • At the preparatory stage, before installing the Chan, you must consider all the nuances. A person who is in such a font should feel comfortable and comfortable. If the Chan is planned to be located in an open area to fully enjoy solitude with nature, then you should bother about security from outsiders. In addition, the approach to the chaun must be convenient.
  • The size and forms of the font are chosen individually, but it is important not to forget that all the outdated parts from the metal will have to weld. Therefore, masters who do not have experience on the welding machine are desirable to select more simple designs. They can then be made by brick or wooden base.
  • At the end of all welding work, the seams should be mounted from slag, Then they are treated with grinding machine until the maximum surface quality is obtained.
  • Chans can be installed both in the bath and in the open area. In the second embodiment, it is necessary to lay a pile foundation using screw piles having a kind of metal rod with a spiral at the end. Thanks to this, the installation will be sustainable and will not shift.

In the next video, it is shown how to make a bath chan.

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