How to fervent eucalyptus brooms and use them?

Eucalyptus brooms – an excellent solution for the health of the body, but few people know how to use them right how to scroll for the bath. About the benefits of this plant also worth learn more, because the valuable essential oils contained in the leaves are able to literally work wonders. To ensure that only enough Correctly select brooms from silver and blue eucalyptus, and then prepare them for visiting a steam room for all the rules. However, one should not forget about the dangers that the eucalyptus may cause the human body.

Benefit and harm

The choice of suitable accessories for the bath is often complicated by a variety of selection of available offers. Eucalyptus broom is often inferior to its oak and birch counterparts, but superior to some indicators. Its benefit is absolutely indisputable and lies in the following factors.

  • Beneficial impact. Healing pairs of eucalyptus help struggle with nasal mortgage, contribute to the elimination of symptoms. When coughing, they heat the lungs, working as a natural inhaler, help much faster to cope with the negative consequences of a tightening cold.
  • Removal of pain in muscles and joints. Eucalyptus broom has a light warming and massage effect, has a beneficial effect on the restoration of muscles after intensive training or competitive loads. In the joints of the joints, such a steam accessory helps to achieve an intense warming effect, facilitates unpleasant sensations, contributes to the acceleration of blood circulation. As part of a complex of procedures, such measures helps to remove the aggravation of rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis.
  • Removal of fatigue, stress, nervous overvoltage. Eucalyptus essential oil has a relaxing effect, helps to fully get rid of everyday worries, donate from them. Substances arising from immersion in hot water of a broom, turn a visit to the steam room into a real aromatherapy and relaxation session.
  • Improving skin condition. Eucalyptus gives youth and health, eliminates dermatitis and other inflammations, increases the tone and elasticity of fabrics. It can be used in the fight against the fading of the skin and its premature aging. With regular use, such a massage will help improve the overall body condition, will have a light lymphatic effect effect.

But the use of eucalyptus brooms in the bath is contraindicated to people having the following diseases:

  • mental disorders;
  • severe skin diseases and damage;
  • Individual intolerance;
  • Cardiovascular pathology.

In addition, the use of such a broom is unacceptable for pregnancy and presence of malignant tumors.

The disadvantage of the eucalyptus broom is its fragility. As a result, massage effects in this case turns out to be not too intense – the lovers of active bath procedures with a broom will be clearly not enough. Eucalyptus do not grow in the middle lane of Russia, therefore Almost all raw materials are imported, which requires careful inspection of the accessory before using. Brooms often turn out to be not very high quality.

What happens?

For the manufacture of bath accessories use only a few types of eucalyptus. The main one is prudoid, being the most common and popular. It has an extended shape of leaves, dark green color, weak fragrance.

Silver Eucalyptus is valued much higher. It is characterized by an elevated essential oil content – the plant is used in the pharmaceutical industry. Silver Eucalyptus Leaves Rounded, wider, have gray-steel color. Plant exudes a strong characteristic flavor.

There are such brooms are significantly more expensive than usual and highly appreciated by fans of the bath.

How to scree?

There are several ways to blast the eucalyptus brooms when visiting the bath. The easiest of them does not require long-term preparation. You only need to stock the broom in advance, pour hot water into a gang or puzzle, put a piece of broom coated with leaves. The process of bearing takes 5-10 minutes. After that, the broom is transferred to cold water. Then the procedure is repeated by changing fluid temperature 2-3 times.

After such an impact, the bath affiliation will be ready for use. The water in which the eucalyptus broom was located, also acquires healing properties. If you splash her to the heater, it turns out the beautiful effect of inhalation. And also useful rinsed with water saturated with valuable essential oils – She disinfects and softens the skin, improves hair condition.

Planning a visit to the bath in advance, the broom can be twisted in another way.

  1. Pour hot water into deep pelvis.
  2. Immerse in the capacity eucalyptus broom, leave for 30-40 minutes.
  3. After the expiration of the specified time drain water.

Broom is ready to use, but it’s not worth it for a long time. The resulting decoction is used to wash or add to the heater.

Eucalyptus broom can well be used in conjunction with Oak and Berezov. As a result, the massage effect from the procedure will be higher.

In addition, the eucalyptus branches will serve much longer than in the case of separate use.

How to use?

The best use of eucalyptus broom for bath – Massage effect on the skin. It is here that all its features and advantages are revealed. You can use thin twigs of this plant for the first visits to the steam room with children. Eucalyptus broom is good because it does not harm even the most sensitive skin. If its leaves are quite large, you can use them to discharge steam.

Quite helpful will be express inhalation using eucalyptus. To do this, it is quite short to attach to the face a well-planned broom, and then breathe.

Such a procedure will help relieve breathing, relieve the nasal.

Among the general advice on the use of eucalyptus brooms can be distinguished by several important.

  1. Before applying the leaves, it is recommended to wash and rinse with warm clean water. It will save them from dirt, dust, allergens that could get to the surface in the drying and storage process.
  2. It is impossible to allow excessive deoxidation of leaves. They must remain elastic even after breaking.
  3. Water after eucalyptus brooms is not recommended to pour. It is actively used in cosmetology purposes, frozen in ice cubes, are used as a razoran to rinse hair.
  4. In the presence of fresh (not in the dry form), the product in bearing is not necessary. Broom is enough to rinse clean hot water to wash away possible pollution.
  5. Eucalyptus brooms for baths – reusable. They can be applied again, since the healing properties of the leaves are preserved for a long time due to their special natural coating.
  6. While visiting the steam room, it is recommended to perform light lungs in the body by the broom. In this way, hot air will bent. The whole fee procedure takes no more than 5 minutes. Need to avoid sharp and strong movements.

      With independent collection and drying raw materials for Brooms of the eucalyptus branches are cut, placed in a dark, warm and well ventilated place. Best do the procedure summer, When there is no rainy. If there is no possibility for hanging, you can choose a desktop version, regularly turning the products so that they do not start. Bind branches in pairs of light marks or bandages.

      When stored, finished products are necessary keep in a dry cool place referring to them the most careful. To fold them is recommended for 4 pieces (also in pairs). This will avoid damage to fragile raw materials and will provide him with the best contention.

      In the next video you will learn how to split a broom for a bath.

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