How to build a smoking brick?

Brick smokehouse – this is a reliable, durable design, which can delicate your owners for a long time from meat and fish. Such smokes are equally different from store products and have a unique taste. It is not surprising that many dreams of building this construction in their own ways with their own hands. This is real if you follow the instructions and the basic rules of the construction.


Smokehouse works on wood fuel, so any products that dig (fat, meat, ham and others) are subjected to impregnation with smoke burning firewood. Hence the unique smell and taste of the dishes. Of course, it is possible to restrict ourselves to the construction of the simplest smokehouse, and the smoke will come to it from the chimney of the furnace. But it is better to make a reliable device in accordance with the standards of fire safety, and place it on the site, where it will not only be delighted with delicious dishes, but will also become a distinctive design element, if you approach the process creatively.

Homemade brick structures may have the following differences:

  • main purpose and function;
  • size and size of the chamber;
  • internal organization.

Big smokes are better to build in the form of individual buildings. They can be beaten in a certain style using the original design. When cooking with a cold way to work with smoke, it is necessary to bring the equipment supplied by smoke while in the device for hot preparation the fuel is under a smoking compartment.

Therefore, the choice of one or another should be done before the construction.

Preparation for construction

Going to build a smokehouse to decide which design is needed – stationary or to be moved.

It is necessary to clearly represent, from which parts it consists of:

  • the combustion chamber;
  • chimney;
  • smoke compartment;
  • lattice;
  • cooper
  • doors;
  • roof;
  • confused;
  • Stand under flowing fat.

The principle of work smoke is quite simple. Firewood is laid in the fifuer, in the process of combustion forming smoke, across the channel of the chimney falling into the smoke compartment. Ash is under fire. Products are suspended or decomposed on the grid, and fat is going to the pallet installed under the grille. An important point is the choice of place for smokehouse. It is necessary to have away from housing and the economic block so that the smoke can not get into residential premises. It is also necessary to think that it is convenient to deliver foods and dishes to it.

For those who do not have experience in building in this area, you will need a clearly compiled scheme of work. Drawings, as a rule, include a list of necessary tools – shovel, spatulas, solutions for the construction of the foundation. For smokehouse – doors, grilles, cover. It is important to masonry bricks.

All these nuances should be taken into account in advance. Newcomers can help step-by-step instructions, which will require consistently.

The main stages of construction

Installation begins with the foundation bookmark. The selected platform is cleared from garbage, foreign objects and foliage.

Work implies the following steps:

  • It is placed under the smokehouse with wooden stakes and ropes;
  • For the design of the average sizes, a hole is pulled by a depth of 35-40 cm, a width of 50 cm, a length of 30 cm;
  • To create a concrete pillow on the bottom of the RVA, sand and crushed stone are put and tamped, the surface must be maximally aligned;
  • The steel grid is placed on top;
  • on top poured concrete mix.

It is important that the solution is completely drying, it can leave 1 to 3 days. Then conduct waterproofing by rubberoid or similar material.

After that, the laying of brick begins.

  • On a dry foundation, a clay solution is applied.
  • The chimney laying is performed first. The brick is lubricated to create the maximum filling of vertical seams, since the stone under pressure is used to shift to the seam.
  • Surplus of the clay mixture are cleaned by a trowel. Hammer tap the brick slightly so that it is. The order (laying) requires regular measurements of the angles of the erected walls – it warns the appearance of irregularities. Ideally, you need to check every new row.
  • It should be borne in mind that in relation to the fuel cell, the smoke canal should be located at an angle of 8 degrees, and its walls – reach a height of 25 cm. At the end of the work on the laying produce a thorough grout of seams.

Smoke compartment can have any form. The main thing is a qualitatively laid out. For the middle garden stove, there are enough dimensions of the camera 1×1 meter.

From above in the smoke compartment there are pins intended for hooks, And the grid, in the bottom – cleaning filter in the form of natural linen fabric. The camera must have a lid for smoke adjustment. When installing the roof, leaving the ventilation holes. At the end install doors and grids, hooks for the placement of products.

The furnace is made of thick iron sheets of 40x35x35 cm. It must be in the opposite side of the smoke chamber, on the other end of the chimney. With him she connects on the side and rear. The outer part of it is also shammed, refractory brick.

Checking performance can reveal some shortcomings. If smoke does not quickly leave the structure, it may mean that the seams are poorly sealed. Qualitatively made smokers quickly warms up, and products placed in it for 20-30 minutes, brighten and acquire golden color.

Important nuances

It is necessary to correctly calculate the number of building materials for the workflow, because it will greatly facilitate the work.

To make a smoking room and avoid mistakes, professional masters advise adheres to the following rules:

  • The new row should always be started with the corner of the structure;
  • The joints between bricks should not exceed 12 mm, later they are fastened with a solution;
  • For optimal thermal insulation, the zone of 2-3 rows, where the ash chamber is usually located, fall asleep by pebbles;
  • To cleanse the lower channel of the chimney, it is necessary to make the door at level 3 and 4 rows of bricks;
  • Special attention is paid to the narrowing and dissection of the chimney (when laying 6-12 rows);
  • from the proper laying of bricks 8-11 series depends uniformity of the heating of the furnace plate;
  • At the level of 23 rows, it is assumed to hang products, so along with the masonry carry out the installation of two metal rods;
  • 13×13 cm chimney pipe hole makes brick halves.

The order must be performed with the ligation. For the stability of the structure of the seams of the lower rows overlap with brick. Each row must be checked by the level, also concerns the erected walls. Experienced masters sometimes check even individual bricks, if there is a suspicion of the differences.

It is undesirable to do a metallic chimney in its own smokehouse, although it will cost cheaper. It is better to use refractory brick, because the smell and taste of cooked dishes depend on it. All details of the smokehouse from the tree are also processed not by cement, but a clay solution.

Furnace manufacture with two cameras

Such a structure can be successfully used both for hot and cold smoking. It includes a combustion chamber and smoke pipe, so when burning fuel, the gases come out through the chimney. But before they should be directed to the hot smoked compartment. In order to use the method of cold processing of products, a metal capacity with cooked sawdust is placed above the fifth. Wood, Tleya, highlights smoke and, thus, smoking, then he also goes to chimney. Fuel serves sawdusts from cherry wood, apricot tree.

          No less practical is a street furnace-brand with the smoking option. This design is practical and multifunctional. With it you can cook any food, smoke and fry meat, dry mushrooms and fruits.

          Brick smokehouse is a durable, environmentally friendly and well maintaining heat design. Montage do it yourself quite admissible if the main technologies are not violated. Then you can talk about a really high-quality device, relevant to most owners of cottages and private houses.

          Step-by-step instruction on the structure of smokehouse – in the next video.

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