How to assemble a gazebo from pallets?

If you wish to quickly build a beautiful gazebo – it is not so difficult, as it may seem at first glance. The original and simple method appears the option where the gazebo is created from the pallets. To date, they are often used by summer houses, because they act as an inexpensive building material that allows us to design a fence or small designs. Using pallets, you can significantly reduce the cost of building the arbor, while getting the original design. Build a gazebo from this material in the shortest possible time, because for this pallets you only need to connect on the developed drawing.

What is pallets?

Under the pallets should be understood as a design consisting of wooden boards and bars located in 2 tiers. These products are necessary in order to transport any materials / items. Used to create pallets wood, is processed, so the risk of fungus is extremely low.

Pallets are used in warehouses for a long period of time, so wood has time to dry. Many companies simply throw these products because they no longer need them, but some firms sell them for a small value. You can buy them as wood or in the form of material for construction of structures.

4 types of pallets for cottages can be distinguished, which differ in size with each other, however, the most common type is height amounts to 15 centimeters. From the considered products you can easily put the floor, because it will only be necessary to fill out available lumets.

Where you can find pallets?

Find the products under consideration in order to build a gazebo, easy. There are several ways.

  • We collect pallets alone. To do this, you will need to find the appropriate material, then find out the size of the products.
  • Purchase. Many companies sell these products that have enjoyed a certain time.
  • We get free. To get pallets for free, you need to contact the companies that they use, and ask whether they do their disposal. If the company simply throws them, then you will probably agree to pick up the material, because even the removal of pallets for emissions is accompanied by costs for the company.

We prepare the material

Before proceeding with the construction of the arbor, it is necessary to determine its location, and create a construction scheme. Deciding with dimensions, you can calculate how many pallets you will need to work.

Before starting the construction of the arbor, it is important to do the following:

  • Carefully inspect all the obtained pallets, replete and clean them if required;
  • divide pallets into parts if this is provided for by the project;
  • It is recommended to polish the pallets before use, especially those parts that will be located inside the arbor;
  • Use an antiseptic impregnation that protects the material from bacteria and fungus;
  • As soon as the applied impregnation dry, pallets can be colored in the desired color.

If you ignore the above actions, the erected gazebo will be less high-quality, will come to unsuitability soon.

Pluses and minuses of pallets

Pallets are made of wood, so they have the following characteristics:

  • Environmentally friendly and safe for the human body;
  • products and structures of wood are distinguished by beautiful appearance;
  • Easily daily processing.

Do not use pallets with IPPC labeling, as they were treated with chemicals. They cannot be used as a building material.

The use of pallets in the construction of the arbor is distinguished by many advantages. There are many advantages from this vent.

  • The gazebo has an open design, so the air is perfectly circulating. It has favorably affects the atmosphere inside.
  • The cost of material is relatively low. Create pallets can and independently from the board. There is also an opportunity to purchase a used material at a wonderful price. At the same time, even new pallets do not have a high cost.
  • The erected structure will be environmentally friendly and safe.

Despite the many advantages, there is one significant deficiency. Wood has been processed, but it is not focused on durable use, so you have to cover a periodically gazebo with special compositions to extend its service life.

Construction with their own hands

Regardless of what type of pallets you stop your choice, you will definitely be satisfied with the result. The gazebo will not only decorate your site, but also turns into a cozy place. In the summer evening, it will be possible to rest with family and friends here, and the day to find the shelter from the scorching sun. The most pleasant is that this gazebo is built very quickly. It will take a maximum of 2 days for all work. Next, we will tell you how to build a gazebo, where to start.

Initially, you must create a plan that you will definitely follow while working.

You need to implement all the following actions:

  • We select building material;
  • We present how the gazebo should look like;
  • We develop a drawing;
  • We build a gazebo;
  • Make a gazebo as much as possible.

Determine the optimal place

Decide on the location of the arbor, first of all. The selected plot is required to clear from the stones, and the high grass must be mounted. If the plot is uneven, then before construction it is necessary to align it.

This is especially important if the floor is erected directly over the soil. Experts do not recommend you to go in this way, since such construction will not be durable. It is best to create the basis for which our gazebo will be located. When you cleared the desired plot, then, by means of a peg and rope, check what kind of sizes will be your gazebo.


Now is the time to turn to your fantasy in order to design the future gazebo. At this stage, your invention will be required. After all, from the pallets you can make a large number of elements that fill your arbor comfortably and convenience. Pallets are ideal for creating tables or shops, but it will definitely be provided to your plan. It is better to make furniture for a gazebo before it is erected. When you have already decided on what kind of design should be, you can proceed to further actions, namely, starting to develop the drawing.


Do not worry about the fact that you are not an architect and do not have the necessary knowledge to create a right and beautiful drawing. Help in this situation can usual graphic editors. Your task is not to perfectly depict a gazebo on paper, but in order to correctly implement the idea. It is necessary to develop a drawing of the arbor, taking into account the structural cuts. This will help you later when you begin to embody the project in reality.


At this stage, we already proceed to work on the site. Here you need to build a foundation for the future gazebo. Foundations there are different species. You can stop your choice on one of them, based on the time you plan to spend on the construction of the arbor. If you need to manage quickly, the concrete blocks mounted on the ramble land appear to the best option.

Laying brick columns will take more time compared to the previous option, However, the longest way to fill concrete columns. It is important to note that the latter method is the most reliable and durable. Keep in mind that if the soil is soft, then it needs a ribbon base that a little will prolong the construction, because it will be necessary to wait until cement dries.

When the foundation is assigned, it is necessary to establish the foundation of the base from its perimeter. It is attached through screws. Brux’s bars are attached to the strapping.

It is important that only high-quality boards were at the heart, as they will be subjected to intense load.

If under the reason to place a protective film, then you can save the foundation from entering moisture.

Creating floor and walls

When you already have a solid foundation, you can start the installation of angular columns. They need to be installed not only in the corners, but also in the front, highlighting the entrance. The beams are connected from the top through the strapping. Make sure that the racks stood exactly vertically, otherwise it will lead to the fact that the gazebo glans.

After establishing and securing all the racks, you can proceed to the upper strapping. Strengthen it recommended by corners to reduce the risk of breaks. Next, you can start laying boards on the floor.

Previously need to be treated with a special tool from rotting. If this is not done, they can do, and the gazebo.

If your project provides an average strapping, then after creating a floor, you can start this step. If this item is not provided, you can start the construction of walls. You can put them in 1 row or in several. Bashed with anchors or coarse screws. In some cases, nails use, but this is not a completely reliable way of fastening.


The roof needs to be laundered. What material you make it, decide to you. You can stop your choice on the tile, runner or polycarbonate. Each of the presented materials has its pros and cons.

Tile has an attractive appearance, however, to put it, it will take quite a lot of time. Ruberoid is characterized by quick stacking, but visual roof looks very specific. Polycarbonate appears average. It stacked relatively quickly and looks quite neat and attractive. In some cases, the pallets themselves are used for the roof, but this is not the best option. You can disassemble them and use to build a roof of the arbor.

Finish stage

After the gazebo was erected, you can proceed to the most pleasant stage – decorated and introduce the last strokes. At this stage, you must do everything so that the gazebo looked beautifully, served a long time and was cozy. First of all, you need to process the gender for durability, and then paint it either to cover with varnish.

Walls can also be painted or leave them in original appearance. Remember that if you decide to change the color of the arbor after it was built, it is necessary to use either a veil or wood paint. They allow not only to get the desired color, but also emphasize the naturalness of the materials.

No matter how quality the selected wood, the walls and the floor must be covered with a protective varnish. It will protect them from different pests and will preserve the initial appearance for a long period of time.

Can be decorated in various ways. For example, you can hang curtains on the windows, and there are several vases with flowers inside. Shops worth covering up soft cloth or add multicolored pillows. A good complement for the arbor will be a miniature table.

If you wish to spend here a large amount of time, including evening, then the optimal will be the solution to spend electricity in a gazebo. The track is best decorated with stones or wood. If a decision is made about a wooden track, you can use pallets residues.

If you followed the instructions provided, then you have a high-quality summer gazebo, in which you can spend your free time!

How to build a gazebo from the pallets, look at this video.

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