Greenhouses on the windowsill and balcony: Options for homemade greenhouses

Very often in winter, I want to pamper yourself with fresh vegetables or even fruit, but due to the inappropriate season you have to buy products brought from distant countries. However, if you do a small greenhouse at home (on the windowsill or balcony), you can realize the desired and eating something not just fresh, but also natural, grown with your own hands. In addition, you can already start preparing for the country season and get a good seedlings that will fracture faster.

Appointment and dignity

Now in stores you can buy practical any products that can only wish, but whether their quality is compliant, it is difficult to say exactly. It is not known exactly how those or other vegetables or fruits were grown, how long and with the help of what ages were grown, which should bear the wealth of vitamins in the body. All this raises a desire to grow everything that will fall into food.

In the summer, it will not be difficult, because in the garden plot, under the scorching sun and with timely irrigation, any products will grow quickly and will soon give a long-awaited harvest. But what to do in winter when it’s impossible to grow outside and have to be content only? In this case, home greenhouses can help. Create a greenhouse on the windowsill or on the balcony you can quickly and after a short time to get the first results.

To create a microwire at home, you can use a wide variety of objects. The main principle of such a greenhouse is the creation of a suitable microclimate inside the design, which is achieved by insulation of the garden zone from the outside world. Most often, polyethylene is used for this: they are bunned by the zone from the ground. But you can use both a plastic bottle with a sliced ​​bottom: If you wear it on a pot of earth, you can achieve the effect of greenhouses.

Now there is an opportunity to purchase greenhouses in stores. They are fully prepared and do not require any additional work, except for assembling the main frame and the installation of the film around it. Externally, micro can differ from each other, but they have one task – the opportunity to have fresh products and greens all year round, as well as preparation of seedlings to the future summer season.

Domestic greenhouse requirements

No matter how it will look like a greenhouse, it is purchased or homemade, for its manufacture or operation There are certain rules and requirements that need to know, otherwise the result of growing green plantings in such objects will not have due results.

  • Creating the most appropriate conditions for that plant that is grown. Do not stand in one greenhouse to put cultures that need different conditions for growing.
  • The greenhouse should be convenient to use, so that it can be washed at any time, change something in it and adjust. All plantations should be in sight, well viewed from all sides and have convenient access for watering.

  • In addition to convenience, it would be nice so that the appearance of the greenhouse was aesthetic and approached the room design.
  • Room greenhouse must be strong enough to withstand reusable use.
  • The location of the microstarnik should be such that the plants get enough light, but at the same time they did not take it all the room.
  • The best place for the location of the house for future plants will be the window of the room where people are rarely located, which means that the loss of light from the greenhouse installation will not affect the level of living household.
  • If it is not possible to find such a zone in the house, you can organize a greenhouse place in any convenient for all the place, but to provide artificial lighting so that plants can grow and develop.

Following these rules, you can get a good greenhouse, which in the shortest time turns you with fresh greens or other fruits.

Views Mini Gerlitz

If you think about creating a greenhouse at home to be able to grow fresh greens and prepare seedlings to landing for a country bed, you need to consider all types of modern designs and determine what it will be most convenient in a particular room. For the apartment with the most successful location of the greenhouse for young plants there will be a window opening, where you can build both racks and a small greenhouse.

On the window are usually grown by the greens of parsley, dill or onions, what is most often used in food. If the task of the greenhouse is the cultivation of seedlings for the vegetable garden, then it is the most convenient to endure the entire design to the balcony. In this case, you can afford a more cumbersome greenhouse, where there is an opportunity to arrange a large number of trays with the ground, where seeds will already be sown. Balcony greenhouse will give the result when all conditions for the growth and development of plants will be present. If there is no light light or air temperature will be below the norm, the growth of seed will be difficult, and it is not possible at all.

Simple designs of greenhouses

To create a greenhouse in conditions of the house, you can buy a simple greenhouse and engage in growing any greenery. The simplest design involves a reduced variation of countryhouses, where instead of a large room from polyethylene or glass there is a small rack, which is put on a special polyethylene case. Usually the framework of the rack is made of metal, but at home you can make a wooden version. For convenience of care and irrigation, plastic cape has lightning. Unbuttoning them, you can get to the required zone without revealing the whole greenhouse.

Racks can have a variety of dimensions, which are selected individually, based on the availability of a free place at home. The height may also differ, which depends on the tiers of the structure, there may be two or more. Usually do not use racks by more than five shelves, because it makes it difficult for the care of plants and viewing their status.

If there is no need for a big greenhouse, you can use a desktop type, which is like something like aquarium, but is made on the principle of window frames for street structures from polystyrene. If there is a desire to purchase something more powerful, then in this case the most productive will be automatic systems.


If a simple design is a house for plants, where they created a comfortable temperature for them, and the whole care makes a person, then the automated greenhouses take on them and these functions. Such systems may be partial (with a specific set of functions) or full, where a person does not participate in the process of leaving plants at all. These devices have phytolamba, which give the necessary light for growth; Auto peer system, allowing me to dosing moisture supply; Ventilation that updates air and provides the full range of conditions that are needed for proper plant growth.

The advantages of such systems are that there is no need to search for them a convenient or suitable place, as they will cope with any location, be it a windowsill or a basement.

Variants of such automatic greenhouses several.

  • Groboxes – This is a closed system where there is an autonomous lighting, air supply, light reflection. An important feature is the ability to choose the type of device, depending on what it is in it will be grown. Planting plants in such a box can be both in the nutrient mixture and in hydroponics.

  • Thermoboxes Convenient to use in apartments. They can be placed both indoors and the balcony. This device is not afraid of even a negative temperature and can independently adjust the microclimate inside so that the seedlings were comfortable. The device independently watering the plant, controls the supply of useful substances, includes and turns off the lamps at the required time. You only need to put seeds in boxing, and then the machine itself will do everything.
  • Aerogarden It is a desktop mini-greenhouse, where the growth of greenery goes at the aircraft (drops of a solution with nutrients in which the root seedlings system is located). The device not only helps to create ideal growth conditions, but even speeds up it several times, an inadener who can get a ready-made product much faster.


For normal growth of any plants at home, it is important to create a suitable habitat for them. The most important factor will be the lighting, which ideally should be natural. So that the seedlings could get sunlight, it is best to put on the windowsill. If the side of the house does not allow to receive due amount of light, it can be compensated for by a special lamp. With its help, you can get out of the situation when seedlings are in the dark room conditions.

It is convenient to install a greenhouse on the balcony, because there is a fully glazed room and light gets most often on the plants, which ultimately gives a good result. At home you can grow almost any plant, the main thing is to know what environmental conditions are characteristic of it, and try to make them. To grow exotic fruits in the room, an automatic greenhouse will be required, because it can give all the components for growth, and this is light, and moisture, and air.

Unlike the human body, plants require a red segment to grow, develop and blossom. Waves should also have an appropriate length, which ranges from 600 to 700 nanometers. In addition, the blue spectrum is important, the wavelength of which should be from 400 to 500 nanometers, which will give an opportunity to grow vegetatively and correctly develop seedlings. Simple artificial lighting will be insufficient and instead of use will cause a stress state in a young plant, so it is important to select light in the spectrum of sunlight. If this is neglected, then fruits and vegetables that have grown in such conditions will have another taste, lose most of the vitamins, and sometimes can be completely unsuitable for food. If we are talking about colors, then in this case the effect is the opposite: their growth increases their growth, and bloom becomes brighter.

To ensure good growth and development of plants in the greenhouse, it is important to choose the right light in which there will be an emission of the appropriate color:

  • Violet or blue helps photosynthesis – plants become stronger and start growing faster;
  • Yellow and green contribute to the oppression of the process of photosynthesis, and this causes plant disease;
  • Orange or red is most suitable in the process of flowering and the active development of fruits, but it should be neat with quantity, because the harvest dies from a significant dose of this light;
  • Ultraviolet radiation helps to accumulate enough vitamins in plants, in addition, cold resistance increases.

If there is a need to use lamps, then you need to understand the difference between them.

  • Incandescent lamps well illuminate and heat the air slightly, but they strongly consume electricity. Their spectrum is 600 HV, which does not respond to the norm for plant growth – burns or strain skeins may appear on the leaves.
  • Fluorescent lamps favorable to grow plants because they possess low heat transfer. In addition, they are inexpensive and do not consume a lot of energy.
  • Ultraviolet lamps They work in about the same way as luminescent, but due to the addition of a variety of components, you can choose a suitable range for a particular plant.

  • Mercury lamps have high pressure and rapidly incur. Rays have a near ultraviolet spectrum. You can use for photosynthesis, but in small doses. It is best to use when the fetus maturation begins. You can use them in case there is a stable voltage in the network, without drops, otherwise it is dangerous.
  • LED bulbs Create monochrome lighting. If you use a totality and different color combinations, you can get the right spectrum. These lamps are economical, working long and do not deteriorate even at low voltage.
  • Infrared lamps Used to heat the air in the greenhouse. They are non-departed, but favorably affect plants, their light is similar to natural.

Lighting is calculated depending on the number of factors: this is the area of ​​the greenhouse, the height of the lamps above the plants, types of lamps, season, plant type.

How and from what to make: options

In addition to buying a finished greenhouse, you can make it with your own hands. It can be a small design or bulk rack, it all depends on what exactly it will be grown. For orchids or other colors that need to be germinated from seeds or bulbs, plastic bottles are suitable: they are cut into parts and the guy is going to. The lower part serves as the basis where can be saturated with soil or put peat tablets, and the upper part is put on the plant and creates a suitable microclimate. For venting and watering it can be easily removed.

If you need to grow a greater number of plants, you can use an old aquarium, where there are glass walls and a lid that are well transmitted solar or artificial light. If there is no aquarium itself, any box is suitable, covered with glass through which the required light will be made. The most difficult is the creation of a shelving greenhouse, but the crop will be much more than with any of the above options.

To create a rack, you need to think through its dimensions and materials from which it will be made. It is best to use plexiglas for shelves, but you can replace the usual chipboard or plywood. On the finished case, it is necessary to wear a polyethylene cape, in which there is a zipper or think of a different option, how to quickly get inside for watering. Be sure to make such a rack with backlight from above to always be able to compensate for the lack of sunlight.

If a lot of culture is a lot, then use the most convenient rack, as it is possible to pour everything here at once. The same applies to lighting: if there is a transparent shelf, it evenly falls on all plants. The rack itself can be any sizes and dimensions, depending on the presence of space in the room and the number of cultures for germination. The design with three inserts from plexiglas will be the most optimal, because it will not take a lot of space, it will be convenient for it, and all plants will have the same and optimal conditions for germination.


When there is a seedlings in the greenhouses on the windows, it is important to have blinds or another system of protecting young shoots from the sun, the number of which must be properly dosed, otherwise young leaves can simply burn. If it is not possible to give a lot of time on your own made by a greenhouse, you can partially automate it, for this, the device is selected for automatic ventilation, backlight and watering.

If you need to strengthen the power of plants, use hydro and aircraft, which have a quick effect: plants develop at an accelerated pace and grow healthy and strong. The window for airing and watering is better to make on top of the structure so that the air inside the air evenly went out, mixing with the available indoors and replaced the new, fresh and clean. If you do such a window at the bottom, incoming fresh air will be cold, which will negatively affect the rapid plants.

What are the options for home greenhouses, look in the following video.

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