Greenhouse “Snowdrop”: Features, Sizes and Assembly Rules

Heat-loving garden plants are poorly developing in a temperate climate. Fruits ripen later, the harvest is not pleased with the gardeners. The lack of heat does not affect most vegetables. Exit from this situation is the installation of a greenhouse, which can easily be made independently.

One of the best options, as subsidiaries claim, is a snowdock greenhouse, whose production is engaged in the domestic enterprise Bashagroplast.

Features: Pros and Cons

“Snowdrop” trademark – a claimed greenhouse, who has deserved a lot of positive feedback. His main feature and honors from the greenhouse is mobility. This design is easy and promptly mount. For the winter it can be collected, if necessary, it is easy to transport to another place. In folded form, the product takes a little space and removes the package-case.

As an injurious material of the greenhouse, agriched. It can withstand heavy loads, its operation is at least 5 years later, subject to the rules of use. Even a strong wind will not hurt a cover. The agrofiber is a breathable material that retains inside a special microclimate required by plants. Humidity within such a greenhouse is not more than 75%, which prevents the development of various diseases.

Buying a greenhouse “Snowdrop”, you get in a set of frame arcs, underfloor material, legs and clips for fixing nonwoven canvas. The advantages of the design include its characteristics. Due to the arched design, space is used with maximum efficiency. Greenhouse with ease can be transported in a passenger car.

Sell ​​it in full configuration, you do not have to separately acquire additional items for its installation. Build construction takes only half an hour. It opens from the side, for airing, you can raise the observer material to the high part of the archer. Access to plants is from different sides. “Snowdrop” can be operated in a greenhouse for additional protection of the beds or seedlings. If necessary, structural elements can be purchased separately (the brand provides for the presence of separate components).

But gardeners noticed several drawbacks of such greenhouses. Strengths of wind gusts, according to their opinions, the design does not withstand. Plastic pegs for fastening into the ground are too short, so they often break. If you are important to the strength of the design, then choose better model “Agronom”. In general, the Snowdront Greenhouse is great for beginner gardeners who want to increase their crop with minimal cost.

Design Description

Despite the fact that the design of the greenhouse is extremely simple, for strength and reliability it does not affect. “Snowdrop” can be an excellent addition to the greenhouse. The design includes plastic arcs with a diameter of 20 mm and spanbond (nonwoven material that is used to cover plants during their growth). It has a small weight and environmental friendliness, contributes to the acceleration of agricultural crops, makes a vegetable garden and protects plants from negative environmental impact. The indisputable advantage of Spanbond is the fact that he dries quickly even after the rain.



Greenhouse “Snowdrop” brand “Bashagroplast” instead of doors has a folding top. In some models, observer material is removed from the end and sides. After operation, the spandback can be wrapped in a washing machine.

To date, this greenhouse has become more popular than greenhouse. This is a compact design, the height of which does not exceed the 1meter, so it can be mounted on areas with a disadvantage.

In the greenhouse, the process of heating is carried out as a result of the energy of the Sun. In the design of the doors there is no, to get inside, by lifting the underfloor material from the end or sides. Cellular polycarbonate and polyethylene are used to produce these greenhouses. Greenhouse “Snowdrop” helps dacms to get yield for the minimum time.It is comfortable and comfortable for plants. Use allows you to grow high vegetable crops.

Included in the Snowdrop model, all necessary details are provided. If suddenly for some reason the buyer lost them or broke arcs, they can be bought, not experiencing that they will not fit. The same applies to the loss of clips and legs for greenhouse arc. The design allows the replacement of the components, which makes it more convenient and extends the service life.


The factory design of the greenhouse is designed to cover 2 – 3 beds, so its width is 1.2 meters. The frame length depends on the number of arcs included and can reach 4 6 or 8 m. The height of the structure is 1 m, but this is quite enough for watering and weeping seedlings. The weight of the mini greenhouse depends on its size.

For example, a micro-marker with a length of 4 meters will weigh only 2, 5 kg. The model whose length reaches 6 meters will be heavier (about 3 kg). The mass of the longest greenhouse (8 m) is 3.5 kg. Small weight design adds advantage.

What can be grown?

Snowdrops Greenhouse use seedlings to grow seedlings before landing it in open soil or greenhouse. It is great for cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes.

Also, gardeners set it to grow such crops as:

  • greens;
  • onion and garlic;
  • low-growing plants;
  • Vegetables that themselves are pollinated.

Often Greenhouse “Snowdrop” is used to grow seedlings of flowers. However, experienced gardeners do not advise land in one greenhouse plants of different cultures.



Where to put?

Choosing a plot for the greenhouse “Snowdrop” is needed since the autumn, as it is necessary to feather the bed in advance and lay in them humus.

In order for the design to take “your” place, it is necessary to take into account the following conditions:

  • Sun rays should fall on the site;
  • There must be protection against strong busting winds;
  • The humidity level should not be exceeded;
  • The presence of access to the design (the greenhouse must be installed so that the approach to it has been from all sides).

When you chose a place, clean the territory from weeds and thoroughly align it. All over the site must be laid by humus. To do this, dig a hole with a depth of approximately 30 cm, fertilizer poured, align and fall asleep the earth.

Installing the greenhouse will take you little time, even if you are first encountered with a similar task.

Assembly with your own hands

Installation of the greenhouse “Snowdrop” is simple. Manufacturers have thought out everything to the smallest details so that the gardeners can make the construction as quickly and without obstacles to the construction.

Self-assembly of the greenhouse is based on simple instructions:

  • Gently open the packaging and get the legs-pegs and clips.
  • Insert the pegs into the arc.
  • Checks Install in the ground. Packaging is not recommended to throw out: in winter it will be possible to store the design.
  • Secure arcs and pull the covering material. Arcs need to be installed at the same distance.
  • Secure ends. To do this, pull the lace, to inhale the loop in the peg, pull and under the angle to fix to the ground.
  • Purpose material on the end to improve reliability can be fixed with brick or heavy stone.
  • Purchase material Fix with clippers on arcs.

The end edges of the observer material tied with a node, better press to the ground at an angle. Due to this, additional covering tension will be achieved on the whole frame. On the one hand, the material is pressed by cargo to the ground, with another cloth fixed with clips. From there and the entrance will be carried out inward.

Snowdard greenhouse can be homemade. It is installed with your own hands without the help of specialists. To do this, you need to choose plastic pipes of suitable dimensions.

Using a jigsaw, cut them into the same parts. Purpose material must first be searched, leaving pipe pockets. Pegs can be made of wood, after which the material is fixed with clips, which can be applied.

Operating tips

There are several rules for using a greenhouse, compliance with which can extend the life of the structure.

Incorrect use of a greenhouse can lead to it.

  • In winter, the greenhouse must be assembled and folded into the factory packaging, keep better in a dry place. The temperature does not matter, since the durable coating withstands absolutely any conditions.
  • Every year, agriched is to be erased by hand or in a washing machine (it does not matter: it does not deteriorate from this material characteristic).
  • Only clips are used to fix the coating.
  • Gently exploit the covering material so as not to damage it.

  • Before installation, not only align, but also support ground.
  • Do not land plants that can pollinate each other. If this is not avoided, then between them it is necessary to establish a partition.
  • In one design, do not grow tomatoes and cucumbers: these plants need different conditions of detention. Cucumbers need moisture, and tomatoes – Dry conditions. In addition, tomatoes do not tolerate increased air temperature.
  • An excellent choice for growing in the design is the vegetables that themselves are pollinated. If you plan to plant standard varieties, you need to equip additional pollination in advance.

Rules are extremely simple, do not require much effort. Despite the small weight, the design of the Snowdrops Greenhouse volumetric and has a large sailboat.

Despite the fact that the greenhouse is reliable, and the owners convince that he is not afraid of a strong wind, it is better to restrain. For this, the covering material is strongly pressed against the ground. In areas where strong wind gusts are often observed, additionally, vertical metal racks are mounted on the ends, which are tied by a frame.

Customer Reviews

Greenhouse “Snowdrop” has a huge number of positive feedback. Buyers have been satisfied with the result. Owners argue that such a design is characterized by a high level of reliability and is excellent for regions with moderate climatic conditions. At the end of the greenhouse arc there are pegs that are easy to fix in the ground, after which the greenhouse is able to resist even a strong wind. So that there is no observer material, there are plastic clamps on the design. According to the views of the gardeners, the design is resistant to deformation. During the entire period of operation, it does not change the form.

Buyers noted that a polyethylene film of different thicknesses is used as a covering material, which affects the characteristics.

  • The smallest density – 30g / m, is designed for a temperature of at least -2 degrees, resistant to ultraviolet rays.
  • Middle Indicator – 50 g / m. Owners say that this greenhouse can be used even in the autumn period and warm winter (at temperatures up to -5 degrees).
  • High density – 60 g / m. It can be safely used even in winter, it will protect the culture from severe frosts.

Reviews about the model “Snowdrop” depend on which underfloor material is used, it can be a spandback or film. First passes moisture and provides plants with oxygen. Material creates a shadow due to which the leaves are protected from burns. But the owners are dissatisfied with the fact that this material does badly saves heat and serves only 3 years.

The film preserves the warmth and optimal level of humidity, creating a greenhouse effect. But this coating is no more than two years.

“Snowdrop” can be applied to harden the young seedlings, the design will hold inside the heat, not overheating culture. Acquire or no greenhouse “Snowdrop”, each decides himself. But a huge number of positive feedback persuades many dacms to purchase this design, what they do not regret. For the territory of a small area, such a greenhouse will be the best choice. It is worth paying attention to the affordable cost of construction. Her buying on the pocket of each wishes dacket. This model perfectly combines an acceptable price and high quality.

In this video, you will find a review and build a greenhouse “Snowdrop”.

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