Glass canopies: description and installation

Description of glass canopies and their installation is very important for any homeowner and just an ordinary tenant. There are different types of their types – put on the entrance and additive to the house. The roof of the canopy can be made of plexiglas and double-glazed windows, but even if only a glazed transparent visor in a private house is constructed, you still have to take into account a number of subtleties and nuances.

Pros and cons

Glass canopy with many people seems unreliable solution. There was a presentation that polycarbonate, not to mention a tree or metal, much more stable and safe. In this you just need to figure it out. The widespread opinion is that the glazed canopy is expensive, not quite right. Yes, when buying will have to pay a sufficiently significant amount, in comparison with the price of visors from polycarbonate or even professional flooring.

However, high-quality glass serves for a very long time. And immediately it is worth refuting another common misconception – that the glazed type of fragile design and is unstable mechanically.

In fact, sufficiently durable types of glass are used, including multilayer and hardening samples. It is very difficult to smash them, and even if trying to do it specifically, it’s hardly every way to come out right away. And if the canopy breaks, the danger is injured minimized.

Triplex Almost always only cracks, not giving fragments. The probability that in peacetime it will be subjected to a destructive effect, negligible. And when you hit the tempered glass, although fragments are formed, but their edges are blown and cannot cause any serious injury. Another common myth is that glass is monotonous and cannot have all sorts of coloring. Life has long refuted this statement.

Of course, there are absolutely in the catalogs transparent Billets for canopy. But I Colored, and Decorated with patterns Models. There is even Options with inscriptions, selected by individual order. Modern glass canopies perfectly fit into the modernist environment, and in high-tech style. They can be decorated as a dwelling, designed for the antiquity and a simple private house without additional delights.

Sometimes they say that the inability of glass to bending does not allow creating a shed form. But it’s just another delusion.

Any experienced manufacturer will easily do and Single car, and Double Design, I Wave-shaped, And even any complex form – Attractive samples of such products will be found in each catalog. At the same time glass Not subject to corrosion, It does not rot and retains its qualities for many decades. Surface cleaning is possible with simple water, and in more complex cases – the compositions that the windows wash.

Tempered glasses perfectly transfer strength fluctuations in temperature. They will not be damaged at any humidity, they are not scary ultraviolet irradiation. Tinting film will help to hide from sunlight, and without unnecessary dimming. High rigidity of contemporary products allows you to extinguish the noise of raindrops.

The only real one minus, Thus, consists in very large initial investments when buying a glass canopy. It is also worth considering that if the design still breaks something, it cannot be repaired – it will only completely replace.

What glass is used?

The use is widespread Triplex. To obtain it takes several sheets of simple glass and combine the polymer film. Can also be made canopy and from hardened material. It is heated almost to the point of melting and sharply, the jerk is cooled. As a result, on the strength indicators, the glass after hardening is little inferior to structural steel.

In many cases form Sheds from transparent plexiglas. But it is still fulfilled in a partially transparent version. No one forbids even make different parts of the canopy of them.

The lighting ability of acrylic glass structures sometimes reaches 90%, besides it is relatively easy.

Plexiglas are obtained by casting or by extrusion; it little misses heat, resistant tolerates the impact of rain and even wind. Also quite widely applied canopies from double-glazed windows of various sizes and shapes.


More recently solutions on cables (and other suspensions) It seemed risk risk. However, practice has shown that they are quite stable and reliable. Glasses that have passed laboratory checks are strong enough and stable for such an application. The frame is represented by many different options. Most often it is made of steel pipe or from wood.

Much more interesting look Designs based on forged parts. And one of the options implies a complete refusal to the frame of the usual type. In this case, low metal parts are used. Song itself seems soaring in the air.

In a private house or cottage, built with abundant glazing, it will be quite appropriate to put a visor with illumination elements.

Add luxury feeling helps Introduction of stained inserts. Canopy with a roof over the entrance to the house or garage is a very attractive solution. Under it can be confident and calmly stand even in bad weather. Single roof can even install novice masters. And yet the work itself with glass is better to entrust professionals.

Full moisture removal is possible when inclined at least 15 degrees. Because more flat designs are impractical. For veranda Canopy can be not only a means of protection, but also visual decoration. In most cases, such structures are in a stationary form. Over the pool Most often try to mount sliding structures; they will allow to extend the swimming season and protect from leaves from entering, otherwise.


Before glazed, visor must be carefully familiar with his Completed. There must be a set of spiders, that is, special brackets that allow you to attach the glass to the wall of the house. In finished sets, usually everything is drilled. The hole is closed with a hairpin, on both sides of which the support details of the spider are screwed down. Markup points are determined using hydraulic or laser (which is preferable) level. Next, a telescopic type stretch marks are fixed on the top brackets, temporary supports put temporary supports and the visor itself is fixed, setting its position by regulating bolts.

Fully finished design can not be subjected to additional machining. That is, in what form it came from the factory – in this and it is necessary to fix, following the recommendations of manufacturers. Framework structures are collected on earth and only then raise the reserved places. It is worth considering that manufacturers’ instructions are often most common and not adapted to install to different types of facades. In this case, you must consult with the supplier.

About engineering features of glass canopies See further.

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