Garden housekeeping houses: varieties and tips on choosing

Country house – real sweat for most citizens. However, the process of construction itself needs to be approached calmly and weigly, having thought out the details of the future at home, taking into account the frequently limited area of ​​the site. Modern construction offers new technologies in the construction of cottages. To date, there are ready and proven projects of typical country buildings. Basically – these are garden housekeeping houses.


Homes for giving have their own characteristics. They are often referred to as country cottages class “Economy”. In fact, this is the most affordable at the price of housing, which can be erected in the conditions of financial crises and for tough savings. This explains the huge segment of the modest market, but functional country houses as an additional housing.

This segment of affordable construction includes houses having the following characteristics:

  • Houses are built area no more than 80 kV. m;
  • in areas of up to 12 acres of land;
  • with the local area of ​​approximately one hundred;
  • The price of such a house practically does not exceed 5-6 million rubles;
  • Economy houses are usually placed remotely from social and other important objects;
  • Cheap houses usually do not have central communications;
  • Almost all cottages are equipped with an individual system of support;
  • Building housekeeper houses involves rapid construction;
  • The construction of cheap housing is made according to typical projects (without architectural delights, but sometimes with designer elements).

Very often, the houses are erected in the form of prefabricated structures. It all starts with a project or plan on paper. It is assumed that such a house will not be designed for year-round residence. However, for the sake of comfort, people go on a lot (insulation, trimming, strengthening, extension). Thus, in a typical project, changes can be made on legal grounds.

The projects of country houses are most popular in the form of one-story building usually with a attic or an attic. In this case, additional hospostroops are not required. Garden tools and any inventory, for example, are stored on the attic. If necessary, you can expand the veranda or terrace to increase the useful area, arranged on it, for example, summer dining room.

    Deciding with the project, go to the selection of the foundation. For suburban countries – cottages – applies either pile or tape base. Piles easier to install, and this is a more economical way. The arrangement of the belt foundation requires high time, forces and means. But with such a foundation from the scented, you can build a functional basement.

    It is further important to prepare materials for the “box” of the future building.


    Before starting construction, you need to decide on the choice of materials on which a number of factors affect. Covenants imply seasonal operation, but in some cases, houses are built suitable for living in the cold season. Then the stationary heating system is installed in the house, even if it is a budget building.

    Most cottage houses today build out of the usual materials, such as brick, slag blocks, according to modern technologies, For example, when the sandwich panels are used. Depending on the materials, it will be a certain way to spend time to warm the entire design. Summer options for country houses can be with portable stoves, heaters, fireplace. Here, in many ways, the financial capabilities of residents will be played.

    Often, cabins are used as building buildings, frame, frame-boiled structures on the base foundation.

    Important in the selection of materials for construction has the overall style of the house: Will it be a bar, brickwork, blocks. The most common example will today serve as a project of a frame-shield house.


    The frame-boiled construction of country houses, including cottages, today is in full swing, so I will stop your attention more on such a high-speed building. The frame house has more sustainable performance. Let’s see what makes framework construction so popular, and we will list its main advantages.

    1. When erecting a frame-shield house, you can do without a swallowed foundation – it is enough to install the pile or column. The base will hold tightly and will not lose its initial properties for a long time.
    2. For a skeleton housekeeping house, it is important to choose your insulation version to feel comfortable in it during the offseason.
    3. Build a frame-shield house with your own hands – just order a typical project and acquire materials.
    4. It is worth considering that in this case we are talking about a wooden structure, where all the elements are made of wood and meet all environmental standards. In addition, the house will fit perfectly in any landscape on the plot.
    5. The country house can be built with all the attributes of a quiet country life: with a veranda, attic (or it can be small Finnish houses).

    Frame-palate construction option How can not be suitable for the construction of modern cottage of any planning (example, Finnish house). But there are other options. For example, a house of timber. On the construction of such a design usually takes up to several months. For another six months, the house will give shrinkage. But the finished building does not require outdoor decoration.

    Brick, aerated concrete and slag blocks are commonly used for stone buildings. Becomes clear how much time-consuming will be the process of the construction of such cottages. It will take a powerful foundation here, there are no prefabricated designs and elements. The walls of the capital house are erected in the ranks. But in the future you can be proud of so durable and reliable design – this option is good to use for year-round accommodation.

    Beautiful examples

    An examples of ready-made structures are largely imposed on the ease of selection of house-cottages. Consider them below.

    • Dachnaya Dock Dock 5×5 Meters Magdalene. The house distinguishes the originality of the form of the structure, when the walls are “hanging” above the site, creating a shadow. The structure has a bunk design. The bottom is the kitchen with a living room, top – a bedroom with an attic.

    • 7×4 meter “Ginger” project. Garden house has more classic features. Usually it can be accommodated in the summer of the whole family. The design of the house allows you to place it on the slope, for which special piles are provided in the project. As well as the project provides high ceilings and a large attic.

    • Project of the country house “Triangle” or “Shalash”. This is not a completely familiar building on stilts. The project is presented as a solid design for non-standard solutions. The interior here is designed in such a way as to provide more free space for the organization of loft style living space, bedrooms and kitchens.

    • Dachnaya House Dock 4×6 meters or 5×3 meters Barbara. Seemingly such a house reminds the classic residential structure, but has more compact parameters. In the house you can easily place three bedrooms and equip a large functional area of ​​the kitchen.

    • 4×4 meter “Louise” project 4×4 meters. Comfortable, roomy, modern cottage house of this type provides in the project kitchen, bathroom, living area, easily transformed into bedroom. And you can also arrange a place to store things or storage.

    • Dachnaya House Dock 5×7 meters Shenney. This is an ultramodern version of the class of class “Economy” for the stay of the whole family. The project is quite inspirational, providing the possibility of a “smart” house. It is worth noting that the functional part of the house here is classified as the back of the construction. A large porch protects the structure from precipitation from above and from the sides.

    How to choose?

    Put a good good-free house for seasonal or year-round accommodation can be 6 acres. Simple summer houses – the most common variant of country construction. The selection of the project of the country house. Economy must be built on several principles.

    1. When choosing a frame-shield technology, it is possible to significantly save on the estimated cost of the structure.
    2. Make your house truly cozy, exclusive using a rounded log.
    3. On a more spacious summer cottage, it is better to build a house of glued bar.
    4. Country houses from foam blocks have heat saving properties. Here you can save on the construction of the foundation.

    Special importance when choosing a garden house is planning. Class of class “Economy” are usually designed with the minimum dimensions. Therefore, each square meter carries a functional load, each room is initially entered into the project.

    It is important to competently place the main domical zones, such as:

    • hallway,
    • Niche for embedded furniture,
    • kitchen,
    • living room,
    • bedroom,
    • wardrobe,
    • canteen,
    • the corridor,
    • cabinet,
    • library.

      Many think about what is better to build or purchase an inexpensive country house. Now you can drive through the cottage settlements, look at the plots with finished designs, calculate the cost. It will be a comprehensive choice: according to the features of the site, at the cost of materials, by the possibility of construction in place and future design.

      Inexpensive garden house economyclass with attic and terrace you can see in the video below.

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