Furnaces for Bath “Thermophore”: pros and cons

If you plan to build a comfortable warm bath on your cottage plot, the installation of the furnace is one of the most important. Selection criteria can be several: cost, fuel economy, heating efficiency, service life.

One of the favorable options are furnaces for the Bath “Thermophore”, the pros and cons of which will be considered further.


The company “Thermophore” is engaged in the production of heating equipment since 2003 and has accumulated tremendous experience in this industry. The name of the company translated from Greek means “carrying heat”, and this speaks for itself: it produces reliable aggregates, effectively warming any premises even in tall frosts.

Among the products of the company “Thermophore” presents a large variety of stoves for the bathhouse, both gas and firewood.

The Siberian company “Thermophore” manufactures bath furnaces capable of quickly heating the inner room of the wage in low temperatures. Their feature is the fuel chambers made of heat-resistant steel used in the aircraft plant, which are capable of maintaining heat inside. And the dual combustion system used allows for the minimum time to heat the bath to the desired temperature. For example, 100 degrees The boiler reaches for 60 – 70 minutes of work frosty winter and literally half an hour in the summer.

For more than 15 years of work, the thermophore manufacturer has received international certificates in the field of quality and security standards, as well as many other awards. Heating systems for baths are in great demand and popularity in our country and abroad.

Advantages and disadvantages

For all the oven “Thermophore” applies in the manufacture of a pyramidal chamber of durable alloy steel, which heats the stones for the steam room at once from 5 sides. The required temperature can be adjusted, different models Capacity is different – from 25 to 100 kg.

    Work with all devices safe, there is a self-reserved door, about which you can not burn.

    In addition, the Bath furnaces from this manufacturer have the following advantages:

    • Material – stainless chrome steel, capable of supporting heat for a long time, durable and reliable;
    • light weight of the whole design;
    • Installation for all types of universal;
    • Model manifold for any bath;
    • Reliability and simplicity in operation, durability.

    From the flaws worth noting:

    • relatively high price for most models;
    • Walls in stainless steel furnaces do not exceed 3 mm thickness.

    But in general, for its country bath, you can buy a decent option from several species.


    Thermophore company produces more than 30 models of bath furnaces with a volume of 4 to 50 cube. M. By type of fuel, they are all divided into gas and wood. The first form has only 4 varieties with a boiler from 6 to 18 cubes. M. It is successfully used in country houses, where gas heating is lounged. The efficiency of such devices is high, and it only costs to turn on the furnace in the right mode and wait 30 – 60 minutes.

    Gas furnaces “Thermophore” are made of heat-resistant stainless steel or carbon structural steel. They have several colors options. Some are supplied with finished gas equipment, for others it is necessary to further buy burners and a gas supply system. If it is too lazy to mess around with the preparation of firewood and the ignition of the traditional firebox, the Taimyr gas furnaces and Urengoy from this manufacturer are the most successful option.

    Furnaces for the bath “Thermophore” on firewood have a much greater variety of models. This is the most successful option for those who want to feel a natural bath atmosphere with heat from burning flights and a pleasant smell of coal. It is possible to choose heating units with a closed heater, with an open – in the form of a barrel or a real fireplace, in which all the beauty of burning firewood is observed.

    Such varieties are available with high glass, heat-resistant and safe when touched. They have a greater value, but in the bath there will be a unique atmosphere and natural heat from burning natural mannings.

    • Gas stoves from the manufacturer “Thermophore” “Taimyr” and “Urengoy” Have 2 modifications: INOX and CARBON. They differ in the material of the manufacture. In the first case, it is a heat-resistant stainless steel, in the second – thickened structural. All of them have a modern design and compact sizes, the heater is open, so it is possible to organize a hot wet couple in a traditional Russian bath.

    • Model of the wood furnace “Spearbank” able to warm hot water in the minimum time and to form wet steam in the steam room. Using it in the bath, a comfortable temperature is supported up to 65 degrees at a humidity of 45%. Unlike other manufacturers, it forms a water vapor, and non-overwhelmed air. Having weighing 41 kg and the volume of loading of 30 l.

    This furnace can half an hour heat the steam room of 10 m³, and the maximum amount of heated room is 18 m³.

    • Variety “OSA” Ideal for small pylons volume 4-9 m3. Its form is very compact, reminds of the appearance of the column, which can be put in the corner of the steam room. The hidden heater of 10 l and the chimney with a diameter of 115 mm easily heat the small bath and give enough hot water to wash 2-3 people. Case – color, made of structural high-quality steel. There are 2 options for the material: INOX and CARBON.
    • Models of wood stoves “Tunguska” Also two varieties: INOX and CARBON, have a closed or transparent heat-resistant glasswoman. Having a durable case of steel thickness of only 2 mm, they are able to heat the steam room to 60 degrees in just 45 minutes. Kamenka is located on top – it is convenient to press hot water into it. Fixtures are very compact and effective in work.

    • Furnaces “Geyser” Have a sufficient volume for heating large worst with an internal volume of up to 40 m3. They are also supplied with thin durable walls with a thickness of 2 mm, due to which they have high efficiency. Up to 100 degrees you can heat the boiler with dry firewes only in 1 hour.
    • Model from the manufacturer “Thermophore” “Sayany” XXL with a heater of 150 liters suitable for large pairs where you can create a really powerful heat. The shape of the furnace is very original – in the form of a barrel with a metal framing of durable shiny steel. The front part is equipped with a translucent screen, so you can always watch the burning firewood.

    Model “Sayan” XXL is designed for effective heating of rear plains from 12 to 24 cubic. M.

    • Oven “Angara” With the volume of firebox 40 l and a stone weighing 70 kg can heat natural firewood premises up to 18 cubes. M. Included with a tank for water heating and heat exchanger, it can warm the air into a paired and water to 100 degrees in 1 hour. Made from stainless steel corrosion resistant, has a pleasant design, it is easily simple and easy to install.
    • Models “Kalina” Designed for large worst volumes up to 30 cubic meters. Have a very large standard screen with a protective glass with a diagonal of 54 cm, a large stone on top of 40 liters. Corpus of the unit black, from chrome-plated heat-resistant steel. Such furnaces are able to work regularly within 8 – 10 years, a 3 year warranty is usually given to the goods.

    • Very original design have Furnaces for Bath “Vitruvia” Inox Anthracite. The housing is made of black and silver durable steel, on the front panel there is a huge screen through which you can watch the burning firewood. Its size is 58 centimeters diagonally, and this is a record among the Model Row “Thermophore”. Yes, and the heating indicators themselves are large: the unit for the minimum time heats the room with a volume of 18 cube. m, the heater accommodates 45 kg of stones.


    The installation of oven “Thermophore” should be made depending on the technical characteristics of the selected model: the volume of heated room and the fuel consumed, the widths and length of the chimney, the height of the chimney pipe above the roof. In addition, all work is carried out in accordance with SNIP sanitary standards 41-01-2003.

    The stove must be placed on a flat horizontal surface, the floor under it and a wall adjacent to the unit is best to sew a metal sheet to prevent fire. The furnace door must be at a distance of at least 1250 mm from the opposite wall.

    Very important is the connection of the right chimney. It must be made of a sealed metal pipe corresponding to the diameter of the furnace “Thermophore” of this model, not having horizontal sites, be isolated from ceiling overlaps, attic and roof. The top of the chimney should be at a distance of at least 500 mm from the pastune, himself should have a heater and upper umbrella.

    Wooden floor in the bath must be isolated from the furnace, and the walls protect the screen.

    Features of use

    Before the first extract, first of all, you need to make sure that the installation and connection of the furnace, heat exchanger, water tank, protective structures and chimns. Turn the first time is necessary when you open the door and windows, loading the furnace and water tank for full volume, with empty stone and at least 1 hour.

    When first use, a specific chemical smell may be distinguished due to fresh machine oil, which lubricates the parts of the aggregate. It should not be afraid – with further regular use it will disappear.

    After the first extracts, you need to wait until the oven is completely cooling, freeing the tank from the water, and the firebox – from the remnants of the burned firewood, to air the room steam. After that, you can download the stones of the stones (in accordance with its working volume) and use the furnace for the purpose.

    With regular use, it is forbidden to leave the oven “Thermophore” unattended, to pull it with firewood with gasoline or other flammable liquids, dry on the body of the unit any things, close or open the door, including transparent, not for the handle, produce firewood Fuel Canal.


      Owners who purchased various models of oven models for their baths, most positively respond about them. Heating appliances are appreciated for reliability, non-addiction in work, excellent efficiency with a small use of firewood. At the same time, most modifications thanks to the transparent screen give an excellent picture of burning firewood, which also many appreciate.

      In general, it is noted that at the same price is the most favorable choice of domestic heating appliances for a country bath. From the gas options, the most positively responds about the models “Thermophore Taimyr Carbon”, and from wood-hazing, preference is preferred by the furnaces “Angara” and “Tunguska”.

      Overview of the furnace “Thermophore” see below.

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