Furnaces for Bath Harvia: Features and Principle of Work

    If you ask the buyer with the experience, what baker for the bath is the highest quality – Finnish or domestic, then almost 100% of cases will be unambiguous: “Of course, Finnish!”. True, that if quality, strength and security are for you the main characteristics of the acquisition, the best option is a furnace for baths and sauna Harvia.


    For many years now, Finnish manufacturers hold the brand of advanced manufacturers of furnaces for baths and saunas in the world market. For the main part of the buyers, a decisive factor is trust directly to the company Harvia, the products of which are already for quite a long time remains the standard of quality worldwide. For the entire existence on the market of heating equipment, Finnish furnaces were repeatedly modernized, improved and improved. Thanks to this difference from its competitors, Harvia products is not only a unique design, but also high functionality, convenience and simplicity.

    One of the advantages of Harvia heating equipment is that with a small fuel spending it produces a significant amount of heat. If you trust buyers’ reviewers, then in just an hour, the bathroom can be heated to 85 ° C. This happens due to active air circulation. This principle provides economical spending of any type of fuel, as well as a uniform distribution of thermal energy in space, creating the most comfortable conditions for recreation and relaxation.

    Any bake for the bath, regardless of the method and material for the extract, is made of high-widged steel resistant temperatures. The housing is covered with special fire-resistant paint. Wood chassis options are equipped with a metal grade grid, which guarantees the maximum impact of heat. As mentioned above, air circulation speeds up the heating rate of the room. Electrical models are available in a set with appliances controlling the oven. They can be controlled by both the remote control, and automatically, exhibiting the desired program.

    For rapid warming up of a bathroom in Kamenka often loaded stone diabases, talco chlorite and other types of materials. Stones are repent, giving all the heat to the steam room. To increase the percentage of air humidity use a special steel tube. This tube is a water conductor to the lower layer of stone embankment. When moving up the pair is gradually dried and heated to optimal characteristics.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    All Harvia products undergoes a detailed control procedure, and also has a quality certificate and a guarantee.

    The list of advantages of the company’s heating equipment is very long, but you can allocate the main points:

    • long service life;
    • optimal value ratio and quality;
    • variety options;
    • High characteristics of both the technical side of the operation of the device and external design;
    • absolute harmlessness;

    • fast process warming up;
    • lack of sudden temperature surges;
    • ease of installation;
    • Good reputation of the manufacturer.

    The extensive list of goods presented in the catalogs makes it possible to choose the right one, given the taste of the buyer and relying on the parameters of the bath area. It can be a small furnace for home wage, more powerful for public baths, as well as furnaces of various price categories – ranging from economy class and ending with models of the VIP category.

    Glass doors make it possible to enjoy the dance of fire. Stones immersed inside the furnace can become an element of a sauna decoration, if, for example, a two-lid. To soften the heat, you can splash a small amount of water on top of the stones. If you cover the heater with a lid, the room will begin to warm up much faster.

    From the disadvantages can be allocated, except for the strong convention of the furnace, however it is easy to fix with the help of a bracket of bricks screen. This process will not take much time and will not take a lot of money. Sometimes the owners of baths and furnaces look closest to the oven, thermo protective screen for 100% protection.

    As for the electrocamers, the main advantage of their advantage is very rapid heating of stones and the lack of need to periodically put fuel. The disadvantage in some cases is the work of the heating device exclusively from the mains.

    Device and principles of work

    All Finnish furnaces are as simple as possible and for managing them does not require special skills. A variety of forms and models makes it possible to install them in any part of the room. For example, a triangular branded furnace can fit perfectly into the corner of the bath, there are also wall installation options.


    Harvia wood furnaces are manufactured in the best traditions of the Finnish bath. The models differ among themselves in structure and appearance.

    There are a number of basic elements that are characteristic of any model of the wood furnace:

    • Chamber for firewood. Has a steel heat-resistant case. The walls of the chamber have a thickness of up to 10 mm, due to which the rapid warming of the bathroom and stones occurs.
    • Kamenka. Accommodates up to 100 kg of stones. As a rule, the design of the Kamenka is open from all sides. This contributes to an increase in the amount of dry pair.
    • Remote fuel door. Ability to use the option of remote furnaces in the room adjacent to the bath area. For example, if you place a fuel cell in the pre-tribades, the heat transfer will be carried out not only within the steam or sauna, but also in the room.
    • Smoke removal system. Redirects heat from burning fuel material to base. The chimney canal passes through the heater, which increases heat exchange.

    Among all models of Harvia, Harvia M2 has the greatest popularity, as well as a number of heating devices “Classic” and “Legend”. Thanks to the introduction of new structural elements, the use of furnaces becomes even simpler and more comfortable. Some furnaces are equipped with special steam generators, with which the coefficient of dry pair in the bathroom is monitored.

    The principle of operation of the furnace is very simple.

    First of all, the material for firebox is laid in the cast chamber. Thermal energy released in the process of burning firewood is sent to the base of the furnace using the smoke removal system. The chimney of the furnace passes through the Kamenka, due to which the stones begin to warm up even faster.


    Electric thermal equipment Harvia is placed with its supergronomic design and design. The structure of this furnace is the case, the heat insulating layer and tubular electric heater. Management is carried out using the remote control, the temperature sensor of which is installed in the bathroom. The path is intended for remote use. Heating mode is installed by the user. In all the electrical devices of the brand there is a furnace protection program in case you forgot to turn it off.

    Currently, Harvia produces a sufficiently large number of diverse models of furnaces that meet absolutely different needs and requests for potential buyers.

    The range of the company includes wood and electric furnaces of various model lines, such as:

    • Delta;
    • Trendi;
    • Senator;
    • Classic;

    • Legend;
    • Classic Forte;
    • PROFI;
    • Virta;
    • Club.

    Each of the above lines has its own characteristics. Sometimes, unique and unique design of devices, allows you to carry out the most courageous solutions and ideas of planning bathrooms or saunas.

    Below is several of the most popular and interesting lines of the Finnish manufacturer.


    Models of this line are characterized by the design of a triangular form, which makes it possible to arrange a stitch in the corner of the bath, thereby easier to dispose of the room of the steam. All ruler devices have small dimensions, as well as low weight (no more than 10 kg). The optimal volume of the room for warming up by these heat transfer devices is 4 m3.


    Dynamic brave design is the first thing that rushes into the eyes and combines these models. In the assortment there are furnaces with a trim of the body of three color shades – black, platinum and steel. Unlike previous options, SOUND furnaces refer to medium-size, and their weight is no more than 15 kg. Depending on the power, the instruments can be used in the baths and saunas of 3 to 15 m3.


    Both devices that are presented in this line are intended for arrangement in small bathrooms and parilots designed for 2-3 people. The weight of the furnace is 8-10 kg. The main difference in two models is the presence of a remote control and installed automatic thermostat.

    Compact lines are represented by two colors – White and color of stainless steel. These devices assume installation only on a stable surface. The kit also includes stones weighing about 6 kg and a special wooden screen for safety reasons.


    One of the most popular company lines, which has trustworthy and good assessment of buyers. Furnaces of this line are represented by two models of wall fasteners. Designed for Parims designed for 5-13 people. The devices are relatively small in size, while their main feature is the most open design and large volume of heaters.


    The catalog of goods of the Finnish manufacturer is so diverse that each consumer is able to find exactly what he dreamed of. The company produces the most reliable units that are able to dump bathrooms from 5 to 20 m3. The cost of the furnace directly depends on its power.

    According to the reviews of people who enjoy the products of this company, the furnace is very easy to care and clean – the ash wakes up in the grille grate, after which it is referred to the pallet. All that is required from you is to unload the immesorous residues of the material from the tank. All models are distinguished by a well-thought-out scheme of the Convention, which means that almost all wood can burn, except frankly wet

    All models, especially the most modern, equipped with a volumetric chamber, where you can lay lamps of large sizes. Convenience is that they are not at all necessary to chop – the lamps of any size burn in the stove just excellent! Often the Kamenka is heated very quickly, raving to red and give out radiation. In order to avoid this, it is important to choose the optimal flue mode and not to put too much wood. Customer experience showed that the installation of a brick screen around the furnace favorably affects the spread of heat in the room. Some owners prefer to cover the steel sheet with a steel sheet, leaving small gaps for the convention.

    As for electric furnaces, the power supply is better to start using a separate entry, Because there are tangible jumps in the network of aggregates with a capacity of 7-14 kW. In general, the installation of electric stove is quite simple. You just need to make a device in a bathroom, unpack, install in a reserved place and enable.

    Fashionable design of furnaces, extraordinary design, high-quality materials manufacturing – all these factors attract the attention of buyers for many years. Efficiency and reliability, the opportunity to go through at any time, while not having warmed the bath in advance – all this is the obvious advantages of acquiring Finnish products.

    Harvia Bath Furnace Overview See in the video below.

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