Features of canopies from timber

In private houses, sometimes there are not enough garage, and sometimes – a spacious veranda. To quickly and easily correct this drawback, you can use this design as a canopy of timber. This option will be distinguished by reliability and aesthetic species. At the same time, to build a similar object is not completely difficult with your own hands in a short time. And the cost of construction will be very modest and accessible to many.

Advantages and disadvantages

Sheds from a bar are very convenient designs that simply install. For processing and fixing materials, special skills are not needed. Any living in a private house will be able to cope with the construction of such a canopy. It is worth noting that For the simplest design, it is enough to have a hacksaw and a screwdriver at hand. In addition, it is not uncommon that any construction works are constantly owned and there are remnants of materials that can be used for canopy.

Sheds, with the structure of which the bar is used are environmentally friendly.

With their appearance, life becomes more comfortable and easier, and rest is more pleasant. Simple installation and affordable costs allow you to get such a design in a short time and significantly expand its habitat. This building is able to become a great place for pastime with friends and relatives, children’s games, car parking.

Of course, some mark the venue of a bar because of its instability to moisture and some types of parasites. However, modern drugs for processing are wonderful with it. In order for the attachment from the bar to serve as long as possible, it is enough to treat it with special chemicals and make a foundation from cement under it.

The benefits of the canopy should include a variety of design options. Bar is an excellent material that can be a real work of art in the hands of a skillful master. Such a canopy can be performed in any style like – the main thing so that it is combined with the general concept of buildings on the site. Moreover, the design does not have a negative impact on the functionality of the construction and its effectiveness.

Attachment can be an excellent solution not only for the warm season, but also for all seasons. To do this, it is enough to strengthen the building with additional materials to save heat and comfort. And for districts where there are no strong cold weather, it is enough to do not too outdoor canopy.

Buildings from a bar are effective defenders from various weather phenomena, including rain, snow, wind, hail, dust, scorching sun rays. If the canopy is erected to storing cars, it is easy to make it safe with minimal financial investments.

Also many like the multifunctionality of canopies. After all, they are great for recreation, and if necessary, become a great place to storing any technique. Convenient and that if desired, the finished design is easy to transform, based on existing needs. In the event that the project is made of component elements, it is also easy to move.

It is worth noting such a moment as the possibility of implementing the attached construction is almost in any terrain. Moreover Different conditions do not have a negative impact on the efficiency and functionality of the structure. You can install a canopy from a bar, without using special technique, which is very convenient.

Description of species

Hinged structures may differ depending on different factors. For example, on the placement of buildings they are divided into the following types.

  • Attached to home or other object happens with one or two walls. Most often such a canopy is closed. In this case, when attaching a bar to the already finished walls, you can somewhat saving on materials.

  • Separately standing in the courtyard of a private house performed in the form of an independent object, which has all four walls open. Your appearance, such a building is most like a gazebo.

  • The built-in option is distinguished by the presence of three walls that are completely closed. In this case, the roof will be separate from the general on the main building. A good location allows you to do without materials based on.

    According to the option of the roof, the canopies may also differ:

    • Flat is most often performed simply rectangular, without any tricks;

    • Attachment is best suited for a canopy of glued timber, as precipitation flows well;

    • Hemispherical or other unusual shape primarily carries an aesthetic function.

    By purpose of destination, the canopies differ as follows.

    • for a car, as one or more parking spaces;

    • For leisure with family or friends;

    • an extension-porch with a staircase or without;

    • An extension to the gate can also be parking, and a place to rest;

    • wood barn, made of eco-friendly and easily ventilated material;

    • with a decorative goal, like aesthetically attractive structure in the territory of the yard or in the garden;

    • Building on the playground;

    • an extension on the terrace;

    • summer terrace.

    On the organization of the roof, the attachment of a bar may be divided into:

    • single one;

    • Double.

    Single-sided version is presented most often in the form of an open design. Also he can go as an extension or used as a hozblock. The batch option is somewhat more convenient and practical. He also fits better in different types of design. It can be both a separate structure, and lay down to residential or other objects.

    Layout and size

    Before eating a canopy, a number of preparatory work should be held. And it must be done on paper, and on the site where the design will be installed. The first, where to start – the choice of place, and then more and materials, given the one for what purpose the structure is erected. Only after that you can start developing the project. When drafting it is important to consider a large number of moments, so if there are doubts, then it is better to contact the specialists.

    When choosing a place under the attached design, it is necessary to look good. It is desirable that the upper layer of the Earth is even, otherwise will have to do it. The place must also be located so that the canopy is convenient to use, based on its main function.

    Do not erect an object at the bottom of the site. Ideally, the hill is suitable for attachments with which the precipitation will be well.

    Worth paying attention to The selected area was not blurred by the gusts of the wind. It is also very nice if the place is protected from excessive sunlight. If there is no optimally closed location, it is better to organize a half-closed structure, for which additional partitions can be made or pull the awning.

    When it is decided with a place, you should move directly to the canopy, more precisely to what it is needed for what. Depending on the target, it is necessary to prepare a plan of work and make a project for the construction. As a rule, it starts to do with sketch. Then you need to decide on the material and calculate its required amount. From the function of the canopy depends the cross section.

    Before creating a drawing, it is important to make measurements at the construction site and accurately decide on the size of the future design. In the course of design and settlements it is worth considering a number of moments. For example, For carrying supports, it is best to choose a timber segment 50×50 or 60×60 millimeters.

    For small canopies there will be enough section 40 by 40 mm. A similar section is suitable for overlappings. For rather large structures, it is desirable to give preference to bruster with a cross section of 100×100-150×150 mm.

    For carrier supports, the best option will be the pre-prepared column foundation to which they will be screwed. Such an option is more winned compared to concreting. As for the attached structures, the sound insulation of the roof in the rain period is important for them. Therefore, for the roof, it is desirable to pick up soft coatings or polycarbonate sheets.

    The slicer of the arbor directly depends on how much it is ready to allocate. The main thing is to take into account the proportionality, stability and number of people. You can do both spacious terraces in size 6×6 meters and modest buildings.

    To calculate the sizes of the attached design by 2 cars, you need to consider their dimensions. After all, it is necessary to add 80 cm to each car with each of the sides. Approximately one car will require a width of 5 meters and a length of 2.5 meters. When creating attached or embedded options, it is worth familiar with the carrier properties of participating walls.

    At the end of the design it is necessary to note on the drawing all your thoughts about the materials that are planned to be used on the floor, the support pillars, the roof. For open attachments, it is important to pay attention to the strength and direction of winds. This is especially true for the scath version. It is also worth considering snow volumes in the winter, because when the weight of the snow cube will arrive up to 600 kg.


    Erect your hands canopy from glued bars enough easy. It is important that all proportions are complied with the drawing. It is also necessary to reconcile with the level so that the design turns out to be smooth and stable.


    First of all, it is necessary to make the foundation and support in the form of columns. A good option is the pile-screw version of the foundation, since it is easy to perform and allows you to securely fasten a light tree.

    Each separate pile should be placed in a hole in a depth of meter or more (depending on the height of the object). Wooden piles are preferably treated with a special solution to extend the service life.

    If cement pouring is performed, then it is necessary to be attentive so that the pillars stood exactly (perpendicular to the land level). Pole should be fixed with another post, preferably with the help of transverse boards, and then pour concrete.


    Start construction of a frame – Installation of vertical supports Bruusyev. Here you need to carefully monitor the parameters that were previously entered in the project. From parallel sides, the racks must be located in the distance indicated in the drawing so that the design corresponds to its purpose. At this stage, you can build reinforced strengthening from additional beams or boards, which are stacked across.

    Also in the upper part of the timber is held rafters. At the same time, the distance is maintained at least 0.7 meters.


    The roof is the final stage. The roof material must first depend on its shape. First you need to fasten all the wooden parts. After that, you can put roofing material on them. For instance, For canopies that have a small roof slope, profile sheets of metal will be suitable.

    Installation is best done on the frame with the crate. To secure the flooring, it is worth using self-drawers, which holes are made in advance.

    Master class on the construction of a canopy do-it-yourself in the video below.

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