Features of bathing chains

Ban Chan is an excellent tool for the procedure of recovery and recreation. He has many useful properties, but do not forget about contraindications. The product is offered in different configurations, each with its characteristics and advantages. You can explore the description of the manufacturers, select the type of material and install such even in the home bath.

What it is?

Bath procedures are in great demand, moreover, today they can be carried out by different technologies. Banny Chan began his story for quite a long time, although the design has not undergone special changes. The main characteristic of the product is that it is a large container, for the manufacture of which is used metal: cast iron or stainless steel. It is possible to place an object on the street if the water source is nearby. Carry out such a procedure at any time of the year.

You can say with confidence that this is a beautiful bath complex, the development of which specialists work, improving it to achieve maximum effect during the procedure.

Benefit and harm

Of course, it is important to call the beneficial properties and benefits of a bathhouse. Everyone has fatigue and needs high-quality and full-fledged rest: both physical and moral. Warning in a bathhouse will deliver great pleasure, because this is a procedure that gives power, energy and relaxes. It is worth noting that science has long proved the benefit of this fund, thanks to which You can treat diseases of the joints, restore the body after severe treatment or injury.

If we talk about bathing procedures on firewood, with their help The blood is cleaned from toxins, the vital energy is returned, extra kilograms are burned, and the skin becomes more touched.The work of the cardiovascular system stabilizes, same Improves metabolism.

If you are cold, it is recommended to immerse yourself in a bath-chan, and soon the respiratory tract will open, the state will be much better. Such procedures strengthen the nervous system and perform the role of a painlier.

However, with all the benefits of baths, it is worth understanding that in some cases they may be harmful, and therefore it is important to know when to refrain from the procedure. People who have increased pressure, must first be consulted with the attending physician. Serious heart disease can exacerbate when in a hot bathhouse. Blood pressure rises during the procedure – this should be considered.

Indications and contraindications

There is a list of diseases with which it is strictly forbidden to do similar procedures. This number includes: varicose veins, increased pressure, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, brain swelling, oncology, acute form of influenza and. D. Absolute contraindications for similar bath procedures following: fear of steam, infections and parasitic diseases, outdoor tuberculosis, the danger of embolism, epilepsy, vegetative disorders in heavy form. Before you go to the bath, where there is a Chan with different herbs, You must consult with a specialist, To find out how useful or harmful to be the procedure in your case.

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If everything is in order with health and I want to just strengthen the immune system, relax and improve the metabolism, dive into the bath Chan can and even need it, as it will have a positive effect on the body.

To preserve youth and resume vital energy, you can regularly attend such places, because the result is noticeable from the first time.

Review of species

Banned Chan may be different – depending on the form, location and availability of additional elements. There are two main categories – Suspended and Built-in Installations. Chan can be delivered both outside and inside, often it is mounted in open air outdoors.


This design is mounted on the built pedestal, which is made of profiled pipe. In some tanks, it can close and be lined with decorative material, which has a fire resistance. Often that brick, terracotta tile or stone. Under construction is preparing a place for the focus, either the stove is embedded to maintain the water temperature in the container. According to the rules, it must reach 45 degrees Celsius, as it is most comfortable in winter.

The product is offered in several sizes, so first it is necessary to decide how many people need to be placed. Inside the benches made of natural wood, they have comfortable backs, and in some models there are armrests.

Material material most often serves cedar, as he has a lot of healing properties. The design should have a comfortable staircase so that it can be convenient to climb in Chan.


Such baths are suspended on chains and are attached to tripods that can be metallic, and wooden. Supports serve sememter logs, as they are able to withstand the weight of the chane. This option is suitable for a walker in the fresh air, because it has a molding effect, and the contrast is very pleasant, especially if it is winter time. Street attracts many, so if there is a free space on the plot, you can install the design, warm water on the fire and enjoy bath procedures.

As for the size of the bathing, there are several options, but almost each is made with eight faces. Parameters affect the capacity, so you should pay attention to the diameter. The depth indicator is common: small, medium and large – 1 m. Maximum capacity – ten people, the diameter of such a Chan reaches 2.5 meters. The medium-sized capacity is suitable for six-eight people, diameter is 2.25 m, and small – 1.9 m, so it will be comfortable for swimming four-six vacationers.

Almost all manufacturers keep the same proportions, the round shape of the bathhouse is most convenient in operation.


The material from which the bath chan is made, plays an important role and affects the service life. Capacities should be exclusively iron, because they are heated by fire and are required to withstand high temperature. Traditional are considered Cast iron or chanes from steel alloy.

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For the production of semicircular capacity, the molten cast iron is poured into the cooked form. There, the metal cools, and the perfectly smooth surface is formed, in which there is no single seam. Capacity will not be deformed while contact with heated bricks or directly with fire. But It should be remembered that the cast-iron product will warmly warm up, and this is a consumption of firewood. In addition, the material has a great weight – for installation will require a special technique. Cast iron is considered fragile, so when installing you need to be neat. It will serve the capacity to fifteen years old, and this is an impressive term.

Chan of stainless steel enjoyed in great demand and has many advantages. For its production, specialists take several parts, carefully boil each seam and check for the lack of defects. Black Steel It is also used for manufacture, but the stainless steel is practical, since it is not corrosion. It is very easy to care for such chhan – enough to use household chemicals.

Steel tanks are in demand for various reasons. First of all, they heat up faster and maintain the temperature, which means that the consumption of firewood. Weight easy, so you can install on your own. As for the cost, it all depends on the manufacturer, as well as capacity parameters, but this is a wise investment in health and useful rest.

Company “Siberian Bannaya Chan” is one of the best in this area. The main indicator of quality can be called four patents and certification. The manufacturer received the right to produce the capacitance of a certain form, so you can safely consider products if you want to take bath procedures on its territory. For the manufacture uses high-class steel, which resists mechanical damage and corrosion.

Cedar applies for components with high moisture resistance, durability and long service life. Also, wood has a positive effect on the body, cleans air from bacteria, which is equally important. Siberian bathrooms are presented in different configurations.

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“Sergeev Chan” produces and sells products by delivering it to any region. The advantage of bath chains is that they are produced from food stainless steel, finishing made of pine and larch. To the attention of buyers is offered about fifty complete sets.

Transcarpathian cast iron chan can be ordered In the company “Chan-cast-iron”, which produces the highest quality capacitance in compliance with all requirements. It is worth noting that you can choose even any color finish. Pre-providing a specialist consultation, there is also a detailed description of the products, their characteristics and parameters.

Japanese bath Chan heated is called Furako. Company “Phygorodnik” offers the baths of this type. The assortment has a container with a composite insert, a furnace of the built-in or external. The main wood material is the Altai cedar, which has useful properties and retains them for a long time. Such a bath can be installed in your own bath or outdoor street.

How to use?

Preparation does not take much time and does not require much effort. Chan needs Fill with water, after which the bonfire or oven, depending on the type of heating. The last is more relevant due to energy saving. When water filled a third of the tank, you should start heated. If you wish, you can throw medicinal or fragrant herbs, many use bath brooms. Water is impregnated, and a pleasant fragrance comes from it. The temperature of the fluid should be checked with a thermometer, and when it reached 45 degrees Celsius, mix and dive.

It is better to use birch wood as a firewood, It should be dry, otherwise melt it will be more difficult, besides, the smoke will only interfere. If on the street is low temperature, It is important to support fire. You can be in a chance for up to twenty minutes, immersed in the water on the chest. After that, it is important to plunge into the cool reservoir – and you can return back. That is how the effect will be the maximum. Optimal time staying in the Chan is considered one hour. During this, you can drink warm herbal teas, so the procedure will become more pleasant.

Summing up, we can say that Bath chains have a lot of positive characteristics. However, with all its benefits, it is necessary to treat the procedure carefully, given the individual tolerability and health status. Before you purchase such a device, it is necessary to carefully study the varieties, characteristics and choose from personal preferences.

The video review of the bathroom is presented.

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