Dutcha houses 6×6 meters

Plots allotted for cottages rarely have a large area. But with a skillful approach to the compilation or selection of the project, the country house 6×6 m may be very pleasant and comfortable housing.


The most important feature of such projects is that almost all of them are typical, that is, designed in the finished form of design organizations many years ago. Even the planning that seems completely simple, in fact presents in several different variants. It is extremely difficult to place everything necessary on a limited area.

Because the main criterion for assessing the planning is the accounting of household requirements and requests. If you wish, you can slightly adjust the typical program, however, the limits of such an adjustment are quite limited.

What options are options?

A very attractive choice can be a house 6×6 m with a stove and professional fireplace in the center of the room. However, the fireplace is optional, but without a furnace or boiler in the Russian climate it is almost impossible to do. A classic brick oven is usually used not only for heating, but also for visual zoning space. Thanks to the abundance of orders, you can choose the best option for yourself. At the same time, sometimes the furnace is located in the distance wall.

Such projects allow you to maximize the useful space in the center of the room. This scheme is recognized as a classic option for a cottage house where the place is constantly lacking. To fully calculate and think over, it is advisable to draw diagrams on paper or with a specialized software. It is difficult to say which of these options is better, however, both of them clearly exceed “inventing out of the head”. If in the house of 36 kV. M. It was decided to highlight 2 rooms, then you need to “carve out” between them a small corridor.

Plans differ on the basis of the foundation) to which the house will be relying. Another group of projects is characterized by using gas heating. In this case, for boilers or heaters, a separate room must be assigned. Sometimes it is not an extension, but “Mostovka”, located outside the dwelling. In the overwhelming majority windows on dachas relatively small.

But if the house is designed for living all year round, various panoramic glazing options can be used there. Do preference to them or seek to save money, you need to solve yourself, depending on the available funds. Even if the selection of the planning is instructed by a professional designer or design organization, you need to constantly track their work. Options with verandas, terraces look more attractive than ordinary, however, they will occupy more space and cost more. When choosing a type of roof, it is also necessary to take into account objective financial constraints, and not just subjective beauty.

One-storey garden house with attic and veranda

Similar dwelling is the dream of any citizens. Thanks to the residential attic, you can even single-storey building significantly improve and get rid of grind. To deliberately eliminate the problems, it is better not to build a log house. Yes, the material looks beautiful and environmentally, but the log house occupies a lot of space. It is necessary to take into account possible problems:

  • The building with the attic is still more expensive than a purely single-storey building;

  • The inclined scope roof is harder to warm and separate;

  • It is harder to choose the appropriate glazing system;

  • In a bright sunny day, the upper part of the house can heal greatly;

  • heavy rain often creates unpleasant noise.

But all these problems are solved. You can use, for example, a more efficient sound insulation option, and also think over the ventilation system. So that the attic fit perfectly, it should be put directly in the process of building a house, and the design should also be synchronously.

It is necessary to clearly distinguish the attic and “just equipped the attic”. In the second case, it can be warm, dry, but the room is still intended only for short-term stay.

When attic to the already worthwhile house is added, you need to hold a qualitative analysis of its walls and foundation, find out their technical condition. Fulfill such work forces only by trained professionals. In some projects, the division of the attic on the residential area and the storage unit may be provided. The original option, allowing dachensons to relax, is a large window in the roof. Through it, you can enjoy the view of flying clouds or starry sky.

It is noted that the country houses with attic superstructures look more respectable. As for the veranda, they are advised to be located from the south of the main part of the house. The magnitude of the extension in the project depends on what is its goal. If there is only planned to spend time with your family, enough rooms of medium sizes. But for the invitation of a large company of friends, the veranda is better to increase by performing it in the format of the letters r along the adjacent walls.

Dachka House project 6×6 meters See next video.

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