Customs with a veranda: options for arrangement

The presence in the country of comfortable forms with the veranda is no less important than the construction of the house itself. Everyone knows that due to financial or other problems, the construction of private property sometimes takes long years, so all this time you will simply need to have a temporary room, which will be less large, but also practical and convenient. Such a temporary building for giving can be both stationary and mobile (on platform and wheels). It can be in a similar way to transport from place to place, make an angular (to take less space) or freely move inside the site, if you need it.

Features of country houses

The most versatile, affordable, ergonomic and popular with our compatriots are 6×3 m. Such generally accepted sizes are important and when you need transportation of cabins. In this case, there will be no special documentation for the transportation of federal tracks.

An even more comfortable temporary accommodation option – two-bedroom household with a veranda. At the same time, over time, we can change its design, making a storage room or a bath. The veranda in such projects can perform the function of summer cuisine, hallway or just a vacation spot with sun beds, a table or chairs located on it.

Roofing in the cabin with a veranda can be a single or twin and preferably reported with the rest of the structure. Inside the house space is usually divided into 2-3 compartments. For example, it can be an entrance hall with a kitchen attached to it and 2 residential mini-rooms (living room and bedroom). This option is ideal for families with children so that everyone in the hotel has “its own corner”.

It is due to partitions that can be created inside a special comfort and competently not only zonate the space, but also to distribute thermal energy indoors. The simplest and budget will be the option of Gicewall Partitions.

Benefits of households

Undoubted advantages of gardening households, in front of other options for temporary accommodation, can be called:

  • versatility and multifunctionality (can be used for different purposes);
  • ease of installation (for the construction of cabins with a terrace there will be quite enough two qualified workers and several days of intensive work);
  • Affordable price (if the cost in priority, metal is the most inexpensive option).

Options for householders

Modular cells can divided as in functional purpose (In this article we consider a residential option), So and on the construction used in the construction:

  • metal (“trailer” or block container) coated with corrugated iron;
  • Wooden (from the brusade frame, insulation and wooden sheat);
  • Combined (metal frame, covered with board or plastic).

Advantages of wooden cabins:

  • heat;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • variety of designs and shapes;
  • affordable price;
  • Strength and reliability.

Of the minuses, you can note the possibility of fire and the need to care for a wooden coating. But these problems are partially solved using special impregnations and wood care products.

The advantages of metal cabins:

  • durability and duration of operation;
  • ease of care;
  • Resistance to various external influences;
  • the possibility of placing material at the request of the owners;
  • Reliable Protection against Vandals.

Of the minuses, there is only the fact that even with a layer of insulation in such a dwelling can be cold in winter and hot in summer. Therefore, this option is to choose to those who do not spend too much time in the hotel, but only occasionally uses it by appointment.

By the method of collecting cabins can be divided into several species.

  • Shielded households – the fastest, simple and cheap way of building such a design. Such a lot of temporary and does not need a special foundation.

  • Bruce households – the most reliable and warm, so suitable for use in the northern regions. In fact, such a household is small, but a very practical and functional country house.

  • Frame households Going on special technology, so you can live in winter. This construction is created for long-term residence. Inside the structure is covered with a clapboard or chipboard, outside also used lining.

How to build households with a veranda

If you decide to build household on the summer site yourself, first make a work plan (it can be found on the Internet in many manufacturers of cabins) and draw a preliminary drawing or sketch of the structure. Standard two-bedroom design of the cabinet has the shape of “Spindlers” with the hallway.

The presence of a veranda will give the design of additional comfort. When determining the place for the location, take into account the fact that the distance between it and neighboring structures should be more than 3 meters.

Durability of cabins depends on reliable foundation (Of course, if we are not talking about mobile design on wheels). If the standard belt foundation is impossible (for example, if the site is located on the slope), it will be better to use screw piles. In such a situation, do not forget about the drainage that will protect the plot and build on it from the destructive force of groundwater. For this, the rammed gravel, sand and crushed stone will be suitable. The most common type of foundation for similar designs – column, it is made from concrete or brick.

The frame of cabins from the bars are mounted from the corners, then the roof turn comes. The vertical beams on the facade are made above, and the roofing coating itself will be held on rafters connected by the crate. Do not forget to make water removal.

Roofing placed on top with bolts and screws. That your roof is reliable, practical and energy efficient, cover it with roofing glands and galvanized sheet, and you can insulate the root. Those who do not like the knock drops along the iron surface, you can recommend the coating soft Ondulin.

Next comes a series of insulation of walls and ceiling and installation of windows and doors. Beams adjacent to Earth, it is worth treating an antiseptic from the influence of fungus or insects. For the facade it is worth using rolled insulation. And all sorts of cracks in the design can be masked using a mounting foam.

In order for the fire safety of the structure is high, it is necessary to apply a special impregnation on the tree and use high-end fire resistance to heat. At the same time, the heat insulation material must be distributed everywhere evenly, the layer must have a thickness of at least 10 cm.

During the finishing works, note that the protective vehicles on the tree will not only provide your hotel a modern and attractive appearance, but also protect the construction from the negative impact of ultraviolet rays, temperature drops and all kinds of precipitation. At the end, the insulated floor is done (mineral wool is suitable as an insulation). After processing the floor with antiseptics that will protect it from external influences.

Outlet of the veranda to the household

The veranda under the shelter, attached from the front door, will give you additional comfort in the summer, not only by increasing the useful area and creating a pleasant shadow in the heat, but also becoming a place of rest, drying linen, summer kitchen or even a barbecue area (do not forget about Fire-safety measures). The main thing is to provide a single foundation plane when planning such an extension.

For an extension of the veranda to the hotel, you will need:

  • boards 30 mm and 25 mm;
  • Bar 100×100 mm;
  • roofing professional flooring;
  • fasteners;
  • 4 adjustable supports;
  • construction tools.

The foundation of the veranda is to lay together with the main foundation. You can add a terrace and later, the main thing is to firmly connect 2 foundations. Blocks are installed in the same way and adjusted in height. Brous strapping is securely attached to the domestic metal corners and screws. Check that the length of the diagonals of the veranda is the same.

The base of the terrace is made in terms of the level, floor boards are stacked, and vertical supports are fixed by. Consider that the roof will be low with a difference of 10 cm. The upper strapping is made from the bar, rafters are put and the doomle, and the professional flooring is fixed under the roof. At an altitude of about 90 cm from the floor level, railing is made. And the beauty and unusualness of your veranda will give all sorts of decorative elements, for example, pilasters and bales.

Additional arrangement

You can spend water by connecting to centralized water supply or using an autonomous design. To mount wiring it is necessary to hire a professional electrician in order not to risk its safety. From “civilization benefits” that you will probably need in temporary accommodation, you can also use a toilet, shower, sewage, air conditioning.

Cooking food can be prepared on the electric stove or use gas from cylinders. Similarly, with competently organized installation work, you can comfortably live in the household with a veranda all year round.


Moodovka, built with your own hands, is practical and inexpensive housing, which will not necessarily be temporary until you build a house on the site. It may well come in handy after that as a residential or auxiliary room, for example, a bath or hozblock. You can choose yourself whether it is worth buying ready-made foods from a construction company or better build it with your own hands.

If you want to purchase a ready-made option, cheaper to buy a design directly from the manufacturer, and not in building stores. Before making a purchase, be sure to discuss all the nuances in advance of the type of materials used in construction, as well as sizes, type of glazing, installation and payment details. It is possible that you will be brought by a finished product, as it is collected in special hangars. Builders at the request of the customer can mount the design and on your site.

And if you decide not to rush and make food with a veranda with your own hands, choose a two-room option. Such a lot is most comfortable. It will be an excellent vacation spot after the working day in the country. If it is cozy to equip such a “nest”, then you will probably not even notice the difference between it and a full-fledged house.

On how to build a lot of food, see the following video.

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