Contact grills: characteristics and overview of popular models

Currently, many different kitchen devices are invented, which greatly simplify cooking process. For example, contact grills appeared as a result of changes in the electroryl.

Features and destination

The grill is designed for roasting meat, vegetables, fish and even dairy products. The device is widely used not only in cafes and restaurants, but also in everyday life. It is a professional equipment that copes with hot in a few minutes.

The pin grill is two heat-resistant plates interconnected by springs. The body of the fixture is made of stainless steel, and the working planes are most often from cast iron, there are copies of glass-ceramic or aluminum. The surface of the plate can also be covered with non-stick composition.

Inside each fry plane is the heating element.

Work with the device just. To the lower plate you need to lay products, and top press. No need to use oil, so products remain as useful as possible. The spring mechanism reacts to the size of the products and allows you to create the necessary pressure for high-quality roasting. The dish under the press is heated evenly and on top, and below that saves time and electricity. The heating temperature of the plates is regulated by a special mechanism – thermostat. About product availability and performance notify special light indicators.


Depending on the heat source, grills are divided into several types.

  • Gas. Heating is due to gas burners.
  • Coal. The heat source is coal or firewood.
  • Electric. Work when connected to a network of 220V, the heating elements are tagne.

    Grills on the design of the structure are divided into two types.

    • Two-sided, which have two hot-water cast iron plates. Such a grill is called a press grill or clamping. You can prepare on such equipment with a crowded lid.
    • One-sided having one oven.

    There are devices with removable panels. It turns the electrolygl to the universal device, as it is possible to cook meat, waffles and sandwiches.

    Types of surfaces

    The hot-hot surface of the contact grill can be different:

    • Smooth is intended mainly for seafood and birds;
    • Corrugated is recommended for roasting steaks and large pieces of meat;
    • Combined suitable for various dishes.

      For the manufacture of the frying panel uses various materials.

      • Metal with non-stick coating. A distinctive characteristic is fast heating and cooling.
      • Cast iron. This material is well distributed and maintains the temperature, not exposed to deformation.
      • A natural stone. This option retains heat for a long time, but it is afraid of strikes.

      Review manufacturers

      Each chooses a kitchen appliance, relying on their needs, wanting the price-quality ratio to fit the instrument.

      Rating of the most popular manufacturers of electric hand:

      • Tefal;
      • Philips;

      • Zelmer;
      • Gorenje;
      • Maxwell.

      These are the most successful and high-quality models, if you believe consumer reviews.

      Tefal GC306012

      Double-sided grill. The hotbed panels are removable, it is possible to install them in one of three positions: oven, grill and barbecue. The corrugated surface is covered with a non-stick layer, which allows you to prepare on it without oil and easy to clean the surface. High power 2 thousand. WT provides fast heating. Special stands allow you to store the device vertically, which saves a place. Of the disadvantages, it is possible to note the lack of a temperature indicator and timer, the impossibility of washing removable plates in the dishwasher due to the Teflon coating, as well as the absence of additional panels in the production.

      Airhot CG

      1800 W Electricity. Equipped with two upper individual roasting panels and a solid lower with a corrugated surface. Lower and top panels have independent thermostators. The instrument handles are made of heat-resistant plastic. The case of the device is made of stainless steel, the hotbed panels are easy to clean. The top panel allows you to prepare products of various thickness due to self-regulating spring.

      Hurakan HKN-PE22R

      Compact grill is well suitable for a small cafe. Has one working corrugated surface. The housing is made of stainless steel, and the hotbed panels are made of cast iron and covered with enamel.

      Vitek VT-2630 ST

      Compact, but functional device. Characterized by simplicity in control and high-quality non-stick coating of the embossed frying panel. Additionally, the electrolyrril is included in the tank for grease collection, which flows on specially designated grooves in the cooking process. And the device is equipped with a timer and thermostat.

      GFGril GF-080

      Has an electronic control panel, auto-power function. Differs from the other grills heated only the upper plate.

      Philips HD 6360/20

      Grill capacity is 2 thousand. W, which makes it possible to prepare in a wide temperature range. Removable double-sided panel – on one side it is smooth, on the other – corrugated.

      Travola SP-32

      The presence of a thermostat in this model of electricity will allow you to select the required temperature for the preparation of various products. The device is also equipped with a power indicator. High-quality non-stick coating of the frying plates allows them to quickly and easily clean. Plates can be laid out at an angle of 180 °, which increases the surface for cooking. And also electricrile has a pallet in which fat and juice flows during cooking.

      Maxwell MW-1960 ST

      Powerful grill, perfectly roasting even thick pieces of meat, and it is suitable for sandwiches. It is possible to set different temperatures for the top and bottom plate. Non-stick coverage is very high quality and will serve not one year. Lack of model – non-removable panels.

      How to choose?

      When choosing a contact grill, pay attention to some parameters.

      • Size of the working surface. It should be chosen from the amount of food that will need to be prepared at a time. Big surface will save time when cooking.
      • Power. The more power, the faster the dish is preparing, and the meat will be fried well, but will remain juicy. Low power specimens are suitable for cooking vegetables and semi-finished products. To use the house universal will be a device with an average power.
      • Temperature regulator. Makes it possible to set the necessary temperature for the preparation of various products.

      • Automatic adjustment of the upper plate. This feature will prepare equally well products of different sizes.
      • Protection against overheating and automatic shutdown system. Options are needed for security.
      • Timer. Facilitates cooking control.
      • Removable panels. Necessary for convenient care and efficient washing.
      • The latest models manufacturers are equipped with an electronic display. Simplifies the control of the device, useful, but not such an important addition.
      • Several degrees of the roasters. Function is necessary for making sophisticated dishes.

      Operating and Care Tips

      Any technique requires some care, no exception and contact grill. If you want the device to serve a long time and properly, attention should be paid to the Operating Tips proposed by experts.

      First of all, you need to get acquainted with the attached instructions.

      It is necessary to fulfill all recommendations on secure use and maintenance.

      • The grill must warm up to a certain temperature. It will reduce cooking time.

      • After using the device must be turned off from the network and give it to cool.
      • The cleaning of the frying panel must be carried out after each cooking on the grill. You need to use detergent, soft sponge and paper napkins or towels. To start with the help of a sponge and soap solution, remove all pollution, then remove foam in a wet sponge, finally wipe on a towel. It is important to prevent water from entering the roasting surface to heating elements. Case device is cleaned in the same way.

      • The fatrimist is a small bowl that is located under the grill panels. It must be removed and washed after each cooking.

      If the device has removable panels, they should also be removed and cleaned after each cooking, wiping dry before applying.

      It is strictly prohibited:

      • use metal brushes, as they can damage the surface;
      • lower the device into water;
      • wash the grill connected to the network;
      • Clean hot panels, it can also damage the coating and burns.

      Choosing a high-quality and reliable electroryl, you will get delicious and useful dishes prepared with pleasure. A variety of models with different characteristics are presented on the market at different prices, and each buyer will be able to choose a suitable model.

      How to prepare the perfect steak using the TEFAL OPTIGRILL contact grill, see the following video.

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