Ceramic grills: selection subtleties

Ceramic grill in Russia only becomes popular, although in other countries, in particular, in America, such a device has a majority owners of private houses. Grilled food does not compare with any other dishes.

Features and principle of work

Ceramic grill is created from a special material. Each manufacturer uses its ceramic composition, which is often unique and even secret.

Thanks to this grill have the following set of features:

  • resistance to corrosion;
  • good heat conservation;
  • preservation of moisture, which makes it possible to maintain a suction of cooked food;
  • Universality regarding the choice of dishes: baking bread, soup, roast, frying meat, vegetables and seafood.

Ceramic grill combines the features of several devices at once.

Cooking in ceramic grills is carried out in three ways at the same time:

  • on a heated lattice;
  • During the convection, dishes are obtained juicy, useful and diet;
  • IF radiation, which comes from burning coals.

To get started, it is necessary to do uncomplicated manipulations. They differ little depending on the selected model.

In most cases, ceramic grills are launched equally:

  • Charcoal falls asleep in the furnace;
  • For fuel igniting, it is convenient to use solid burners;
  • The lid closes, and the flaps open;
  • We are waiting for about 20 minutes and proceed to cooking;
  • Tanders are used to control the temperature.


Ceramic grills were recently represented by the world, but their range is rich and diverse. Need to understand a little in this division so that the process of choice passed smoothly.

  • Coal ceramic grill – it is very convenient and practical. Such a device has a number of benefits, some of them are unique. For example, it allows you to prepare smoked food, it can be used away from civilization, replaces the tandoor and the furnace, provides a uniform root for a short period of time. The disadvantage concerns the process of cleaning from ash and burnt food residues. You can choose special firewood, which burn almost no residue, choose a high-quality grill and expensive coating, having robbing yourself from the burnt products. But still have to wait for the grill warming. It goes on average 20 minutes.

  • Electricrille Easy to work because it does not require the preparation of fuel, its ignition and further purification from ash. However, it will not be able to use in nature, because the network will need to work. If the device is operated exclusively at home, then you can stop the choice on the electrical version.

It is not a street version, use outside of the house, of course, it is possible, but still it is suitable for home operating.

  • Gas Also used in ceramic grills. Such devices are not always comfortable. They cannot be called compact, because a gas cylinder is needed to work. He needs a periodic refueling that does not bring comfort to the user. But time to prepare for cooking extremely few. It will be necessary to spend only a few minutes.

  • Big Green Egg – these are very popular grills that successfully conquer the Russian market. “Egg” as a form is not just like that. Such a design has unique structural features that make food cooking perfect. Energy of fire and heat that comes from the walls, surrounded from all sides.

These are ceramic grills are presented on the market. From a rich assortment you can easily make a choice that will meet your requirements and wishes.

We studied in detail our reviews, got acquainted with the products of many manufacturers, took pictures of interesting models and dropped brands that are not worth paying at all. All this was done to ensure that your choice is easy and understandable.

  • Big Green Egg – one of the most famous and popular grills. Egg shape, high-quality material, unique design features, large functionality – tasty dishes secrets. Even the famous chef Johnny Booker is enjoyed this grill, which is the owner of three Michelin stars.

  • Rode from Germany are grills Monolith. Here in the first place comes out impeccable quality. No wonder the manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty on its grills. The equipment is characterized by a perfect design, understandable management, simple departure and spectrum of possibilities.

Advantages overlap the high cost.

  • Grills Primo Often can be seen in steak houses in the United States and European countries. If the company chooses professionals, it means a lot of things and is better advertising.

  • Kamado Joe – This is an American brand that has been producing grills for many years. Large and small, universal and professional, classic and original – for every taste.

The company uses simple standards, but it demonstrates unsurpassed quality that refers to each process.

  • Among the grills of Russian production you can highlight the company “Thesa-ceramics”. This manufacturer produces many items of ceramic products, including grills. Such equipment is characterized by high quality, worthy execution, affordable cost compared to more eminent foreign counterparts. The grill is just 15 minutes ready for work, the walls are well held by the desired temperature, which is not transmitted to the outer contour. In a word, a worthy alternative to expensive foreign brands.

      • China, Clear business is also a manufacturer of ceramic grills. Making these devices mastered many Chinese manufacturers, such as Auplex Kamado or Florabest. Immediately rushes low cost, which is at least half less than American or German grills. It seems suspicious and even frightening. But in fact, Auplex Kamado products have surprisingly high quality and reliability. Professional use let her not “on the shoulder”, but for the house you can safely choose Chinese grills from Auplex Kamado. As for Florabest and other manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom, we do not advise risk. Information about them is little, the reviews are even less, and the cost is very small.

        See below.

        How to choose?

        Now summarize everything that has been said above and will reduce information on the list of tips that need to be guided when choosing a grill of ceramics.

        • The size determines the cost of the product, its weight, dimensions and consumption of coal. Need to choose the right size on the basis of the needs. Each manufacturer offers a large dimensional line of its equipment. There are furnaces for catering establishments, and there are miniature barbecue, intended for picnics and calculated for several servings.
        • Functionality implies the ability to replace with one device at once several. For example, many grills allow not only frying products, but also bake a piece, stew, smoke and tomorrow. It is very convenient, but for such a functionality will have to pay a lot. In addition, many grills are equipped with a number of useful devices and mechanisms. Such useful additions include a thermometer on the lid, fixing the mechanism, a system for cleaning ash, alert system. In some models, you can change the height of the lattice.

        • Ceramic grill can not be cheap, because the material itself is expensive. If you are offered a suspiciously cheap model, it is worth thinking about her quality and durability.
        • Do not refuse accessories, some of them are necessary. For example, wheels for comfortable and safe transportation. Spit will fully prepare a bird or piglet. Protective covers are necessary for grills that will be constantly on the street. In addition, there are many accessories used during cooking. Shovels, lattices, gloves – all this is necessary for comfortable and safe cooking. Buy everything is not necessary, but without some accessories just can not do.

        • Above the type of fuel that will be used during the operation of the grill, you need to think in advance. We have already considered this question. Electric structures can only be used at home, gas models are comfortable, but have large sizes. Wood-coal options may be equally used at home and in nature. Food is especially fragrant.

        Operating and Care Tips

        Anyone, even the highest quality and reliable grill needs proper care and proper operation.

        Our tips will allow for a long time to preserve the appearance of the equipment and its functionality in full.

        • Using a protective cover for grills that are constantly on the street – a prerequisite. Covers are not so expensive to save on their purchase.
        • Removal of non-aggravated fuel residues must occur regularly. The poker is neatly knocked from the walls and grilles of ash. It falls through the grid in a special compartment, which is removed, cleared and installed back.
        • More serious cleansing of the grill is required about twice a year. To do this, remove the ring from heat-resistant material and furnace. Between the bottom and internal elements there is a ash that is cleaned. To purify the indoor space, a brush from plastic is used, and you can also use the vacuum cleaner.

        • Check for tightness and arrangement of tapes need to be carried out several times a year depending on the frequency of use.
        • Mold can be formed with a duty of a simple grill and the availability inside the moisture. Some models have the function of self-cleaning. In any case, it is prohibited to use whitening and cleaning products.
        • The loop on the lid also need prophylaxis. Over time, they can break and weaken. In this case, the lid will be spontaneously close and open it tight. Loops need to tighten and lubricate.
        • Ceramic components are cleaned only after complete cooling. Growing food removes with a brush.
        • For storage of ceramic parts, dry room is chosen. And also cannot be used for cooking on a regular plate, lubricate with vegetable oils, omit.

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