Blank blanks for the bath: Terms and Rules

Blank blanks for a bath – a process requiring special attention. About when collecting raw materials for them, how to knit branches correctly, there are many opinions. However, traditional recipes and recommendations usually justify themselves. What are the brooms for the bath and when to harvest them is more correct, it is worth learning more before the start of the season, otherwise it is hardly possible to get high-quality material for a guy.

Selection of material

The tradition of independently harvest raw materials support all experienced bays. It is thanks to their efforts to choose from suitable sources to obtain stems a special value is paid. Brooms for baths are lime, birch, oak, fir, juniper. In hot countries, eucalyptus or bamboo shoots also use.

Properties and features of various raw materials for the workpiece of brooms should be considered in more detail.

  • Birch. This species is considered the most traditional, due to the folding properties helps to make the detoxification effect from visiting the bath more intense. Raw material is as accessible as possible, it is easy to harvest independently. In steaming, thin and chlest birch branches with the sheltering small leaves create a completely special feeling, massage and remove swelling. Such raw materials have a beneficial effect on the health of the respiratory organs, the condition of the skin.

  • Oak. The shoots of this tree are considered the best for the manufacture of strong reusable brooms that allow you to catch the maximum number of steam. This type of raw material is great for people suffering from skin diseases, high sweating. Oak brooms can be battered even at elevated pressure, they are well cleaned, massage, but do not create conditions for excessive blood tide.
  • Juniper. This variety of raw materials is distinguished by increased resinness, the release of essential substances occurs gradually. The best is a broom collected from branches from several bushes. When visiting the bath, the sparkled broom provides natural evaporation of healing essential oils. With it, it is possible to get rid of the nasal congestion, as well as facilitate the patient’s condition during rheumatism, radiculitis.

  • Linden. Aromatic brooms from its branches especially love people who regularly visiting the Russian bath. With their help you can cure a cold, facilitate the condition of the body when coughing, remove the symptoms of a cold. Linden essential oils have a beneficial effect on the state of the skin, help the narrowing of the pores, eliminate inflammation. A feature of the visits to the pair with such a broom becomes a saturated honey fragrance.

  • Eucalyptus. This plant is used for the manufacture of brooms with excellent healing properties. Sparpered branches and leaves exude a special fragrance, useful for the prevention and treatment of colds. For brooms use bush varieties of plants.

  • Nettle. Herbal raw materials use fresh, forming brooms right before visiting the bath. Among the positive properties of nettle can be noted a pronounced rejuvenating, healing effects, an increase in skin tone.

Lovers of light pair use maple branches, shoots cherry and others rich in plants essential oils.

This list of popular species of raw materials for the manufacture of a bath broom is not limited.

Terms for collecting

The best time when you can begin to prepare brooms for a bath, for each type of such products comes in different periods. For example, oak branches are collected in late July and August. It is necessary to wait until the sheet is gaining full size, and its cuttings will still be well fixed on shoots. Birch in the middle lane is harvested on the Trinity – a church holiday, coming to 49 days after Easter. In the southern regions this term shifts in mid-May.

Lime cut from mid-May and until 2 decades of June, after the start of flowering branches are already unsuitable for the manufacture of brooms. Fir commodity less orally. You can cut it all year round, but from the beginning of the spring until the end of June it is possible to get the best brooms – the most fragrant and fragrant.

For herbal raw materials, the timing of the workpiece is much softer. For example, speckle harvested from spring until the end of summer, choosing shoots with a young piggy, without inflorescence, with rich foliage. Other types of herbs are better to collect during the flowering period, when shoots become quite durable, and leaves – gentle and fragrant, saturated essential oils.

Terminal Rules

There are certain rules of the workpiece that allow you to correctly and thoroughly select raw materials. Experienced Bani lovers are known that burdock is necessarily growing under healthy oaks.

Raw materials on brooms cut only on young trees, choosing solar dry places with a favorable environmental situation. The length of the branches should be from 40 to 70 cm – depending on the individual preferences. Saving with damaged bark, growths or dried plots, rigid foliage, weak branching are selected.

There are general rules for the workpiece of raw materials on brooms.

  1. To collect branches choose Morning hours (after the departure of the dew), the weather should be warm and dry.
  2. After the rain must pass for several days. In crude weather, brooms should not be harvested.
  3. Cannot cut branches on trees growing near the roads. Select options that have a height of at least 3 m, with long side shoots from 50 cm.
  4. Raw materials are assembled from one tree, Cut up to 1/4 branches.
  5. Cut shoots for brooms need Acute secateur. Choose those growing on the sides.

Cut raw materials declined in 1 layer for 60 minutes, be sure to shade. Then you can perform transportation, without dumping the resulting material in a bunch, excluding its overheating.

How to associate?

Proper bunch of brooms begins with the sejection of the material. On high-quality branches suitable for creating beams, leaves are broken by 1.5-2 palms for forming a handle. To perform work, you can make a special machine for winding. With it, the manufacture of large and small brooms will pass faster and easier. The winding device helps knit pens in 2 or 3 places, provides the highest possible branch assembly density in a beam.

However, it is possible to do with manual labor, especially if the billet of bath accessories is performed for personal needs. Consider in demand mating methods.

  1. Single. It is used in the manufacture of small in the size of brooms or for those products that will be used in fresh form. With single strapping, it is used no more than 1 time. The fastening of the beam is performed by a tightening node as close as possible to the leaves.
  2. Double. In this case, 2 belts are formed on the “handle” of the broom. Handle gets tough and comfortable for grip. To make a double strapping, branches in a beam are separated into 2 parts, impose on each other, intersecting 90 degrees at an angle. First, the end of the broom is tied up, then the halves are twisted again, combining into a common beam, knit re– so make durable birch and oak products for reusable use.
  3. Tripoe. This method is used on thick brooms for pulling the handle. The average node is made ordinary, the upper and lower can be driving or simple.
  4. Full. This technology is focused on binding bath brooms from coniferous materials. When using a product in a fresh form of a tightening can be intense, along the entire length of the handle. For drying it is not worth strengthening the hiding, when the twine is too dense, the branches can be labeled under it.

As a passing for brooms, primarily natural materials are used.

The best is the hemp or linen twine, but at home, its synthetic analogues are often used. In addition, even the use of electrical clamps, which can be delayed stronger as the branches can be delayed.

Instructions for drying

Cut raw materials necessarily need to dry. It is important that the associated brooms are not too thick, it increases the duration of their drying. The use of additional sources of heat is excluded – all processes flow under natural humidity without contact with the straight rays of the Sun. The best brooms are obtained from raw materials collected in the early summer. Before the beginning of the mating, it is recommended to dry the branches slightly, decomposing them on dry and pure matter.

At first, it is not worth the collected products collected in bundles. They are kept in a stack about a day, then cleaned the pen from foliage. Only after that you can make trimming. The choice of this method of drying will ensure the resulting raw material. Flat fan-shaped brooms are obtained only when stored in stacks with periodic movement of the lower tier to the top.

Enjoy popular and combined drying. First associated branches are placed in stacks, placed under a lightweight press. Then, when they take the right fan-shaped form, you can move to wave. The whole process takes 1-2 weeks, with short-term storage they can be left suspended until. Oak brooms, drying lasts twice as long, need more maple, herbal needs significantly less time.

Storage Tips

Brooms for the bath must be properly stored. So that the leaves remain green, nicely smelled, they were not covered with mold and rot, it is important to comply with important rules.

  1. When stored in the pre-tribades or storage room, it is important to ensure dryness and cleanliness indoors. Brooms in this case are stacked by each other. Over time, if the storage conditions are quite comfortable, branches in bundles will acquire a characteristic fan-shaped.
  2. When placed in the attic, it is recommended to lay off the brooms, undermining the hay under them. In this case, the place of storage must be thoroughly ventilated, preventing dampness.
  3. When placing brooms for a bath on drying in an urban apartment, it is necessary to provide them as comfortable conditions. You can use a warm glazed balcony or pantry. Stored brooms on each other, periodically moving the lower tier to the top.

If during the storage of foliage darkened, acquired a brown tint, you can not use a broom.

Such a broom is sent to disposal. Starting damaged raw crop farming animals is not recommended. So that foliage in high-quality products crumbled, after drying they turn them with paper, then fold in the stacks.

In the video below it is described in detail about the workpiece of brooms for a bath.

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