Automatic garage doors: features and subtleties of choice

Garage doors not only protect your car from intruders, but are a kind of face home. The gate must be not only “smart”, ergonomic, reliable, but also have an attractive appearance, combined with the exterior of the building.

“Smart” Automatic Gate for the garage is needed so that the owner does not have to get out of the car, open and close the sash, wet under the rain or exposed to the dummy wind. It is enough to sit in the car and press the button twice on the remote: the first time to open the gate and leave, and the second time to close.


Automatic garage doors have a number of special characteristics:

  • Automation depends on electricity. If there is no alternative power source (generator) in the house, then open the garage will have to be manually, therefore it is better to purchase models with a torsion spring, which allows you to open the flaps with your hands;
  • save space in the garage;
  • have increased sound, heat, waterproofing;

  • Resistant to rust;
  • Convenient in work;
  • hack resistant;
  • The high cost of manufacturing and setting the gate requires a deliberate approach at the design stage. The garage must be built with a reserve for a possible change of the machine, it is also necessary to take into account the distance of 50 cm between the sash of the gate and the roof of the car body;

  • Long service life. For example, sectional gates will serve at least 20 years, while only moving elements of the mechanism are deposited;
  • The possibility of opening both from a stationary button, mounted into the wall of the garage from the inside and remotely through the remote control, which is hanging on the keychain;
  • the inability to establish and adjust the height mechanism yourself. The installer must have experience.

If troubleshooting, you need to contact the service.


Automatic garage doors are several types:

  • lifting-swivels;
  • sectional;
  • Rollet type (roller shutter).

Swing gates are less likely equipped with an automatic control system, and rental options take too much space. They are used only in machine repair boxes, since space allows you to install them. Swing automatic gates look great, if installed not in the garage itself, but are used as an entry gate to the territory of the household.

If you want to install such models in the garage, choose the design that opens outward.

The models of the first type are a door leaf that rotates in the same plane – horizontal. The folding mechanism lifts the gate sash and leaves it open at an angle of 90 degrees.

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Such models are suitable for garages with high ceilings, because it is necessary to leave between the sash and the riding machine, the distance of at least 50 cm. The cost of this design is high enough.

Additional advantages – High resistance to hacking, almost complete tightness and ability to install wickets for a separate entrance.

Sectional gates are several metal strips interconnected by hinges. Basically, these models are made from sandwich panels, but homemade flaps are distributed. The design that allows the gate sash when opening to move along the guides and go on the ceiling, convenient. The door does not develop, like blinds, and simply moves up and fixed in parallel. When installing the gate of this type, it is worth considering that the design reduces the overall height of the garage.

Roller shutters are made of insulated aluminum plates that are reliably connected with each other. When opening, individual plates are folded into the harmonica or wound on the shaft, which is fixed on top of the doorway. Excellent option for those who do not have a garage with high ceilings.

The minuses are the impossibility of setting the wicket to roll doors, low waterproofing and strength.

Sliding gates open by type of door coupe, Accordingly, for the movement of the sash should be a place along the wall, equal to the width of the sash with a margin of 20 cm. This is only convenient if the workshop or some other utility room is equipped in the garage. The dimensions of the garage gate are usually standard, but all major firms make sash individually under the doorway of customers.

Types of drives

If regular swing gates are already installed in the garage, then you can use the following types of automatic drives for opening them:

  • Underground. Folded for self-installation: the lower part is mounted in the ground, and the top is located on the hinge at the base of the gate. The upper part periodically needs to be lubricated so as not to creak;

  • Linear. High reliability from hacking. The design is attached to the door weighing no more than 3 t from the inside. Sometimes requires lubrication. The work is given using a console or stationary switch;

  • Lever. Mounted both with external and inner side. Opening occurs due to the fact that the straight pusher transmits the force of the curved lever.

The advantage of these opening mechanisms is that they can be installed on the finished gate. Disadvantages lie in the need for free space in front of the garage, high savage savings (so, they can spontaneously break off), and for the installation of an underground mechanism will require the preparation of the pit, its concreting and waterproofing.

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For sliding gates, a wire drive is used, which is guides fixed on the garage facade, a rail with teeth, mounted on the gate, and a gear located on the motor. The gear moves the door of the Block. Instead of racks, you can use chains, but this mechanism is very noisy.

Rotary mechanisms are equipped with rollers, guides, levers and springs. Guides are located vertically along the canvas parallel to the ceiling. Alonga the tire of the electric drive. This system is most complex for amateur installation. Sectional mechanisms have an electric drive and mandatory springs – manual chain drive, allowing you to open the gate without connecting to electricity.

What to choose?

The choice and installation of the garage doors are due, first of all, the design of the garage, its height and a free place in front of him.

Rotary and sectional sashs Hormann and DoorHan can only be installed in high rooms, and for swing and retractable models you need more space before the garage, otherwise there will be problems not only with the opening of the gate, but also in the garage.

If you live in a warm climate, or your garage is well heated, then an excellent option will be Austrian swivel structures or Promatic-3 systems. Instructions for the goal says that in the harsh climate it is impossible to use them, as it may take expensive repair of products.

Manufacturers and reviews

In the market of automatic gates for the garage, leaders are three manufacturer companies: German Hormann, Belarusian Alutech and Russian Doorhan. The difference in the first place is the cost of products. German samples will cost the buyer at 800, Belarusian – in 700, and Russian – in 600 euros. In fact, the difference is not very significant, especially if we consider that the products are very different from each other in quality.

German and Belarusian manufacturers give a biennial warranty on their products, and the domestic brand is only 12 months. The basic number of openings and closures of the sash is 25,000 times, but DoorHan has released a model with a resource of 10,000 openings. Belarusian doors are perfect for industrial facilities, in the Assortment ALUTECH there is a gate with a distribution resource of 100,000 times.

Despite the fact that the most severe winters in Russia, doorhan does not offer thermal insulation of garage doors of the same level as Hormann and Alutech. The collection of the Russian manufacturer shows the doors for southern regions with a thickness of 30 mm, although the standard is 45 mm thick.

Judging by user reviews, most popular gates – Alutech. Buyers note the simplicity of installation, high quality materials, excellent moisture resistance, increased noise and thermal insulation, the mechanism can be installed independently.

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Domestic Doorhan Most users do not favor. Almost all claims are reduced to the fact that the gate is frozen, rolling breaks before the expiration of the warranty period, and the replacement has to be carried out after two months.

The installers also do not give good reviews about the products of the Russian manufacturer, referring to the fact that too much have to bring to mind in the installation process: components do not fit each other, and they have to be written, the holes for the loop must be cut independently, the springs ring, rollers fly away, Plastic parts break, guides do not match each other.

German Hormann have a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Consumers celebrate high quality products, the ability to order sash under individual sizes. Special attention is paid to the function limit functions. It lies in the fact that the sash stops if the car is in the opening. So, it is an additional advantage for car safety. The work of the gate is absolutely silent, the springs are not susceptible to stretching, the system consumes extremely few email.

Successful examples and options

The biggest scope for fantasy opens the composite automatic gate. Their front part can be separated in any style: from standard “boards” to the stray doors in the classic style.

Excellent combination of garage flaps and facade of the building. Both are performed in one color, and the white finish of the doorway is perfectly harmonized with white stripes on the wall.

Well combined brick and tree for rustic, with the gate, and the wall of the garage must be performed in one color scheme. Originality is to use various textures.

Garage doors perfectly fit into the landscape design of the Japanese-style courtyard. It is enough to separate the doors so that they simulate the doors and walls in classic Japanese homes.

Adherents of authentic design can be separated the gate to the manner of the dumping doors of the medieval castle, decorating the “wrought-iron” panels and the “metal” finish.

The swollen entrance gates can be accommodated in any style, for example, symuting real forged sash, which are silent and smoothly powered by linear drive.

Excellent solution are flaps that are equipped with windows. They provide additional garage lighting. In addition, the designer chose a combination of contrasting colors – burgundy and marsh. They perfectly emphasize each other’s brightness.

How to choose a garage automatic gate, see the advice of professionals below.

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