Arbors with their own hands from girlfriend: Original ideas

When arranging garden or country sites, I want to create a separate rest. Take, for example, a gazebo: For its construction, you can use various materials. You can go a non-standard pathway and make the construction of girlfriend. Positive moments of construction is the fact that often the construction does not require special skills: theoretical training, project, tools and raw materials are needed. Original arbor ideas: choose the best.


Material for the construction of arbors can become different raw materials. Usually, dachnikov in extensions to the house are kept all sorts of materials that remain after the construction of the main objects. They are suitable as a basic building materials for making a gazebo. In most cases, it is more difficult to come up with a project than to implement it. However, with a creative approach to the process, the result will not give way to the usual buildings.

In most cases, the girlfriends are distinguished by a small size. They are considered an economical construction, as they do not need a powerful foundation. However, different types of building materials available at hand require a different approach to mounting. For example, sometimes you have to handle the necessary raw protection tools to extend the durability of the structure.

Some materials need to be simply cleansed, sometimes renovated, and also strengthen. Usually before the construction, they are trying to choose not only durable, but also an eco-friendly type of material. He is selected so that it is combined with the overall concept of landscape design and was easy to work. Take into account not only the size of the elements, but also their number.

It matters their reliability, as well as the degree of openness of the gazebo. From this will depend on the level of protection of households from the sun, rain and wind. The design should be functional, beautiful and comfortable. It can be closed, semi-open and open. In the first case, it is made more often from reliable and durable materials, often complementing with windows, in the second and third materials may be different.

Usually before we build a gazebo, it is thoroughly choosing a place. It is important that it is not located in the wind zone. Well, if there are trees nearby. Shadow from their branches will contribute to greater leisure comfort.

The place should not be in the lowland: during the rain it will be surrounded by puddles. If the gazebo is planned to be used including as a dining area, you should not give it from home.

For the roof material, the arbors are trying to choose the one from which the roof of the main structure is made. It is necessary to maintain a single architectural style. Usually does not leave for more than 2-3 days. This saves not only the means to build, but also time, leaving most of the summer at a pleasant pastime in the garden.


After the place under the country gazebo is chosen, the material is prepared, are determined with architecture. This is executed project-design in the form of one or more drawings with detailed markup and indication of the size. The project can be performed manually either in a special computer program. So that it is full, it is developed, taking into account the future arrangement.

In the gazebo it should be convenient after the placement of garden furniture. Even the presence of canopies and curtains.

At the initial stage, choose the shape and side of the entrance. To the gazebo should drive. If possible for the construction, a place is taken near the house. Often building ups over the ground for two or three steps of stairs. The project may provide for location in an empty corner of the garden.

A successful solution is the presence of a threshold or a small platform. It can be equipped under the zano or rest area, buying lightweight plastic furniture for greater comfort. If you do not want to sunbathing, you can use the playground for landscaping or placing flowering plants.

We recommend to take note of several rules of stylists:

  • It is undesirable to accommodate the arbor near the carriageway;
  • If there is a reservoir on the site, the gazebo is located not far from it;
  • You can not put a gazebo in the center of the plot, if it is small;
  • If you plan to use the gazebo constantly, to push it to the deaf wall of the house near the entrance;
  • At the location in the nizin, drainage communications are thought out in advance;
  • Decorate the design of greenery for harmony with a common design;
  • Lighting is required: so it will be possible to use the gazebo at any time.

Drawing in drawings, specify the height of the design, Its decor, the number of seats, wall dimensions and chairs, provide free space for moving. At the same time, the form of construction depends on the type of main construction material. Country gazebos can be different: Sometimes you have to additionally use the floor covering tile.

In other cases enough boards. Projects must take into account the color of the materials used. From this will depend on the aesthetic perception of the finished arbor.


Head facilities in understanding everyone can be different. Someone used to more traditional solutions and especially thoroughly coming to the construction of the arbor. Another important to use something unusual. Consider several of the most popular building materials for the construction of original summer arbors.


Rarely in which private house after construction does not remain logs, plywood, boards or bars. Such material is traditional: the woody array is easy to process, is distinguished by durability. Lost in such a gazebo will be pleased with family members and guests. Almost always such designs are obtained reliable and beautiful, being the pride of the owners of the house and the decoration of any garden plot or cottage.

If there are many trees in the garden, you can use them for construction, Using fat trunks, for example, as a support. At the same time, it is not always necessary to smoke building materials: winding trees will contribute a special color and unity with nature. Such a gazebo will be economical if it is for a roof for it to use reed, drank or a branch of a large length.


If you have a brick left after laying a house, you can use it to create an original arbor. If it is not enough, you can combine a brick with an array by performing an open structure. This will make originality in design. Wood or professional flooring is well suited as a roof.

So that the structure looked more harmoniously, you can post a walkway or a path of stone, plant fruit trees. Buildings from bricks are durable, can have doors and serve as a summer guest house if necessary. If the raw materials are small, then only supports make it. Remains of bricks combine with metal products, timber or polycarbonate. Since the brick is a heavy building material, the foundation is necessarily built under such a gazebo.


Chapter of the family able to keep the welding machine in his hands, may like the idea of ​​making a metal gazebo. In most cases, it does not take much time on its construction. As a result, it is possible to make an openwork design with an attractive appearance. Metallic profile uses for such buildings.

If desired, it can be combined with other materials, remaining after the construction of a country house. Such arbors are characterized by durability and reliability. If the metal is supplemented, say, wood, design looks more aesthetic. For the roof in this case, you can use a tree, professional flooring, as well as other technicians.


This material is a kind of alternative glass. His light capacity reaches 90%. The material is characterized by ease and ability to take any form. With the construction of the gazebo with the use of polycarbonate, it is not necessary to do the foundation: the sheets of the material are sufficiently light.

If there is not enough such raw materials among the undergraduate materials, it can be purchased: It is sold in any construction store. It will not take a lot of money on his purchase, and the type of design will be light and air. If you wish, you can choose the option of any desired shade. Polycarbonate is well combined with other infirred materials (for example, wood, plastic, iron, natural stone and brick). Beautiful it looks with support pillars.

Plastic bottles

Handmade lovers usually love to accumulate the most unusual items, often clutching their storage rooms for the right moment. Plastic bottles in this case can be the basis of the structure, and the covers to them – it is decorated with either the decoration of flower arrangements. They create walls of the arbor, fixing each other or cutting off the bottom, inserting each other. For weighting of walls in the bottle pour sand. Sometimes they are painted in different colors, making up original ornaments.

Number of bottles, their volume, color, form depend on the type of structure and wall thickness. For example, their location can be vertical with a lumen. For more monolithic solutions, they can be cementing, laying by rows. So that a specific solution looked in landscape design harmoniously, a flowerbed or paths from a similar material are made next to the gazebo.

Other raw materials

An interesting approach to the choice of raw materials is the use of old window frames. By changing the window in the house, do not rush to throw out old frames if they are in more or less decent condition. However, such arbors require the presence of a foundation and a roof material. Will have to take care of the presence of concrete and supports. The advantage of such arbors will be an abundance of light.

The original decision during the construction of summer arbors is the use of rods. Braided buildings look easily, they are associated with nature. The only complexity of such buildings is sufficient labor intensity: it is necessary to carefully and gently weave the rods, creating walls. At the same time, it is not necessary to make them high. The roof will be kept on the support pillars or thick trunks of trees.

Someone houses accumulate glass bottles. They can also be put into dealing. This building material is characterized by high thermal insulation and allows you to create a solid construction. It is used in conjunction with concrete, performing bottles laying.

Special attention will be paid to paying the consistency of concrete, otherwise it will not keep building materials. The foundation in this case should be tape.

For decorating open-type gazebo Landscape designers recommend using curly floral plants. With their help you can create a view of a beautiful wall. Reception of landscaping will not re-with the general design concept. At the expense of it, you can make a gazebo of shady and cozy, for example, to accommodate guests at dinner, holding a party.


Create a cottage construction from girlfriend with your own hands is easy. Consider step-by-step phased implementation on the example of facilities from the rod.

Before building a gazebo, prepare:

  • saw
  • pliers;
  • shovel;
  • hacksaw;
  • Textile gloves.

Take care of building materials and auxiliary components, you will need:

  • concrete;
  • bars of hazel;
  • gravel;
  • Metal bars;
  • wire;
  • Straw (reed, reed).

Such construction will cost cheap and will not require tremendous labor.

Consider the main steps of the master class.

  • After determining the place of construction, they are engaged in the foundation. Earth align, clean the grass and any garbage.
  • Since in this case the gazebo will not be heavy, it is necessary to dwell the place around the perimeter of the future design (exactly by its intended form) and install several stakes.
  • After the boundaries are created, the racks are stopped, the pits are concreted, fall asleep from above rubble (gravel).
  • Begin to weave walls from the corner. Take rods, fix it with wire and twisted stakes. Ends of each rod attaching to the stakes.

  • Weaving continue in a circle until the walls of the desired height reach. The appearance of the facility resembles a wicker basket.
  • Due to the fact that the construction is light, the roof should not be severe. The material used for it is laid, fixing the rods or beams on the racks.
  • To give an arbor aesthetic appearance and completeness, perform a carpet to her from stone. Add backlight on solar panels.

Do not forget to equip such a gaze. Add a couple of decorative pillows for comfort, round table or bench. Of course, in durability, such a building will give up a brick gazebo. But it looks unique. And besides, it can be decorated with a wall of living greenery and wearing colors, which can give her kind of forest house.


Do not start building thoughtless. This will not lead to the expected result.

Depending on the type of material selected, listen to the recommendations of specialists.

  • If the material used is easy by weight, instead of the foundation, it is enough to the ground, for example, from rubble and insert the support pillars to the ground.
  • If you plan to build a rod, choose young shoots (they differ greater flexibility).
  • The construction of a gazebo in places with clay soil is excluded.

  • To create the effect of the rotogo when weaving the gazebo, they take several branches at once.
  • If a tree is taken as the basis of construction, it should be treated with moisture-repellent impregnation.
  • If you want to make a gazebo of plastic bottles, you have to accumulate them up to 500-600 pieces. In this case, might need a frame of metal fittings.
  • Using for the construction of pallets, you can make a lightweight building. It will last for a short time, and it will need a constant processing of material with antiseptics from rotting. Before construction, each of them will have to additionally pour and sand.

  • If you need to paint the surface, pay attention to the scope of paint. Not every kind is suitable for the selected building material.
  • Support racks should be constructed from a bar with a sufficient cross section, bricks or a metal profile.
  • The size of the arbor must be sufficient to accommodate several people at the same time.

Beautiful examples

To inspire on the creation of a unique gazebos, we suggest contacting unusual photo gallery solutions.

An example of a successful combination of brick and metal on a concrete base. Such a design allows you to arrange a furnace or brazier in a gazebo.

Original wooden gazebo on the foundation with wooden podium. Reiki create a feeling of lightness. Spacious room can be used as a dining area.

Closed arbor from a tree with a stone trim creates a feeling of a forest hut. The presence of the stove makes it more hospitable.

A simple design of bars and polycarbonate residues is sufficiently comfortable. The presence of a bench and the table allows you to set up in it for meals.

Original solution in the spirit of fabulous building. The use of curved tree trunks makes a special flavor in the design and fills the gazebo of a special atmosphere. Using paint protects wood from negative environmental factors.

The gazebo-tent in Chinese style does not require a large number of building materials. The open design with the roof does not have a floor, keeps on 4 supports, decorated with porks and flowers in pots.

Example of mild polycarbonate construction. The color of the material is harmoniously combined with a metal frame and a board floor.

How to build a gazebo with your own hands, look in the following video.

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