All about summer canopies

To enhance the functionality of the country area, you can build a canopy of girlfriend. For this, you do not need a large number of building materials and it is not necessary to commit this work to professional builders. Everything is easy to make with your own hands.


Canopy usually harmoniously and finally fits into the landscape. It is functional, fills free space and becomes decoration of the site. This building protects against precipitation and direct sunny rays of cars, playgrounds, various recreation areas. Canopy has many advantages:

  • Compared to a gazebo or a shed canopy a rather strong building that is not capital;
  • easy to manufacture, has no heavy elements;
  • the canopy is more durable than the usual stretch awning;
  • Sports exercises are small compared to other similar structures.

However, the canopy has one, but very significant flaw: Due to the lack of walls, it is blowing out by winds.


There are two types of canopies – Permanent (capital) and temporary, which can be disassembled. They are combined by the main purpose – to protect a certain space from various precipitation and bright sun. According to the features of the design, the canopies can be divided into the following subspecies:

  • Open Canopies are vertical supports with a roof made of various roofing materials;
  • closed – these are structures with openings, glazed or covered sheet moisture or wear-resistant materials;
  • semi-closed – Buildings on a frame having a stationary roof, parapels or fences.

Canopy can be erected with a support for a building or another building, as well as separately from it. It can be visors over a wicket, gate or porch.

Canopy can play the role of shading for plants that do not admire the bright sun, which is the original stroke in the design of the landscape design. In its purpose, the canopies are divided into the following types:

  • Covered parking for a car that protects it from weather cataclysms and excluding the burnout of the cabin from direct sunlight;

  • Shelter the jone of the manga or grill from precipitation;

  • Protection of plants from direct sun or overvailing;

  • Shelter of playgrounds, linen with firewood, pools or terraces.

No need to build a capital canopy in the country. You can do easily Collapsible design, installed for summer period.

How to do?

The construction begins with the preparation of the foundation that must be high quality and withstand the weight of the whole design. It is usually enough to install Supporting supports.

Filling the foundation is needed if a stone object is built or other heavy materials.

Poles supporting canopy are placed according to the scheme:

  • It is necessary to prepare pits with a depth of 25% of the length of the support;
  • At the bottom of the holes to float crushed stone or gravel, which will play the role of the substrate, and the tamper of them;
  • Support, pre-treated with antiseptic, place in the pit perpendicular to the land on a plumb;
  • pour with concrete solution;
  • After 2 days, concrete will freeze and the foundation will be ready for the installation of the roof.

Installation of roof

Properly designed roof affects the functionality of the entire structure, its protective properties. Selection of the desired slope, high-quality material and coating integrity increase the value of the construction as a protective structure from precipitation.

Roof mounted in a certain sequence.

  1. The whole design is easily going on Earth. Since it weighs a little, no construction equipment will be required to install, you can do on our own.
  2. The frame is securely fixed with the help of fastening elements on the supports that are pre-connected to each other.
  3. On the finished symmetrical crate, the roof itself is mounted.

Tip: To increase the strength of the roof under the tape.

Beautiful examples

Before proceeding with the construction of a canopy in the country area, it is necessary explore various design options, To pick up optimal. All stages of planning, the creation of drawings and the acquisition of the necessary materials must be made before all works.

Elegantly and practical looks outdoor Sheds located near the bath. A similar embodiment can be used as a veranda.

Simplified, but from this no less original embodiment adjacent to the main building on one side. I can choose both the house and the bath near him.

High strength and possessing corrosion resistance are considered Canopies made of metal structures. Polycarbonate roofing on a metal base completes the construction of a very durable canopy.

Sheds on the country area – the vital structures adorning the landscape and making cottages more comfortable, providing protection from the effects of ultraviolet rays and all kinds of precipitation.

At the stage of selection of the type of carport, a thorough study of various options will help competently dispose of cash available at the disposal. Only after a serious analysis of several projects you can choose the most suitable for your site.

About how to make a shed do it yourself, see the following video.

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