All about metal canopies

Today, high-quality and reliable canopies are made from different materials. Among the sets of options among the best are metal structures. They are durable, strong and wear-resistant. In this article we learn all about the canopies made of metal.


Sheds are different. They are constructed for different purposes, in different sections. Many people prefer to build metal structures because they are distinguished by high practicality, wear resistance and long service life. Competently made carport from metal is able to serve for many years without delivering the owners of unnecessary hassle and worries.

Metal make both standard stationary and portable / folding vehicle modifications. The designs are more often mounted for placement on the street, but other options are also possible.

The main component of modern metal frames is a roof that relies on a strong frame base. Such a building is complemented with high-quality roofing material. Flexible roofing, tile and other waterproof materials can serve as the latter.

In the design of the metal canopy, the reference pillars play. In some cases, the deaf walls are installed instead. Sheds designed from metal have many advantages over other options. Consider them.

  • Metal designs are calculated for a long service life. If the canopy was originally made in all the rules, he can serve a lot of years.
  • Metal structures are fireproof, do not support burning. The same can not be said about the canopies made of wood.
  • Metal canopy – Environmentally friendly and safe design. It will not allocate unpleasant chemical smells, no negative impact on the health of households.
  • Such varieties of canopies are not affected by the action of negative external factors. Of course, these designs need to be treated with anti-corrosion compositions, but they still turn out to be in operation more practical, rather than copies, which are based on bars and boards.
  • Properly made metal canopy will easily withstand heavy loads, not deformed without losing external appeal.
  • Metallic canopy can be the original decoration of the private house. It can be decorated with the most in many ways.
  • Metal will be able to make many different vehicle modifications. Constructions may have various shapes and sizes.

The main disadvantage of the designs under consideration is that they are subject to corrosion.

In order not to face rust on the metal, the owners will have to process it from time to time with special protective solutions and paint, that many users seem to be extended.

True, if the canopy is made of stainless steel, do not have to resort to such procedures.


High-strength and reliable canopies made of metal are divided into many different types. Each of them has its own distinctive characteristics, device features and appearance. Consider which criteria are separated by such structures, and which parameters are characteristic of them.

By construction

All metal canopies are divided by its design. Consider the main features of the most common options.

  • Singo-car. This is the easiest type of canopy made of metal. It is considered convenient because it is distinguished by a form of an inclined plane located at a certain angle. Such a design can provide maximum protection covered with it. Water and other precipitation will not be able to stay on a single carport. Properly made single-sided canopy may look very stylish and modern.

  • Two-tight. Many homeowners prefer to design on their sections of canopies having 2 skate. Especially in demand such designs in those regions where it is difficult to determine the direction of winds. Two-tight canopies have a lot of advantages if you compare them with single-table specimens. True, more reliable and high-strength fasteners will be needed to design such a canopy.

  • Multi-skate. A more complex design with a large number of welding connections and fasteners. Similar structures are perfectly complemented by large playgrounds, car parking, exhibition centers. They look more remarkable and original, but also constructed more difficult.

  • Arched. Attractive designs, look very stylish and neat, but often cost in a round sum. This is especially true of those options that are supplemented by various decorative details. Many homeowners pushes their cost from arched canopies.

By destination

Metallic canopies design with different purposes. They can perform various functions.

  • Very often Metal canopies … car parking space. So it turns out to make a kind of replacement of the garage. If there is not enough free space, the canopies are often installed, attaching directly to the facade of a residential building. As a result, it turns out a very convenient and practical design.
  • Canopy can be made for certain agricultural needs. It may be a temporary shelter for animals or a peculiar warehouse, where you can store hay, firewood, fertilizers and many other things of this kind.
  • Often canopies design, highlighting and closing the rest area. In such territories highlight place for grill, arbors, tables and chairs. It turns out very cozy and hospitable corners, where households and their guests can relax.

Metal canopies can have the most appointment. Some people make them to cover the pool in the courtyard of a private house or some decorative components.


Before you begin to independently manufacture a high-quality carport from metal structures, it is necessary to develop its detailed plan, draw the necessary schemes and drawings with the indication of all dimensional parameters. It is not necessary to independently think over the plan of the future design – you can use ready-made sketches. Here are some of them.

  • Some of the most expensive, but most beautiful are on arches. Such structures can be not only very large and wide, but also compact, closing only the zone near the entrance door to the house. Polycarbonate can be used as roofing material for such a small construction.

  • To equip a parking space for a car, from iron you can build a good two-screw canopy. The dimensions of the structure should be selected in accordance with the dimensions of the machine. For example, it can be a canopy with parameters 3×3 or 3×4 m, as in the diagram.

  • Using a frame base from a metal, you can build a canopy covering parking spaces for 2 cars. Similar structures look more effectively and kindly, if you make them arched. But such options are expensive, especially if we are talking about a large canopy with dimensions of 6×6 m. Polycarbonate can be used to arrange the roof.

    There is a lot of options, how to issue an iron canopy. By drawing up a project of the future building, it is necessary to repel from the size of the territory on which it will be located, as well as the main purpose.

    Where to locate?

    The owners will need to carefully think about exactly where they will be a new metal canopy. For this suit several places.

    • If the square of the site allows, a canopy can be built apart from a residential building. For example, it can be a big design, under which 1 or 2 cars will fit.
    • If the plot is small, then the canopy is better attached to the house. Best attach it to the side or front facade. It is very important to comply with all the necessary rules and rules of installation.

    How to do it?

    High-quality canopy for country house or dacha can be made with their own hands. The main thing is to produce the correct calculation of all sizes and volumes of material. Having at hand a detailed plan of the future superstructure, make it not much difficulty. Consider in detail what stages are the process of manufacturing a durable and reliable metal frame.


    Before proceeding directly to the installation work, the master must properly prepare for them.

    It is very important to competently design the future construction, as well as to be purchased by all the required tools, fittings and materials.

    The toolkit that will be needed to implement all the work consists of such positions:

    • Construction level (laser or bubble is suitable – these are the most convenient adaptations);
    • roulette;
    • Bulgarian or special saw for metal work;
    • Drill with perforator and drill / bit kit;
    • Special rivestock;
    • Metal screws;
    • Rivets.

    Prepare all the tools and materials, the master should take care of a thorough preparation of the zone in which the canopy will do. It will take to cook the ground for mounting the foundation. In accordance with the drawing compiled, it is necessary to dissolve the dedicated area, and then how it should be tamped. Then around the perimeter will need to inspect the holes for the subsequent installation of the support pillars. The depth of the holes should be from 50 to 100 cm. The deepening must be done so that in the end it turned out a rectangle, as a rule, in 2 rows of 2-3 pits.

    Installation of support

    The next step will be the installation of support parts, of which the metal framework consists. For this, the metal profile is first cut in accordance with the number of support pillars. Their length should not exceed 3 m. Then it is necessary to determine the type of string attachment. If a stationary canopy is made, then the supports are exhibited in terms of level, and then concrete, and for mobile options it will be necessary to cut additional pipes.

    Prepared metal segments need to be put into dug holes and pour cement mortar. Then in each of the pipes it will be necessary to put a profile.

    And in it, and in the pipe itself drill holes, then supports are tightened by bolts. In order for the resulting foundation and frame base to be added stiffness and reliability, you can use the installation of special protective housings.

    Crossing the roof

    Next Stage – Roof construction. The roof can be solid or collapsible. Consider how to establish it on the example of the collapsible two-tie structures.

    • To the support bases by means of welding, you must attach pieces of metal products to obtain a rectangular frame as a result.
    • Next you need to cook rafters. The resulting design should not be issued beyond the boiled upper frame.
    • Then welded items need to be placed on a rectangular support part and welcome in the locations of the docking.
    • After completing the construction of the frame, you need to go to the installation of the roofing material. Suitable sheath sheets of professional flooring. They are attached to the brands for rafters.

    Finishing work

    The final stage – the finish of the hand-made canopy.

    • Ready design should be cleaned from scale, degrease. For degreasing, acetone, solvent or gasoline. Give construction driving.
    • Next follows a primer design. It will protect the corrosion canopy, will extend the service life.
    • If you use light gray primer, it is suitable for paint of any color. Dark it is recommended to use more vivid materials. White soil is chosen when it is planned to paint the metal structures of paint pastel shades.

    Independently separate the metal canopy can be quickly and easy. The main thing, act neatly, thinking on the appearance of the superstructure.

    How to renovate?

    Even the strongest and reliable canopies from a metal profile may require repair. It is important to consider if you took on your own production of such a design. In most cases, repair work on a metal canopy is as follows:

    • amplification of metal structures;
    • Restoration of an attractive appearance of a canopy (meant fresh painting, removing rust that appeared);
    • Replacing the roofing coating, if the former was strongly worn out or damaged.

    Useful advice

    We learn about some useful advice on self-erection.

    • If the metal canopy is lined up above the brazier or barbecue area, then iron parts located in the immediate vicinity of the fire will be very hot. This should not forget.
    • Mounting a canopy in the conditions of swampy locality, it is recommended to build a foundation in the form of pile supports. Concreting here will be not the best solution.
    • In the course of the installation, all metal pipes will need to be cleaned with sandpaper. Only then you can apply primer and selected paint.
    • Metal canopy, adjacent to the cabinet or residential house, must be followed by all standards and rules allowing such work. Otherwise, you can encounter a mass of problems.
    • If it is necessary to weld the structures from the metal of the wall thickness of over 3 mm, it is recommended to use only gas welding, since the electrical apparatus risks simply not to cope with the amount of work.
    • If the arched construction is made and the flexible tubes are made, it is very important to ensure that cracks or chances do not appear during this. In addition, the profile should not be flattened.

    Beautiful examples

    Consider several successful examples of beautiful metal canopies.

    • Separated from residential buildings An option with a metal frame and a two-tie roof, decorated with sheets of professional flooring, will be a great place for resting households and their friends / relatives. At the same time, the details of the metal design should be painted in a dark color and pick up a green corrugation. It is advisable to do under such a canopy floor, decorated with paving slabs, and place everything for the grill or barbecue here.

    • The framework of metal arched canopies look original and elegantly, in which instead of the roof there are ways from wild grapes. You can also put polycarbonate as roofing material. Such buildings will necessarily attract a lot of attention.

    • Gorgeous and modern metal canopies look modern, in which the roof is made of high strength glass. Especially stylish constructions, in which there is a thick metal frame, painted in black – together with a glass tandem will turn out to be wonderful.

    How to make a canopy from metallopril do it yourself, look next.

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