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Holders of country sites and cottages with fenced territories more than once in their lives came across the parking problem. Relatives come to visit, friends, acquaintances, and they have to put their cars on the street for the fence, and this is not so safe, especially in rural areas and in dacha arrays. Surely on the territory of the house there is a garage, but, as a rule, it is designed for one place, and there is a car owner at home. Build additional garages nonresonally. The decision of this issue will be a canopy.


Canopy for machines – a great parking option on the territory of the country area or private house. Its basic function – protection of the car from unpleasant weather. Summer auto protected from bright sunlight, in winter from snow, and in the spring and autumn – from the rain. The main thing is that during the construction of a canopy, all the nuances are calculated, especially the ledge of the roof.

In the event of thoughts about the construction of a canopy, it is necessary to determine the number of parking spaces. Ideally, it is desirable to consider the option for two cars. According to the standard for such a design, the territory of 6×6 m should be allocated. If frequent reception is planned, a canopy length should be increased to 10 m.

In practice, it was possible to identify that for parking two cars it is best to erect the additive design. But this does not mean that a separate building has some flaws.

And to dispel the circumstances of the speculation, it is proposed to get acquainted with the advantages of canopies for two or more cars.

  • Speed ​​mounting. At the construction of a canopy for the safety of a car spent quite a bit time.
  • Acceptable costs. Despite the large size of the design, you will have to make the most minimal financial investments.
  • Easy reconstruction. If necessary, canopy for two cars can be enlarged.

The only minus of sheds is to their openness. Such structures protect the machines from above, due to the empty walls the negative effects of weather conditions are subjected to lateral parts of the car bodies.

But if the roof will have a big ledge, traces of bad weather will be visible only on the bottom edge of the car in the form of rain splashes.


Sheds for cars pursue one goal – protection of the machine under all weather conditions. But at the same time, protective structures differ in several parameters.

  • Location. In this case, it is referred to an extension and a separate building. A bounted canopy on one side is attached to the fence or walls of residential buildings. A separate design is located at a certain distance from the house, as a rule, near the entrance to the territory.
  • Mobility. Modern models of canopies can be stationary and collapsible. Stationary have a permanent support and roofing flooring. Collapsible can be dismantled, and after put back.
  • Material. Modern man trust the tree and metal more. However, when using these materials, you need to know the rules for working with them.
  • Roof. The roof of the canopy should not be flat. Obliged at least a minimum slope. The best option is considered a single canopy. You can make a two-tie roof, but much more material is spent on it. Third option – arched canopy resembling gardens arcs.


Deciding to construct a canopy for two cars, you need to choose the appropriate material. You can consider combined structures, as they differ in attractive appearance, increased strength and reliability. The main thing is to know the characteristics of each selected material, its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Wood. Most owners stop their choice on wooden structures. This material is considered environmentally friendly, has a light weight, it is easily processed and easy to install.

But the most attractive – acceptable cost of wooden boards.

  • Metal. Sheds made from metal, distinguished by high levels of strength and reliability. However, for their construction, it is necessary to know the rules and techniques of work with the welding machine. The roof of metal structures is most often drawn up by polycarbonate, which easily transfers different weather phenomena.

Metal canopies can be decorated, giving them uniqueness, sophistication and beauty.

  • Stone, concrete, brick. Building to protect the car from these materials has a bulky species. In addition, the time of erection of a canopy, if compared with the construction of wood and metal, increases several times. But despite this brick, stone and concrete structures have several advantages. First, there is no need to process material. Secondly, such a design can easily withstand different loads. Thirdly, the service life of such structures is measured by decades.

For registration of the roof of the canopy, you can use professional flooring, metal tile, ondulin or polycarbonate.


Before proceeding with the construction of a canopy, it is necessary to make a draft of the future parking area. Owners of elongated machines, such as a jeep or minivan, should be considered a width of a canopy of 7 m. But this indicator may be more, it all depends on the car model. The standard of the height of canopies is 2.5 m. This is enough enough to fit even a high car with trunk under the roof.

When developing a project, you must make a detailed drawing with the indication of all buildings on the site. There must also be indicated their dimensions. It is also important to note the location of communications. The erected design should not come into contact with pipes and electrical pipelines.

At the design stage, it is necessary to think about the way of entry to the canopy. Ideally, the protective design is located close to entry into the territory.

Next, it is proposed to deal with the subtleties of length calculations, widths and height of the canopy for two cars. For example, two identical cars are taken with 4.4x2x1.7 m. With such indicators, the width of the carport, taking into account the reserve, should be 6 m. The same digital indicator should have a design length. These 6 M concluded the widths of two cars, the distance between them, taking into account the opening of the doors. The standard height of the structure is 2.5 m, but if there is a desire, you can make it above.

We offer to get acquainted with several rules for conducting miscalculations that should be guided in non-standard situations:

  • For parking two cars width, the canopy should be calculated on the basis of a longer machine;
  • The minimum distance between the machines should be 0.5 m;
  • The distance from the external borders of the carport to the body of the car must be at least 0.5 m on each side.

Knowing the subtleties of construction, starting with the nuances of the design and calculations, will be able to build a durable and reliable canopy, at least in the country, at least in a country house.

How to do?

Build a canopy for two cars with your own hands is easy. The main thing is to follow step by step instructions. However, even the slightest ability can be immediately corrected.

First of all you need to choose a parking space space. If the plot is worth a garage for one car, it is advisable to add it to the protective extension for friends and relatives.

It is very important that the entrance to the canopy is convenient, and on the path of the driver there were no obstacles.

Since the canopy of 2 cars is a massive design, it is necessary to arrange it in such a way that it does not block the sunlight.

The selected place should be smooth. If suddenly there are pits or small hills, they should be dissolved. Supports driven into the soil will not be able to withstand the weight of the whole structure, which is why they need to be strengthened by concrete solution.


The next stage after leveling of the Earth – Bookmark the foundation. For a car canopy preferably use the pile option. Considering the characteristics of the soil, it is such a strengthening of the supports is considered the most durable.

First you need to dig a hole in a depth of 50 cm. The basis of the framework of the frame. After the wells poured with a solution of concrete.

Next, it is necessary to consolidate the foundation with a transverse ligament, and then attach metal or wooden framework parts to it.


When building a framework, it is necessary to constantly check the evenness of the installed supports. Metal elements must be carefully welded to each other. If a wooden frame is installed, you need to pay special attention to the fastener system.

In the case where the carport’s project has an arched overlap, you must bend into an arc shape of several metal pipes or take round bars. To arrange a single-sided roof, the framework on one side should be lifted by about 30 cm. If the roof is coal, in the central part of the base, the highest supports should be installed, from which the roof is designed down.


Having made the foundation of the frame, you can start installing the roof. First of all, it is necessary to prepare roofing material, make it trimming, adjust sheets according to the size of the structure.

If we are talking about polycarbonate, its fixation is made by screws with thermoshairs that prevent the occurrence of cracks.

Then the installation of the root. For a single roof, boards are laid out with a distance of 90 cm from each other. This indicator cannot be exceeded since the width of the roof sheet is 1 m.

It remains only to equip the drainage and make the roof waterproofing.

Beautiful examples

Sheds for two cars are different, but each individual project is a unique structure capable of decorating any yard.

On how to make a canopy for two cars, see the following video.

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