All about birch brooms

Broom of leaves and branches – an integral attribute of the Russian bath, without it the process of breaking and cleansing will be considered incomplete. Such a product can be made of smooth branches of trees and shrubs: alder, needles, fir, eucalyptus, nettle, oak. However, birch brooms are the most common. About them and let’s talk in this article.

Benefit and harm

Bear brooms from birch leaves have a huge benefit. With their help, you can:

  • Clean the pores, get rid of salts and slags in the body;
  • Improve the state of health with breathing problems and ENT authorities;
  • reduce the inflammation of the joints, relax muscles;
  • Clean the skin, get rid of acne rashes, irritation;
  • Positive hair – birch leaves have a beneficial effect on the hair from the inside, making it more durable and elastic.

It is important to note that birch foliage contains a huge amount of beneficial substances: most of the vitamins, fatty acids, essential oils, trace elements and much more. During breaking the leaves will stick to the body, you do not need to remove them. Experts believe that this is how the best effect is achieved.

Despite the fact that the birch broom has many useful properties, most often it is used to purify the respiratory tract. This can be compared with inhalation: The essential components of the birch penetrate into the lungs, stimulating the waste of sputum, so that a person gets rid of breath problems faster. This is a great remedy for people patients with bronchitis, tuberculosis, asthma. It is perfect for both smokers.

As for the harm of the birch broom, it is practically no, subject to the fact that the product is cooked correct. However, it is worth noting that in birch there are pitches, which, with too frequent use, can adversely affect the kidneys and stomach.

Therefore, people suffering from diseases of these bodies, it is better to choose another option.

Comparison with oak brooms

Say unequivocally, what broom is better – birch or oak, quite difficult. After all, the foliage of these trees is applied for different purposes, she has a different composition. To finally decide on the choice, you should know the features of the described raw materials.

  • Birch leaves are able to effectively clean the air in the pair. Studies confirm that air is no less clean in birch groves than in coniferous forests. Oak has no such qualities, there are much less valuable essential oils.
  • Birch brooms will be a panacea for those who have long lost hope to cope with acne, acne, tuskiness hair. Oak brooms have these characteristics, they also help with rashes, small rays, suppuration.
  • If you need to relax the muscles and bring them into a normal state, you need to choose birch. But those who suffer from high pressure, be sure to try oak.
  • Oak leaves are larger in size, so such a broom is heated faster. People who love strong heat will definitely be satisfied with these quality. However, caution must be observed: with heart disease, a wave of fire steam is quite capable of bringing harm. In addition, oak brooms are much heavier than birch.
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How to prepare?

To bring a broom to Bani only the benefit and served the period allotted to him, it needs to be properly prepared. The first and most importantly is the right place to collect. Do not go for the raw materials in the city, in the area, replete factors and factories, in the area where enterprise waste is drained. The best place to collect will be pure forest with sun glades. Birch grown in its own area will come even more.

Optimal time for the workpiece of raw materials – June. It is during this period in the foliage there is a maximum concentration of beneficial substances. Experts recommend a molding birch, which can often be found near water. As for the choice of sprigs, it is necessary to cut down those that are closer to Earth. Branches must have at least a couple of branching. Leaves are better to select not too big – so the broom will be more flexible. In addition, they must be dry.

And also try to take a little from several birches, thanks to this you will get a quality broom, but do not harm the nature.

Check whether foliage is suitable, it is quite simple. Finger spend on a leaf, determining its roughness. If the raw coat, these leaves do not take. But smooth, nice smelling instances can be immediately carrying home. The color of the leaves should be bright, green, having a matte tint.

After collecting raw materials, it must be properly prepared. Do not bind all the leaves in one big broom, because the middle can start rotting. It is better to distribute branches on a small beam, and you do not need to tightly press to each other.

Brooms are tied with twine, the strongest copies are placed in the middle. Then the bundles hang up for drying “down head”. It is important that their upper part is completely released from foliage.

When the week passes, bundles gently removed from the rope. Next, you can form from them brooms of the desired size. The products obtained are in a dry room, deprived of moisture. There they are moving daily to give the right form. When brooms are formed, they can be folded on top of each other, but you can not forget about turning too, otherwise the products can begin to mold. In this position they are stored for a short.

After the brooms lose freshness, they must be sorted.

How to fly?

Birch broom blasting is no less important than the right blank. There are several useful recommendations here.

  1. Preparations of the glooming procedure must be started even before visiting the pair. To do this, water is gained into a large container, the product is immersed in there so that all the leaves are covered with liquid. The duration of the procedure is about 2 hours. At the same time you need to periodically turn the broom.
  2. When the leaves eat moisture, the broom put into the water already handle. Thanks to this, wood will also get the necessary fluid supply. It will make a broom stronger and stronger. In this position, the broom must remain at least an hour.
  3. Upon expiration of the above time, the product is removed, shake, turn the package. Now the broom can be used in the bath.
  4. When you come to the bath, a broom need to wet again. But in this case it is enough to quote water or just dip in the ears.
  5. Sometimes it happens that the campaign is scheduled for a winter, frosty day. In such weather, wet leaves quickly grab. But you should not despair: having come to the bath, just give the broom to “move away” at least half an hour in hot air. After that, it will be suitable for use.
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In some cases, bath procedures can be unplanned, and the broom needed. There is a way out of this situation, and this is fast bearing. You need to take the product and dip it with leaves in boiling water on a quarter of an hour, then flip over and plunge the handle for 20 minutes. After that, the broom can use. And the residues of boiling water, having cooled, you can also apply the future: rinse your hair to give them power and shine.

There is another way, the fastest. It is quite simple: the broom is wetted with water, and then put on the hot stones literally for a minute, so repeat several times. It is important to use mittens, so that the skin does not burn the ferry. Clean the sprinkled leaves with stones you need immediately.

This method is less effective than previous ones, but with the absence of time it will come.

How to steam?

The use of birch broom is very reminiscent of massage. So that the procedure has passed successfully and brought only benefit, you need to know how to spend it correctly. Experts advise on the first application to refrain from cotton and chips broom on the body: you need to gently drive them on the skin, collecting sweat. This will help the product to become a stronger, useful further application.

The correct position for the procedure is lying on the stomach, while the one who will lead the process must keep two broom in his hands. First you need to perform strokes, following my legs up to the back. Then you need to return, spending a broom already from the back down, to the legs. Next Stage – Up Highlighting. They are starting from the back, moving down and alternating with strokes, but more active than at the beginning of the procedure. Then the person who spends the massage, turns over to the back, and the process resumes.

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In the case of joint diseases, you can try another reception. The start of the massage is the same as usual, only after the pops of the broom turns the hot face and is applied to the body for a couple of seconds.

IMPORTANT: such a procedure should be carried out only on a preheated preliminary leather massage.

It is recommended to remember about the temperature in the steam room: if the air is already hot, you should not wave a broom, raising the heat. In this case, the product is almost not separated from the body. And, on the contrary, with high humidity, but not too hot temperatures with a broom wave actively to injected steam.

How to store?

      Birch brooms are not recommended to harvest it for several years, because the leaves may turn or recover. It is recommended to prepare products for 1-2 seasons. But those brooms that are prepared for a short period, it is important to be able to keep in order.

      • The best storage place is a haystone. It will be able to maintain the original shape in it without losing the leaves. Brooms are stacked by splitting, handles are located outside the hay, and the leaves are inside.
      • If you have no hay in the farm, products can be stored in the attic or balcony, but you need to be glazed. Brooms fold in boxes, you can additionally wrap their cloth. If you want to keep the products longer, plump them slightly.
      • Avoid direct sunlight, moisture and drafts. These phenomena contribute to the fact that the broom will quickly come into disrepair. In addition, the products need to be stored by one – to fold them into one bunch is allowed only at the very beginning, when the drying process was only completed.

      2 ways of blaming broom in the video below.

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