All about baths for a bath

    Shaiki Used in baths for many years. They, like other accessories, make a visit to the parley more enjoyable and easy. Shakes differ depending on the material. When choosing it is worth considering the mass of the nuances so as not to regret the purchase.

    What is a bath for a bath?

    The object looks like a pelvis and can be made from various materials. Wooden dressing products are common, which are carefully selected and prepared. The best option is Handmade Shaka.

    Such accessories are as high quality and convenient to use.

    For what is needed?

    Shaka externally reminds the usual bucket. Difference only in dimensions. So, the bath accessory is lower, but wider than a simple bucket. On the sides there are knobs, one or two. Design allows you to wear hot water without risk.

    Shaka applied to different purposes. With it you can swim brooms. From the container you can lean hot water.

    Also in the pelvis often bears various herbs and mix oils.


    Usually the gangs are divided depending on Production and size material. The product may be Metal or wooden. Most often apply the materials that are presented below.


    Products are easy and convenient, distinguished by practicality.Low thermal conductivity ensures that hot water container will remain simply warm and not burning. Linden Has phytoncides, who carry additional benefit the body.

    Water in the lime bug is easily soaked due to the absence of tannins.


    Products from it Different with durability and long service life. It is worth noting that Oak Shaka heats up faster than lipovaya. This is safe can be called a disadvantage.

    Tubils complicate the process of naming.


    Not the most popular version. Copper Ska – Easy to use and does not require much care.

    There are handles from wood that allow you not to burn your hands.


    Recently appeared such an option. They are as easy and unpretentious. It is easy to clean, and you can store almost anywhere. True, even heat-resistant plastic is deformed when exposed to high temperature. And if the form and remains the same, then the material still heats up much, and this is not entirely safe.

    Burn, of course, will not, but discomfort is provided.

    In modern models happens Material combination. For example, a tree with stainless insert inside. Such models are more expensive, but more convenient to use. Also, the shaka can be all made of steel or cedar.

    By volume, the basins are standardly divided into three types: 4 l, 6 l, 12 liters. Additionally there are models for 25 liters. They can be used for a large number of people. Product shape is usually oval or round. Another geometry is extremely inconvenient to use.

    Depending on the volume on the pike can be one or two knobs. They are always made of a material that hears less. So, even if an accessory is stainless steel, then the handle will still be wooden. Large cans can be used in pairs with drawers.

    Wooden suckers are usually applied in the baths. This is due to acceptable characteristics for contact with the aggressive environment. Such models are characterized by environmental friendliness and safety. Burning about such a soak impossible.

    The only drawback is in complex complex care.

    Tips for choosing

    Shaka is of great importance in the bath. Largely depends on the comfort of the entire procedure. Therefore, it is important to take into account certain criteria when choosing.

    1. Number of users. In general, it is recommended to acquire individual hayts with a small amount. So, the products on 4 liters or 6 liters will be just right. If it is necessary to need one container at all, then you should give preference to models for 25 liters.
    2. Storage features. Wooden products very capricious. They are important to store exclusively in a dry place, away from the source of heat. It is worth thinking in advance to a special room or abandon the purchase of a wooden hay. An alternative will be a metal product. It is less demanding.
    3. Application options. Shaka is used not only for water pouring. With great comfort in the container, you can swim brooms and cook herbal infusions. Some plants have eaten odors. So, small wooden or plastic containers should be purchased for each collection of herbs.
    4. Ergonomics of handles. Convenience is of great importance, especially with a large amount. Handles must match the size of the piles. It is important to make sure the suitable size and quality of fixing.

    How to use?

    Shaka is one of the main bath accessories. When using a wooden version, you should follow some rules.

    1. Putting. A new whip must be prepared for the first use. The container is installed on a smooth floor and poured with cold water. So all the details will disappear and stand up on the right places. Depending on the size of the shaky, you should wait a couple of hours or days. It is important to change the water until it becomes transparent.
    2. Disinfection. Wood parasites can get into the pike. Prevent it quite just. It is necessary to fill with a container with hot water or boiling water. Wait a bit, but so that the water is not cooled, and drain the liquid. The same procedure prevents the appearance of unpleasant smell from the gang.
    3. After such training it is worth transferring a gang to a graduate with a high level of humidity.
    4. Regular use will not give the product to refuse. During breaks, it is necessary to simply completely pour water into the container. This will allow the wood to always stay slightly wet and do not dispel. Otherwise, cracks are formed, and the watering can be in disrepair. If the wood has already fucked, then the capacity should be filled with water and allow the material to spill.
    5. Immediately after use, the container must be rinsed with a rigid brush and soap. Any suitable detergents are allowed. Next, the shaka is thoroughly dry and moves to the storage room. There should be dry and warm. It is important to eliminate the location of the heating devices near the capacity.

    About how to scroll in the bath in the bath, you can find out below.

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