Advantages and subtleties selection of cast-iron mangala

In a private house or in the country can not do without a personal mangaal. This is an important attribute for a pleasant pastime. Large demand are cast iron models. Such products have a number of advantages compared to other materials. The cast iron brazier will become an excellent purchase for a house with a land plot. Beautiful and original model will not only delight with delicious dishes cooked in the fresh air, and will also decorate the seamless territory.

Properties of material

Cast iron has a list of features, thanks to which the material is actively used for the manufacture of mangals and fry. The first thing to designate is a non-stick property that appears during operation. If you correctly use the brazier, competently approach the issue of cooking products, you can not worry that food will pester to the design lattice (when using oil).

Next ability – convection. This is the process of uniform distribution of hot air inside, which is especially important for the preparation of specific dishes. In such conditions, the meat acquires a juicion and a root, and the cooking process takes at a minimum of time.

Dense texture saves heat inside.

Cast iron does not deteriorate at all under the long exposure to high temperatures. This property makes the above material ideal for mangals and barbecue stoves.

Product Features

Mangals from cast iron have a number of advantages, at the expense of which the tremendous distribution of modern buyers has gained.

  • Durability. Constructions can serve for several decades without loss of appearance and technological qualities. It’s a long-term acquisition, even if you use it from the season season.
  • Anticorrosion. Metal is not afraid of rust. You can leave a brazier in rainy weather on the street.
  • Form. The design retains the form for the entire service life. Frequent impact of open fire and hot air is not able to change the form.
  • Universality. Brazier can be used with charcoal and wood. Mangaly used for cooking meat, fish and vegetables.

  • Sustainability. Weather vanges, such as rains, snow, sun rays, wind and much more will not spoil the beauty and strength of the metal. Regardless of the climate in a particular region, the brass will keep the integrity of the design.
  • Fuel economy. Due to the conservation of heat and excellent thermal conductivity, the consumption of firewood or coal is significantly saved. Brazier faster heats up, which speeds up the cooking process.
  • Convection. A mngal of durable cast iron has the effect of a brass cabinet, called convection. This aspect raises the quality of cooking meat and fish dishes.
  • the beauty. Aesthetic aspect is very important. The design decorated with bulk elements will attract the attention of all who will come to visit you. Masters make to order amazing structures that are pleased with uniqueness, sophistication and originality.


Despite a number of advantages, cast iron mangals have a number of flaws. Experts allocate two substantial minuses: high weight (massiveness) and high cost. Some structures, especially if these are handmade products, can do in several tens of thousand rubles.

Because of the big weight, the brazier loses mobility. If you wish to transfer it to place in place there may be problems.

Considering the wear resistance of the material, the product can be installed in one place: on a closed or open area. The weight of the standard manga is approximately 100 kilograms.

Varieties and design

The cast iron design can be both stationary and portable (collapsible brass). The second variety is more practical, comfortable, and therefore mobile. This is the best option for summer or country cottage house.

The design of the cast-iron mangal is equipped with a blurred double bottom and necessarily grid. This element is necessary that air flows pass throughout the surface of the fuel (coal or wood) for uniform heat.

You will find built-in models for furnaces that are mounted in barbecue type ovens (brick furnaces). In order for the buyer to be able to prepare not only kebabs, but also other dishes and products, the design is equipped with a cast-iron grille.

The stationary and multifunctional model is ideal for a country house with a collapsible arbor. This is a comfortable culinary device. Separate models of the elite class complement the roof. The cost of such products is not for everyone by pocket. In the indoor gazebo or under the canopy you can install a hood with an exhaust.

Models with roof

Large-sized models, equipped with a roof – the best choice for those who are going to use the design. Additional element will provide more comfortable and convenient use. It looks like a massive and large-sized design. Most often it is complemented by expressive elements that give the product of decorativeness, expressiveness and aesthetics.

The roof is complemented by street models intended for installation under the open air. Pre-for the mangala to equip a special platform. The design of this type is not intended for further transfer or dismantling. In addition to standard brazier, a hook for cauldron, spit and grille grille.

The main task of the roof is to protect products in the process of cooking from rain, strong wind and other precipitation.

Experts note that the lid provides excellent prolifecy, and this factor has a positive effect on cooking. Certain products can have a tube or extract.

Determine the quality product

Among the huge variety of models you need to be able to make the right choice. During the selection of the mangala, it is necessary to determine attention to certain characteristics. With their help, you can easily determine the quality level of the material and the product itself.

  • Material. Some manufacturers for savings use low-quality raw materials. Cast iron replace on cheaper alloys. Because of this, the durability and quality of the finished product suffer. If the production technology has been violated, the final result will not meet high quality standards.
  • Thickness. The following criterion is the thickness of the metal sheet. The optimal indicator varies from 6 to 8 millimeters. In this case, the product will be able to serve for several decades. Thin walls will not be able to securely hold heat inside, and lose the form during operation.

  • Compound. Rate the principle of attachment of individual elements. Welded seams should be dense and durable without cracks and other defects. Otherwise, with constant and intensive loads, the connection can burst. Cast type cast type – the best choice. This is a reliable and durable element. This method can be made by other elements: both decorative and functional. Combined compounds are usually used in the manufacture of folding models. In this case, you can find bolts on the grill.
  • Legs. Leg length is also important when choosing a design. They must be perfect in size and length. If the parties are different in size, it will lead to problems in the installation process on an even base.

How to choose correctly?

Referring to the above parameters, you should choose the most suitable option. Dimensions, type of construction, functionality, appearance – All this may differ, the main thing that should remain unchanged – the high quality of products and metal.

Despite the fact that cast-iron mangals do not boast of mobility, some models still have this function. These are structures on wheels. Such a product can not be installed on the ground. So that the brazier does not move from place during use, wheels are equipped with special locks.

Multifunctional models often equip a small working area. Professional chefs who know a lot of cooking on the grill, choose models with thermostat.

With it, you can easily control the temperature inside the design in the cooking process.

In the Russian market is very popularProducts of the Balezinsky Plant. The company offers ready-made models of excellent quality in various price categories. Mangals from the manufacturer will be an excellent acquisition for giving or house away from the city bustle.

Additional accessories

For the full use of the mangaal, you will need to need devices, such as skewers, tongs and much more. To enjoy and store such products it was convenient, the design is equipped with shelves and hooks. Masters also often install compartment for firewood.

Video review of the cast-iron Kazan-Mangala with a folding lid, see the video below.

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