Woolen blankets

Plaids are indispensable accessories. They can be wrapped in them and relax, forgetting about all urgent problems. In modern crazy everydays, such details are simply necessary. The most popular and sought-after are soft and very warm woolen plaids.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

High-quality woolen blankets are a very successful symbiosis of human and nature creativity. Such products are distinguished by high practicality and more advantages. First of all, it is worth noting the wonderful thermal properties of wool plaids. This quality is especially important in conditions of harsh Russian winter and gaming autumn.

Such models not only well warm up their user, but also maintain optimal air circulation, so under them there is no too hot and stuffy.

Woolen blankets always remain dry, despite the fact that the dampness and moisture perfectly absorb. Such things are absolutely safe to health. They do not have dust pliers, which eventually appear in many bedding. These invisible parasites have a negative impact on the human body. If a long time to share the bed with such “uninvited guests”, then you can earn a serious allergy or even asthma.

Many consumers possessing plaids note their unsurpassed anti-stress abilities. Having looked into a high-quality and warm product from wool, you can relax, remove the tension and get rid of the annoying feeling. It is impossible not to mention the therapeutic effect of woolen plaid. They have a beneficial effect on joints and muscles. Such things can be treated with diseases such as osteochondrosis or rheumatism. They can remove pain in the joints and spine.

High-quality plaid from wool does not attract dust and does not save it in its structure. This is one of the characteristics, due to which dust pliers are not breeding in such products.

Experts recommend buying similar specimens only in proven and high-quality stores, so as not to run into the base and non-permanent option. Cheap surrogates will serve their owners for a short time and quickly lose an attractive appearance in comparison with high-quality plaids made of natural materials.

Woolen blankets do not require complex care. They do not need to often erase or send to dry cleaning. The lion’s share of such things has ease and compact sizes. They can be taken with you on holiday or on a trip. Many users keep woolen blankets in small linen drawers.

Natural plaid from wool will become an excellent gift for a close person practically on any celebration. Today in many stores sell products in special gift packaging on zippers. Such presents look very cute and attractive, and also express concern about.

As you know, things without flaws do not exist, and woolen plaids are no exception. The main disadvantage of such things are kat. These small particles are formed as a result of rolling animal wool. But you should not be afraid of such defects. They can be avoided, if you provide a reference care and keep it correctly.

Plaid from a natural material may not fit people suffering from allergies. However, this may occur only under the condition of individual intolerance to a certain type of wool.


Each plaid is a unique and useful product with its operational characteristics and qualities. To date, cozy things from natural wool differ in the type of filaments used and according to the method of their processing.

From Merino’s wool

Such natural material is removed from the withers of the fine-headed sheep. Similar fibers are high density and elasticity. They have wonderful thermal properties. Natural plaids from merino wool do not cause irritation on the skin and are incredibly soft.



From camel wool

Out of such material is considered to be quality standards. They can boast a weight gain and the complete lack of deficiencies.

The main advantage of the fillers from camel wool is an excellent thermoregulation function. In summer, under such canvas is not hot, and in the winter they do not allow the user to freeze.

Little products can boast a unique ability to absorb toxins in the external environment. So, the thing from camel wool absorbs toxins and electromagnetic fields. Wrapped in such a plaid, you can relax and distract from gloomy thoughts. This is due to the fact that camel wool has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system. Such models can be bought not only for adult, but also for a child.

Specialists argue that the plaids from such material are the most successful options for small users.

Cashmere Plaids

In such versions, natural fluff of a mountain goat is used. They occupy a leading place in softness. However, there are such plaids are quite expensive. Cashmere things are hypoallergenic and most comfortable in operation.

Selecting a high-quality plaid from the fluff of a mountain goat, it is necessary to carefully read into its composition applied to the tag. Often, such options are made using synthetic fibers

From Alpaca and Lama

Similar specimens on many characteristics are similar to high-quality plaids from camel wool. The main advantage of these products is the absence of rollers even after a long and regular use.

But there are things and their cons. Choosing a covered alpaca or lama fur, should be remembered that it is almost never found in pure form. Due to the too hard fibers woolen blankets with alpacket combined with other fibers that are softer. Such plaids should be stored in the presence of a lavender or cedar sprig.

From sheep wool

Sheep wool is the most popular and relevant material. The lion’s share of woolen products is made precisely from such raw materials. Sheep wool is inexpensive and is available.

High-quality and natural sheep wool boasts wonderful thermoregulation qualities. It perfectly retains heat, so in the blanket from such a material, you can even warm up in a strong frost, but not overheat in the hot season. Similar plaid possess therapeutic properties. In their composition (in fibers) there is a lanolin that has anti-inflammatory effect. He also has a beneficial effect on the skin of the skin and has a rejuvenating property.

The main advantage of such plaids is their environmental friendliness and the complete absence of any toxins.

Sheep wool is breathable and passes well. That is why the plaids from this material are more hygienic and durable.

Minuses in such products are not so much. For example, Lanolin in the composition of sheep wool is an allergen. But here it is worth noting that such a type of allergies is extremely rare.

In addition, sheep wool loves mole. Store products from such a material are recommended in places protected from these pests.

If you purchased a woolen plaid of low quality, then it will be rude to the touch and can be born. This can lead to irritation on the skin, despite the fact that the therapeutic effect of sheep’s plaid and lies in this tingling.

From yak fur

Such lochmal plaids can be compared only with cashmere options. They are expensive and are incredibly gentle. Covered from wool or fluff yak are distinguished by increased wear resistance and durability. They warmly warm in the cold season and retain a freight look for a long time. As a rule, such products have dark colors.

From New Zealand wool

This grade sheep wool is one of the best. Initially, this material has white and is very soft, gentle and easy. Consishes such wool with sheep grazing on the pastures of New Zealand (hence the name of the variety).


Such varieties of plaids are in their composition not 100% natural wool. In them, materials are combined with each other and the percentage of natural animal raw materials can be 50-70%. Most often, wool is combined with such material as acrylic, especially in knitted versions.

How to choose?

It is necessary to approach the choice of such a fit product very responsibly. Do not buy too cheap options with a rough surface. Most likely, they are made of low-quality materials and have a not all spectrum of useful properties.

The most popular are the plaid from inexpensive sheep and camel wool, as well as merino and alpaca wool. Similar specimens are an excellent choice for a real connoisseur of high-quality and eco-friendly materials.

Pick the bedspread, the size of which would suit the dimensions of your bed or sofa. The most common are models with a width and length of 160×200 cm.

From the plaid should not proceed by an unpleasant chemical smell. Such a defect should indicate low quality things and possible toxic substances in its composition. Before buying, be sure to inspect the surface and seams of the woolen blanket. It should not be viewed damage, sticking threads and even the slightest holes.

Do not forget about interior design. Pill must be chosen in such a color design, which would be suitable for the situation in which the thing will be.

Care and storage

Woolen Plaid will serve you for many years and will not lose the commodity view if you provide it to the right care:

  • Natural bedspreads immediately after shopping is recommended to clean well in the fresh air. It is best to leave a thing in such conditions for several hours. Thanks to such simple actions, you can save the plaid from unnecessary odors that so easily absorbs wool.
  • Similar products can be dried cleaning. You can make it yourself or handch it in dry cleaning. After that, it should also be used.
  • If you plan to wash your woolen plaid yourself, then it is better to turn to hand washing. To begin with, soak the thing in warm water (not higher than 30 degrees) with a predetermined detergent. Magnify the plaid need no more than 5-10 minutes.
  • Easy such products are best using special funds, which contains lanolin or shampoo.

  • In no case do not refer to powders with whitening or tinting effect. Such substances can spoil the plaid and change its color not for the better.
  • At the end of the washing of a woolen blanket, you must rinse twice in warm water and give it a drain. Such products can not be rubbed, squeeze or stretch, as they can easily stretch and lose the form.
  • Dried plaid from wool needed in the deployed form. It is advisable to gently arrange it on an ideally smooth surface in a well-ventilated room. Do not hang plaid for drying. Do not refer to the auxiliary means for drying the material. Because of this, he can deform and become rude.

If you still decided to wash the plaid in the machine, then only the modes “delicate washing” or “wool” will be suitable for this. It is not recommended to squeeze them in a centrifuge. Woolen blankets can not be stroke. This can lead to a damage of the appearance and structure of fibers of wool. Specialists recommend to store similar products in a special cotton package. Since natural wool often destroys mole, you can additionally put special means from these insects.

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