Swan’s blankets

For a long time in the past, those times when the blankets from the natural swan fluff were popular. In the modern world, more and more people are on the defense of living creatures. It is impossible to collect with live birds the desired amount of material for filling blankets. Many individuals died because of his plumage. Because the fluff assembled during the natural molting of the bird is not enough to fill even the pillow, especially the blanket.

Swans listed into the Red Book, and humane manufacturers took into account all the valuable qualities of a natural fluff and created his artificial analogue, not only in anything is not inferior in quality characteristics, but in many ways it is superior. Artificial Swan Pooh is a polyester microfiber, processed in a special way. Each artificially created microfiber is a man’s tenth. Special treatment with a thin layer of siliconized material does not give it to a lump. The material is very elastic, soft and easy.

Pros and cons

In many ways, artificial fluff is similar to natural raw materials, but has its advantages and disadvantages. They are especially relevant if it comes to bedding. The replacement of the Swan Pooh is valued for a number of obvious advantages:

  • hypoallergenicity;
  • Antibacterial properties caused by polyester composition – unfavorable in its own medium for the life of mold, fungus and dust mites;
  • ease;
  • elasticity, due to the spiral shape of the fibers;
  • Easy to care – the allowability of washing in the washing machine and the lack of special requirements for storage and use;
  • the absence of odors and the ability to not absorb them into themselves;
  • Fibers do not make their way through the fabric of the cover;
  • High quality at an affordable cost.

There is a blanket from a modern coast of swan fluff and disadvantages, like any other materials. Users noted that such products:

  • have very low hygroscopicity, which is a pronounced minus with an increased sweating. Although thanks to this quality, the product will quickly dry after washing;
  • accumulate static electricity.

Advantages of artificial filler is undoubtedly much more, therefore, the number of his admirers is great.

Excellent performance and quality characteristics at an affordable price can afford each. To sleep in warm and comfort in winter.


Blankets with artificial swan foam are all-season and winter. They differ density and degree of warming. Responsible manufacturers always indicate dots or lines on the package The degree of heat of the blanket:

  • All-season. Choose those who do not like to sleep when too hot. Blankets of this type are less dense and voluminous than winter options. They are more lung and provide comfort during sleep, not overheating and without causing sweating. It is very important for those who are inclined to elevated sweating and sleeps in a fairly heated room. Swan Pooh badly absorbs moisture, so sweating undesirable.
  • Winter. Magnificent and perfectly warming up the blanket of this species will demonstrate and confirm its destination in the immentable room and in the off-season. The filler does not move, as the movement of sliding fibers independently of each other. This product does not lose its form and long-term operation.


How the blanket will serve in everyday life is determined not only by its type and appointment, but also the quality of “filling” and “wrapper” of bedding. Modern synthetics are not inferior to natural materials, but in many ways even surpasses them. Artificially created down the best natural in several criteria:

  • strength;
  • ease;
  • failure;
  • durability;
  • antibacterialness;
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • thermoregulation;
  • heat exchange;
  • passes air, excluding greenhouse effect.

Also, the synthetic fluff does not fall out of the tissue cover, unlike natural bird feot.

He is soft and pleasant to the touch. Does not lose form even being in use for more than five years. After washing in the machine, the machine does not lose the primordial appearance and quickly dries, not leaving the divorce on the case. Packed such a fluff can be in different fabrics.

The case must be selected from the fabric that will not only save the filler in the blanket, but will also be comfortable in order to be used in bed. It is preferable if the fabric covers will be “prapping” and have natural composition. This ensures the blanket of air microcirculation and hygroscopicity. Here are some of the most popular fabrics from the creators of the blankets and those who understand as:

  • Poplin. This fabric has some similarity with the bump, but it is softer and smooth. Blankets with a cover from Poplin look beautiful and exquisite. Poplin is suitable for all-season blankets. Differs in richness of flowers and colors. Evoids demand from buyers and is widely used by bedding manufacturers.
  • Atlas. Smooth Atlas Material – Gorgeous Shell for any Pooh blanket and not only. But more often used for synthetic adhesive fillers. Because they are not crushed and smoothly fall under the satin cloth. Do not miss the filler “outward”. Slipping fabric is pleasant to the body itself, so such products do not need ducts.
  • Microfiber. Soft and tender to the touch fabric is best suited for winter types of blankets. She has elevated thermoregulation and hygroscopicity. It does not cause allergies, so it can be used by all without exception. In such a blanket, you can wrap with your head and enjoy the warmth and velvet structure of the fabric fibers. Ideal for children’s blanket covers. Easy erased, dries quickly and does not collect dust.

In addition, you can pay attention to Covers of Tick, Cotton, Satina, Peracles and Biazi. The variety of textures and shades will make a choice more difficult, but it will be able to please even the most scrupulous lovers of high-quality bedding.


Blankets made of artificially created Swan Pooh are produced not only of different species, but also have different sizes:

  • Baby blanket 105×140 cm size suitable for kids from birth and up to five years. And older baby is better to get the size of 120×180 cm. Manufacturers are worried about all categories of consumers.

  • Lovers wrap up in the blanket is more closely acquired semi-liter. But it will also come true for a couple not too tight physique. It all depends on individual preferences and, of course, on the size of the bed, where it is supposed to use the blanket. Double blankets often prefer Euro-size. Under it is now sewing a lot of beautiful bed linen, which also affects the choice when buying.
  • Products 172×205 cm also commercially available, but they are not very in demand because of their non-standard size. Since, choosing a blanket, most often buyers are focused on the length and width of duvette. If, of course, do not plan to completely change the bed linen for a new purchase.


Modern domestic bedding manufacturers sew blankets, not inferior to imported expensive analogues. Get luxury quality at an affordable price by purchasing a blanket from a fluff in a high-quality steam or a cassette case Russian production. Many Factories of Russia work on proven decades to Soviet Ghosts and choose materials and technologies that inspire confidence.

But this does not mean at all that it is necessary to maintain exclusively domestic production. Fans of European quality standards will fall to taste Austrian, Italian and Austrian brands. Covers on their blankets are made of expensive and natural fabrics. Silk, satin, hazard, natural cotton – the smallest thing they can offer their customers. And artificial fibers, imitating the qualitative indicators of the fluff, the weightless and the finest, are able to enhance the heat and make the dream is the cozy and sweet.

How to choose?

To buy a truly qualitative thing a few simple recommendations will help:

  • Inspecting the estimated purchase, Pay attention to the information about the composition On the sewn label. Make sure you buy a down blanket, and not a cover stuffed with bird pen.
  • Inspect the case that should be tight enough, smooth and pleasant to the skin. Through the fabric should not make a filler. If it is not so, it is better to refuse such a purchase. With the first washing, the situation with the “loss” of the filler will be aggravated. In a quality product, such a minus can not be.
  • Decide the size of the blanket based on why it is purchased.
  • Blanket covers fabric should not cause suspicion. A good filler will never fill in a cheap case of an unreliable low-grade material.
  • Do not acquire bedding in dubious outlets, in the spontaneous markets and with hands. From such a thing there will be no heat or calmly in the soul. Since the next season will have to go for a new blanket.

Branded shops – the best place to purchase a bed for bed that will warm you up without any problems in a row.

About how the blankets check for quality, look next.

How to care?

Caring for a blanket from an artificial swan fluff is much easier and more pleasant than his natural “progenitor”. Observing the manufacturer’s recommendations, the product service period will exceed all warranty periods:

  • You can wash the blanket in the washing machine in the “Pooh, Feather” mode or “delicate wash” (manual mode). The most optimal temperature for washing temperatures are considered 30 degrees, the maximum allowable temperature is 40 degrees.
  • It is allowed to press the blanket in the centrifuge.
  • Allowable drying of a massive product on weight.
  • Dry in the drum is prohibited and not advisable – the blanket after squeezing dries very quickly.
  • The wrapped product is recommended slightly shake so that the fibers of the filler fluff.
  • No need to forget about the ventilation of the blanket from the fluff in the offseason.
  • You can store the blanket by placing in a vacuum package.
  • Do not apply aggressive detergents when washing and bleaching.

With careful attitude, a new blanket will be preserved at an initial form for many years, warming by itself in bad weather and cold. It will become a favorite bedding and will take an honorable place in the interior. Decorate a warm accessory to your life and make the bed with the center of your bedroom. Because with a blanket of weightless fluff lives easier and sleep tight.

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