Sheets on the rubber band: what sizes are and how to choose a suitable?

Recent years in the home product market are gaining popularity of bed sheets with rubber bands. They have a number of advantages over ordinary sheets, but to buying should be carefully prepared. Our article is devoted to the dimensional series of such products and the peculiarities of their choice.

Features and advantages

The obvious and most importantly difference between such a sheets from the usual – this is the presence of a gum that is sewn into the fabric around the perimeter. The rubber band in the sheet is needed in order not to detect the crumpled underwear in the morning and not to experience unpleasant sensations from contact with the mattress. In addition, when the sheets are constantly moved, the mattress is faster, and it is not easy to wash it and cost it.

Such a sheet does not have to diligently refill under the mattress or between the wall and the mattress every time when changing bed linen. It will not be necessary and invent various fasteners to hold the sheets on the spot.

The latter often use parents for cribs, as children can particularly actively observe in a dream, but any additional devices are a risk of injury if they appear, or spoil the mattress, bed and underwear. Sheet with rubber band solves all these problems.

However, it is not always possible to use such bed linen. For such sheets, it is necessary to ensure that the mattress is easy to separate from the bed, because the principle of the product is that its edges cling to the mattress below, and the gum does not let them break up and go upstairs. Therefore, if your mattress is part of the bed, you will have to take advantage of other options. In addition, due to the few options for such sheets, the question of choosing the size of such a sheet often arises. After all, the sheet should approach the mattress and the difference between 70 and 80 per 180 or 190 cm may be significant.

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Size range

The problem with dimensions is gradually solved by the appearance of new and new models. There are already single (90×200, 160×80, 80×200 cm), double (120×190, 120×200, 140×200, 160×200, 180×200 cm), Euro (220×240, 200×220 cm), squares 200kh200 cm and T. NS. For cribs most often suits 70×160, 80×160 and 120×60 cm.

In order to properly choose the size of the sheet, measure not only the perimeter of the mattress, but also its height. After all, the slice of the sheet captures it, and the insufficient length can prevent normal tension and will lead to a quick spider of gum.

As a rule, bed linen producers constitute a table of sizes from which you can check before purchase.

Child Nuances

Now you can choose a sheet for every taste. The modern bed linen market offers a wide color series, models with prints and even the possibility of printing drawing to order. In addition, there are complete or partial bed linen kits, which include sheets, pillowcases and a duvet cover or only sheets and pillowcases.

Different sheets and material that is used in their manufacture. The forefront, but very functional option – Mattress Moisture-proof plush or other similar fabric. Such a model as waterproof DRY Plush 80×190 Ormatek is perfect for single beds both adults and children.

In the kids’ room, such products are especially relevant, Since they will become an additional protection against “childish surprise” and prevent damage to the mattress and the need for its long-term drying. Plush in this case is also good because hypoallergenneen and perfectly tolerate machine washing.

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For fans of special comfort, there are terry or soft knitted sheets, as well as options from satin, velor and velvet. The most inexpensive and practical models that cost within 1000 rubles., Made from bosis and cotton. But the sheets of 100% polyester are better not to choose or do it with caution, checking for quality. They can cause skin irritation and are short-lived in use.

Remember that cheap is far from always useful and qualitatively.

About how to stroke and fold the sheet on the rubber band, see the following video.

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